Bird watching tour in Mexico

US $3490 excluding flights
11 Days
Small group
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US $3490 excluding flights
For single supplement there will be a 495 USD extra charge
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2023: 1 Oct, 5 Nov, 3 Dec

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Mexico wildlife
Straddling the boundary between two different biogeographical realms, Mexico is an ever-changing landscape of adventure-inviting animal habitats, from...
Bird watching
Meet a good birding guide and you realise that the image of birders as people who are only driven by one thing in life, to sight a certain species, is...

Vacation information

Dietary requirements:
We can cater for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


All the entrance fees to the parks and National parks are included in our price, our local guide will take you to the most magical places to enjoy and spot all visible birds. We want to assure you that everything is environmentally responsible. We are actively working to ensure the preservation of our destination and culture for future generations. This equates to more attractive environments and better products. We are currently working with different NGO´s such as the Mexican Association of Adventure Travel and Ecotourism, World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and many more in unique training programs on ecotourism, development of best practices, code of ethics and many important actions to achieve or get closer to a sustainable tourism practice. We have been working with local NGO Amigos de Sian Ka'an for over 25 years in different conservation and research projects. We have also been working with local researcher Rafael de la Parra on whale shark research and conservation project.

Our guides are specialized in the different bird species and will tell you all the ins and outs of every specific type. They are professional trained nature guides, living in Mexico.

We have contacts with several eco-hotels. The first hotel in Cancun, El Rey del Caribe, is a good example of an eco-hotel. For example this hotel has solar panels, reuse water, has some dry toilets in common areas, recycle plastic, cardboard, glass, organic food, etc

We provide our customers with a ceviche with local fish; The fruits and snacks we give them are also bought from local farmers and sellers. Customers who have a vegan diet or are vegetarian have the opportunity to let us know beforehand. This way we can provide a vegan or vegetarian lunch for them with the same quality of our main meal will have. Even if there are other diets, we try our best to take it in consideration.


All the accommodation we provide for our customers are locally owned. Next to that, we have contacts with several eco-hotels like Rey Del Caribe. One of the reserves you will be visiting, Reserva Toh (Puerto Morelos), is working on a conservation project. By visiting the area, you help them with their project (entrance is included in the total price). The project is run by locals. The Bird Watching Tour is logically more pointed at the observation of animals. However, there are also some archaeological sites that will be visited, to give a broader sense about the local culture. We make sure that our guides know how to minimalize any negative impacts to the local culture, issues like taking pictures, giving away money to children, etcetera.
One of the places that will be visited is Ek Balam. We specifically works with many Mayan communities establishing business relationships with fair deals where both groups achieve win-win situations, and the community of Ek Balam is one of them. This is a good combination between having an authentic, local experience, and simultaneously contributing to the local community as well.
Another archaeological site that will be visited is Chichen Itza. The entrance (included) goes to the state, but the other half goes to the INAH, to make sure that these important sites keep conservated well.

Our staff has 95 % of Mexicans and in the trips we run we work with 100 % local persons mostly from Mayan communities. In our office, we do not have a specific workplace diversity strategy but we are totally open and currently have a lot of people working with us of different religion, gender and sexual orientation. Regarding equal employment have actually more than 50 % with women working with us.

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