Saint Lucia family vacations


Saint Lucia family vacations offer the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure – paddling on the beach one day, trekking through the rainforest the next. Saint Lucians are welcoming to children, and there are plenty of fascinating ways to explore the colourful culture – from plantation tours to lively local music. Children will be enticed along the walking trails by the promise of swimming in waterfalls at the end – and glimpsing strange reptiles along the way. Try your hand at horse riding, cycling, kite surfing and snorkelling, learning about the fascinating natural history as you go. Take note: summer vacations may be a washout – but Christmas and Easter bring slightly fresher temperatures.

Activities for families in Saint Lucia


Zip it!
Saint Lucia could have been designed for zip lines, with its mountainous scenery, endless green canopy to whizz through and views of the Pitons and ocean. No wonder, then, that there are several zip lines across the island, well equipped with helmets and gloves, and with different levels suitable for children (typically from age eight, but some as young as three) and adults.
Tropical bounty
There are several opportunities for kids to get up close to the process of growing coconuts, coffee, chocolate and sugarcane – discovering where these everyday products actually come from will be as eye opening for parents as it is for children! Taste raw cocoa fruit, learn to do the “cocoa dance” to separate the pulp from the bean, and sip freshly squeezed sugar cane juice.
Sandcastles & snorkels
Saint Lucia is ringed with beaches to please everyone in the family. Busier bays are ideal for the very small – the Caribbean coast is sheltered with calm waters and plenty of facilities and restaurants nearby. Older children should bring their snorkel – while the more adventurous can horse ride through the waves, or try their hand at windsurfing.
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Saint Lucia family vacations

responsible travel asks the experts

James Crockett, from our supplier Jus’Sail, offers advice for Saint Lucia family vacations: “A private sailing tour is an excellent way for a family to spend time on the water in the hands of professional sailors who can schedule an itinerary to suit the family and needs of the children. Shorter half days tend to work best for younger kids. Ensure a stop for snorkelling and swimming with a boat that has a certified snorkel guide. Larger group tours can be good as well to get a lot done in a day, but you are on a tight schedule with no flexibility on itinerary or who you are with. A pirate ship cruise can be fun for young kids.”
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Written by Vicki Brown
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