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Rajasthan tours, India

Rajasthan tours in India are a journey through the north’s great desert state, although we start in Delhi where, after taking in its most wonderful sites, we take a train to Agra to see the Red Fort and of course the renowned Taj Mahal. From here we head into Rajasthan itself, starting in the rural town of Bassi and then moving on to the world famous, majestic city of Japiur where we spend two days. The capital of this great state, its ancient walled city is home to two palaces, and is also famous for glowing in pink, thanks to everything being built with the local red sandstone. You can’t visit Rajasthan without going to Ranthambore National Park, one of the top habitats in India for ...Read more >
From US $1,268 excluding flights
Up to US $420 off selected dates.
Late availability on these dates: 04 Oct, 07 Oct, 09 Oct, 13 Oct, 14 Oct, 16 Oct, 18 Oct, 23 Oct, 25 Oct, 28 Oct, 30 Oct, 01 Nov, 03 Nov, 08 Nov, 11 Nov, 15 Nov, 18 Nov, 20 Nov, 22 Nov, 24 Nov, 25 Nov, 02 Dec, 09 Dec, 13 Dec, 19 Dec,...

Morocco cultural tour

This two week cultural tour in Morocco takes you overland from one of the country’s best known coastal cities, Casablanca, to one of its most legendary, Marrakech. In between, travelers will be treated to a cultural tour of Morocco that features the medieval walled city of Fes as well as time spent in the Atlas Mountains and amongst the folds of the Sahara Desert. This two week tour of Morocco is a real cultural eye opener with mosques and markets, kasbahs and souks, offering an array of ancient images as well as opportunities to learn more about the history of the region alongside the lifestyles of nomadic herders and Berber communities. Read more >
From US $998 excluding flights
Up to US $330 off selected dates.
Late availability on these dates: 03 Oct, 05 Oct, 06 Oct, 08 Oct, 10 Oct, 12 Oct, 15 Oct, 20 Oct, 24 Oct, 29 Oct, 31 Oct, 11 Nov, 13 Nov, 18 Nov, 23 Nov, 27 Nov, 03 Dec, 05 Dec, 09 Dec, 14 Dec, 19 Dec, 21 Dec, 23 Dec, 26 Dec, 29 Dec,...

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh vacation in Vietnam

Over the course of ten days on tour, Vietnam starts to open up before your very eyes with the hectic streets of Hanoi morphing into the ancient heritage monuments of Hue and Hoi An prior to the all too recent reminders of the past that you'll find in Ho Chi Minh City. Overnight train rides from Hanoi to Hue and boat cruises in Halong Bay add a touch of adventure to tours Vietnam with the domestic flight from Danang to Ho Chi Minh allowing travelers to experience the country from top to tail without having to spend too much time away from home. As you'd hope from a destination for a ten day vacation, Vietnam presents a remarkable array of contrasts with French café culture and colonial ...Read more >
From US $996 excluding flights
Up to US $240 off selected dates.
Late availability on these dates: 03 Oct, 05 Oct, 06 Oct, 07 Oct, 08 Oct, 10 Oct, 12 Oct, 15 Oct, 16 Oct, 19 Oct, 21 Oct, 23 Oct, 24 Oct, 26 Oct, 27 Oct, 28 Oct, 30 Oct, 02 Nov, 03 Nov, 04 Nov, 05 Nov, 06 Nov, 07 Nov, 09 Nov, 10 Nov,...

Small group vacation to Nepal

Journey through the heart of Nepal and experience the colourful sights and culture of this enchanting region. Mingle with local villagers and craftspeople, visit tranquil temples and sacred Buddhist sites, travel the cobbled streets of tiny mountain towns and search for unique wildlife such as tigers, rhino and deer. From the whirlwind of Kathmandu to the lush jungle of Chitwan National Park – with plenty of delightful hidden gems in between – take an unforgettable tour of Nepal, brimming with culture, history and natural beauty. This 11-day small group trip begins and ends in Kathmandu, with plenty of time to discover the Nepali capital’s rich cultural and artistic heritage. Here, you ...Read more >
From US $2,152 excluding flights
Up to US $530 off selected dates.
Late availability on these dates: 03 Oct, 17 Oct, 24 Oct, 31 Oct, 11 Nov

Golden Triangle small group vacation, India

Joining a small group of like-minded travelers for this eight day India Golden Triangle vacation is a great idea for making new friends as you see the sights and experience the sounds of India. Rickshaw rides around Old Delhi, palaces and bazaars in Jaipur, and the Taj Mahal in Agra all combine to fabulous effect with a heritage homestay bound to add to the cultural and natural attraction of time spent on tour in Rajasthan. India Golden Triangle vacations never fail to excite and enlighten in equal measures and this eight day small group tour is certainly no different with a world of markets, food stalls and iconic fortresses providing one unforgettable memory after the next. Read more >
From US $769 excluding flights
Up to US $200 off selected dates.
Late availability on these dates: 03 Oct, 06 Oct, 08 Oct, 13 Oct, 17 Oct, 22 Oct, 25 Oct, 01 Nov, 05 Nov, 07 Nov, 10 Nov, 14 Nov, 17 Nov, 21 Nov, 24 Nov, 01 Dec, 05 Dec, 08 Dec, 12 Dec, 15 Dec, 19 Dec, 20 Dec, 22 Dec, 24 Dec, 26 Dec,...

