Where to go on vacation in July

It’s peak season in July which means higher prices and bigger crowds, so you’ll have to make your choice strategically, especially if you’re traveling during the school vacations. Fancy a European vacation? Choose somewhere less obvious, like the mountains of Montenegro or Austria. Or, if you’re super keen on popular Greece or Croatia, a small ship cruise can get you away from the summer crush to dock in quiet bays and at off-radar islands. In East Africa, it’s ‘must-see’ safari time as wildebeest begin to make their way across the plains, while on Malaysia’s east coast and in Borneo, drier weather makes island-hopping and trekking through the jungle that much more comfortable.

1. Devon

Vacations in Devon make for magical childhood memories, what with all that rockpooling, pond dipping and rambling through wild woodland – but grown-ups will be just as happy. Devon is one of England’s finest counties for hiking and cycling, and it’s also home to the country’s darkest skies, so evenings outdoors are about as good as it gets for amateur astronomers.

2. Finland

Hiking, biking and self drive tours of Finland’s national parks are just a few suggestions for July, and the endless summer days help you make the most of them. Lakesides provide a place to fish, sauna, canoe and spend evenings eating reindeer sausages over an open fire. Wild Taiga country, close to the Russian border, has an abundance of wildlife, including bears, wolves, lynx and reindeer.

3. Greece

There’s no denying it: Greece is hot in July. And packed. But for those constrained by the school summer vacations this is the best time to go – you just have to be careful with your choice of venue. In mainland Greece, Northern Pindos National Park gets you away from heat and crowds and within sighting distance of Greece’s bear population. Meanwhile, low-key islands like Kythnos will still be scorching but pleasantly quiet.

4. Malaysia

Malaysia is pretty much a year-round destination, depending on which side of the country you’re heading for. In July it’s time for hiking in the Cameron Highlands and exploring the waters off the sublime beaches and islands of the east coast, while in Borneo the rains have long subsided and orangutans creep down from the forest canopy to pick fruit off the trees in wild tracts of forest.

5. Romania

The romance of Romania lies in its sturdy peaks, alpine plateaux, vast coastal wetlands and primeval woods roamed by bear, wolf and lynx. Maximum temperatures soar to around 29°C in summer, so head for the beaches for sea breezes or into the mountains and forests to get some respite from the heat.

6. Spain

July and August are actually the best time to visit the north of Spain as temperatures are warm without being too oppressive and you can be walking in the hills one moment and then at the beach the next. Both the Spanish Pyrenees and the quiet corner of Picos de Europa make for a wild and wonderful walking vacation.
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July vacation advice

We’ve spoken to our expert travel partners to find out where they recommend traveling in July. Here’s what they say….
Amanda Marks, from our specialists Tribes Travel, on seeing the wildebeest migration: “Wildebeest tend to give birth at the beginning of the year, then move north and west, though they are more spread out so it’s not such a spectacle – but you can still find them. Then from July to October they are in Kenya, but they are also in the very north of the Serengeti, which is just as good a place to see the migration.”
Kate Tyler, from our volunteering experts Odyssey World, shares her best time to visit Borneo: “Borneo is a year-round destination but when the rain is at its heaviest it can really hinder your experience. It can be really humid. The best time is probably from end of April through to October, so it’s perfect for a summer vacation destination.”
Written by Nana Luckham
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