How to save nature & wildlife on vacation

How to increase the good we do for nature whilst on vacation

We need to help save nature. This means rewilding new land and protecting existing areas of biodiversity. Whilst we're away on vacation we can all act in ways that help nature.

Here are a few simple steps:


1. Book a responsible wildlife vacation - some of our carefully screened vacations directly support existing protected areas and many are active in new rewilding initiatives.

By booking a wildlife vacation you also help make the wider case to use income from nature tourism to rewild more land.

2. Visit and support a conservation project – ask for local recommendations - we can help with this.

3. Buy local to ensure local communities see the economic benefits of conservation.


1. Eat a more plant based diet as meat and dairy result in the conversion of land to intensive agriculture.

2. Waste less food a third of our food is wasted at some stage from production to consumption.

3. Reduce consumption of the seven key products that destroy forests and their wildlife: beef and leather; soy; timber; rubber; palm oil; cocoa; pulp and paper.

4. Reduce the carbon emissions of your vacation. Fly less, choose lower carbon transport, and when you do fly, make your trip count by staying for longer.


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Written by Justin Francis