Jordan multi-sport adventure tour

US $1495 excluding flights
8 Days
Small group
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Add-Ons Single Supplement - $250 Airport Pickup - $50/pick up Airport Drop off - $50/drop off
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Description of Jordan multi-sport adventure tour


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US $1495 excluding flights
Add-Ons Single Supplement - $250 Airport Pickup - $50/pick up Airport Drop off - $50/drop off
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


As the one who builds relationships between suppliers and customers in the tourism industry, we are best placed to promote new practices and new behaviors adapted to the problems of sustainable tourism. Out of love for nature we work every day to improve our practices according to the current ecological needs.

As we visit Dana Reserve, we generate income for nature conservation with entrance fees. Needless to say that we take care to follow the regulations of the Royal Society Conservation of Nature. We also generate income for nature conservation with entrance fees.

Our licensed guides are trained to take action to limit ecosystem disruption. In addition, our team strives to show the importance of each animal in the balance of nature and heritage of Jordan.

Our licensed guides are trained to take measures to limit disruption to the ecosystem. In addition, our team strives to show the importance of each animal in the nature’s balance and Jordan’s heritage.

To meet the global current ecological challenge, we educate travelers about waste impacts and pollution in Jordan.
During the Dana to Petra hike, we apply a strict waste policy. To continue to enjoy these wild landscapes and in order to meet the current challenge, we have established some measures, such as:

• using reusable water bottles instead plastic ones,
• buying food without additional packaging,
• replacing plastic cutlery by reusable cutlery

Because of the critical lack of water in Jordan, we work at reducing water consumption in each step of our trek. Ask customers to take short showers, considering they are in an arid area. We educate the customers on the real water value in Jordan and the main issues according to its scarcity. We also conscientiously select our partners, according to their practices.

We’re aware of the mistreatment of animals in some places of Jordan, that’s why we make sure to conscientiously choose our partners.
As we use some donkeys on this trip, we are particularly concerned about their well-being. Thus, our team always focuses on the needs of animals, whatever they are: water, shade, rest, medical care … Otherwise, we are particularly conscious about donkey situation in Petra. So, in order to follow the Brooke organization for animal treatment guidelines, we ensure that we do not play a role in overloading these animals.

We work on the reduction of paper wastes through the organizations’s ongoing digitization campaign. We have also worked on reducing plastic usage during lunch through a number of measures such as ordering in bulk and using Tupperware rather than single use plastic bags.


We consciously select our partner and make sure to pay them above-market prices, we are able to efficiently direct money to the local communities. Whether to buy local food or stay in local camps.

On this tour we visit multiple Nature Reserves that support the local community, including Wadi Hidan and Wadi Rum. Wadi Hidan is a less visited reserve, so our adventure visit is especially important here in supporting local jobs and environmental preservation through our entrance fees, gear rental, and local lunch.

In Wadi Rum, many camps in the protected area are not allowed to operate in accordance with the Wadi Rum Protected Area Regulations of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone. That's why we make sure that the camp we are staying is approved by the Jordanian government.

It is really important to respect the rules of Wadi Rum in order to preserve the benefits of the desert. Additionally, it is important to maintain the social and economic balance in the region to allow the next generation to enjoy the same benefits.

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