Himalayan Silk Road adventure

US $4870 excluding flights
14 Days
Small group
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This is the per person group tour price, based on 2 sharing.
The price is subject to change with exchange rate and flight cost fluctuations.
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Description of Himalayan Silk Road adventure


Price information

US $4870 excluding flights
This is the per person group tour price, based on 2 sharing.
The price is subject to change with exchange rate and flight cost fluctuations.
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Ladakh, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, is one of those places where it is almost easier to tell you what isn’t there, in order to highlight...
India himalayas
Sometimes a geography lesson is the only way, especially with something as humungous as the Himalayas. The name Himalaya comes from the Sanksrit, Hima...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Though a minimal amount of time on this tour is spent within nature, many of the locations visited are rural areas, and as such, we ensure our guides are mindful about protecting these environments, and they do a fantastic job of promoting having a minimum impact to the environment whilst traveling.

The logistics of this trip including transport and accommodation have been selected with careful consideration for the environment. The vast majority of the locations on this trip are reached by shared car rather than by air or other less environmentally-friendly methods, with shorter day-to-day explorations being made on foot where possible to reduce emissions even further. Similarly, the accommodation used over the course of this trip includes a houseboat, a small, local residency and two tented camps – all of which are significantly better for the environment than large hotels.

Finally, to you our traveler, we ask you to be vigilant about disposing of your waste and recycle where possible. During your trip you will be asked if you have any waste to dispose of when it is a suitable time in the itinerary. This ensures we make it as easy as possible for our travelers to be eco-friendly whilst traveling. We strongly advise all travelers to bring a reusable water bottle - this is an easy way to save plastic waste and is detailed in our ‘What to Bring’ trip notes for all trips to all destinations. Your guide will remind you where and when you can fill up your re-usable water bottle. We also encourage general sustainability whenever possible – non-wasteful use of air-con and electricity for instance. This is something we believe in strongly as an organisation and try to pass on to our travelers.


As regular travelers, one thing that never ceases to amaze and inspire us is the kindness and generosity of local people, and we firmly believe that it is them that make these places special, and that they should benefit from our visit. For that reason, we use local guides and drivers who are offered fair working conditions and pay, and as a priority, stay in locally-owned accommodation, visit local shops, bars and eateries, and use locally-sourced supplies in order to have the maximum possible economic benefit on the local communities our travelers visit.

This tour features stops in rural towns and villages almost exclusively. We believe that in rural areas such as these, responsible tourism can have a great impact through means of economic growth, even more so than is typical across our tours. Through our support of local businesses of all varieties, this tour is of great benefit to not only the business owners, but the communities visited at large.

As the Hemis festival is one of great meaning and significance to those celebrating it, we are careful to ensure that our travelers enjoy the festival respectfully. Our knowledgeable, local guides ensure that there is no negative impact on the festival or those celebrating that may otherwise occur as a result of cultural misunderstanding. It is important to us that our travelers only have a positive impact on those they meet, and this is something we consider all the more strongly in instances such as this.

We support the communities in the Nubra Valley and in every other location on this tour by contributing to WaterAid. For every booking we receive, we make a token contribution to this admirable charity. WaterAid works together with the Government, organisations and communities, to tackle challenges caused by a lack of access to clean, sustainable drinking water head on, and we are proud to support this charity.

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