Cambodia small group tour, a food adventure

Getting to the heart of a culture through its food, this small group tour focuses on Cambodia’s unique and ancient food culture. Deliciously different to neighbouring Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, Cambodia’s food uses pepper rather than chilli to add spice, and goes big on fresh herbs, spices, rice, freshwater fish and condiments. You will travel from Phnom Penh through to Siem Reap, discovering the sights, sounds and flavours of Kampot, Battambang, Banteay Chhmar and Angkor Wat. Food tours and market trips in each location reveal local specialities, from street food snacks such as fried crickets, to fresh crab plucked from the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Kroeung (fragrant herb paste), ...Read more >
From US $1,430 excluding flights
Up to US $70 off selected dates.
Late availability on these dates: 10 Nov, 22 Dec, 29 Dec

Northern Lights tour in Iceland

This six day, small group Northern Lights tour in Iceland is a wonderful combination of some of the classic geological and natural wonders that the country has to offer, but also getting right out there into wilderness to up your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. Iceland really is a country that beckons adventure, with hot springs, volcanic lagoons, such as the famous Blue Lagoon, glacial lagoons like Jokulsarlon, where icebergs calve into the bluish white abyss. And of course waterfalls, including the famous Gulfoss which tumbles 32m into Hvitargljufur Gorge. And is just one of the stops on the country’s famous Golden Circle. As well as the Golden Circle, we get a chance to hike ...Read more >
From US $1,845 excluding flights
Up to US $110 off selected dates.
Late availability on these dates: 01 Nov, 02 Nov, 03 Nov, 04 Nov, 05 Nov, 07 Nov, 08 Nov, 10 Nov, 12 Nov, 14 Nov, 15 Nov, 16 Nov, 17 Nov, 19 Nov, 22 Nov, 24 Nov, 25 Nov, 26 Nov, 28 Nov, 30 Nov, 01 Dec, 03 Dec, 06 Dec, 08 Dec, 10 Dec,...

Barcelona to Berlin small group vacation

Architecture, art, history and sensational food are all on the travel menu as you journey to some of Europe’s most exciting cities on this Barcelona to Berlin small group vacation. Discover old world Europe, where history has been played out for centuries, and the contemporary life of these cities, exploring museums and landmarks, cafes and bars, as you travel from Spain up into Germany. This 15 day tour begins in Barcelona, where gorgeous Gothic architecture and Gaudi’s exuberant basilica, La Sagrada Familia, express this city’s artistic and original soul. Discover bucolic Provence, and the lovely old town of Avignon in France, before heading north to the capital, Paris. Here, you’ll have ...Read more >
From US $4,220 excluding flights

Spain small group vacation

You’ll kick off this Spain small group vacation in the buzzing city of Madrid, where you have time to explore the museums and restaurants, before heading to beautiful Granada, which is backed by the Sierra Nevada Mountains and famous for its Moorish architecture. Seville, known for its oranges, tapas and flamenco, comes next. Here you can visit the world's largest Gothic cathedral as well as the grand buildings of Alcazar, a complex of palaces used by both Moorish and Christian rulers. After all that culture, it’s time for a spell at the beach. You’ll head to the windswept beach town of Tarifa, on the Costa de la Luz, where you can go whale and dolphin watching or just relax on the ...Read more >
From US $3,610 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 15 Oct

Norway small group vacation

This nine day small group vacation makes the perfect introduction to Norway. Traveling by train and by boat you’ll get to experience the country’s coastal scenery as you journey north from the bright lights of Oslo to the darkest of night’s skies over the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic Circle. There is simply so much to get excited about with a great blend of Viking seafaring heritage and stunning landscapes, especially en route to Trondheim, ensuring you get to experience Norway from a variety of close up perspectives. Norwegians know what makes their country such a fascinating prospect and this wonderful week away will do its level best to ensure that travelers get to sample the seafood ...Read more >
From US $3,680 excluding flights

Bali adventure vacation

A Bali adventure tour has got exotic excitement all over it with an incredibly beautiful natural backdrop to enliven the senses and help you discover what makes this Indonesian island such a delight for culture and beach lovers alike. This nine day Bali adventure vacation takes you from the cultural epicenter, Ubud, to the botanical gardens and beaches of Sanur, in the south, with a wide range of verdant volcanic slopes and tiny villages, surrounded by rice paddies and tranquil lakes, adding to the thrill of overland travel. The chance to trek on the slopes of Mount Batur is an incredible experience only matched by the coral reefs and tropical fish to be found in the protected marine ...Read more >
From US $1,000 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 22 Oct, 05 Nov, 19 Nov, 10 Dec, 19 Dec, 21 Dec, 26 Dec, 04 Jan, 07 Jan

Switzerland highlights tour

Between the cloud-scraping mountains, medieval towns and turquoise lakes, you’ll see the very best of Switzerland on this ten-day small group vacation. And not from afar, either. You’ll get the chance to catch a cogwheel train towards some of the highest peaks in Europe and sail across Lake Lucerne. The towns pack in the medieval charm. You’ll browse the library at the Abbey of St Gall, peer up at the frescoed houses of Lucerne and cycle through Bern – possibly via a craft brewery or two. In fact, this being Switzerland, there’s a foodie theme throughout the trip. You’ll see how the Gruyere factories make their namesake cheese and you'll have free time ...Read more >
From US $3,915 excluding flights

Turkey small group family tour

This small group family vacation to Turkey zooms around the country’s best bits. Start as you mean to go on in Goreme, exploring the heart of the fairy tale spires of Cappadocia. This region is famous for its hot air balloon rides and ninth-century cave cities. There’s truly nothing like it. Things take an even more otherworldly turn in Pamukkale, where turquoise terraced pools drip down the hillside. You’ll also see every flavour of Turkish town, from whitewashed villages overflowing with flowers to Istanbul, home to the six-minaretted Blue Mosque and labyrinthine Grand Bazaar. Traveling is half the adventure on this family vacation to Turkey. You’ll catch a bus ...Read more >
From US $2,240 excluding flights

Greek Islands sailing vacation, Santorini to Mykonos

When it comes to Greek Islands sailing vacations, the Cyclades really are a place of dreams, and starting off in the stunner that is Santorini, you'll be thinking, can it possibly get better than this? But the Cylcades keep on giving, especially when you get to sail through the famously sapphire waters, under forever blue skies through the joys of islands such as Ios, Amorgos, Naxos and ending up in Mykonos. You will have plenty of time on land too, to explore either the vibrant port towns or a hike up into the hills, or along a coast path for tranquillity within minutes. On Ios, for example, you can wander through the traditional old town or seek out beach bliss at Valmas. Swimming is a ...Read more >
From US $1,775 excluding flights

Calabria and Sicily vacation, Italy

Experience the azure waters of southwest Italy from all angles as you join a small group traveling by bus, train, ferry and private transport en-route from Amalfi to Palermo by way of the secret southern sites of Reggio Calabria. This vacation is designed to take in one of Italy’s most scenic stretches of coastline where Cilento National Park morphs into Vulcano, Lipari and Stromboli, aka: the Aeolian Islands, to provide travelers with a series of sleepy seaside scenes and smouldering volcanic vistas. Tread upon the toe of Italy’s strident boot and discover the mysterious coves and deserted beaches surrounding seaside towns, where castle ruins and freshly grilled fish and calamari ...Read more >
From US $4,645 excluding flights

Cinque Terre vacation, Italy

This eight day vacation is an active one, negotiating Liguria’s wonderful Cinque Terre coastal path, and its national park, not only by foot but also by bike, boat and sea kayak. This region is aglow with colours, from the multi-coloured paint of the houses that cling to cliffs, to the ever changing colour of the sea. The Cinque Terre is so called because of the five cliff top villages that line this bit of coastline where the “Via dell'Amore” path allows you dip in and out of sparkling coves. Starting in Levanto, we take a guided hike to Monterosso, one of the five. Then we take a train back to Levanto, where we also get time to take a bike ride along an old railway line. Other hikes ...Read more >
From US $2,405 excluding flights

Barcelona to Rome small group vacation

This small group vacation takes you from Barcelona to Rome, discovering cliff-top towns, world-class museums and stunning landscapes along the way. Your tour kicks off in Barcelona, where you’re free to explore the legendary art, food and nightlife scenes before heading off with your group for the Spanish Pyrenees. Your base in the mountains will be the small town of Ribes de Freser, from where you can explore the local countryside on foot. Next, you’ll make your way to Carcassonne, whose medieval architecture and fortified walls look as if they’ve been plucked from a fairy tale. Then it’s on to Provence, to visit the ancient Roman arena in Arles, or perhaps follow the Van Gogh trail. In ...Read more >
From US $4,500 excluding flights

Croatia cruising vacation, Dubrovnik to Split

This Croatia cruising vacation is a small ship cruise on board a vessel that sleeps maximum 31 passengers. Spend a week exploring the Dalmatian coast, as well as inland up the River Neretva and then also into Bosnia and Herzegovina. The boat is 40m long and has plenty of equipment such as kayaks, snorkels, stand-up paddleboards and fishing gear. This archipelago boasts hundreds of stunning islands, several of which are on our itinerary including Korcula, Hvar and Badjia. We will have plenty of swimming breaks at other quiet spots along the way. You will also get to experience the magnificent waters of Krka National Park, famous for its 44m-high, multi layered Skradinski Buk waterfall. ...Read more >
From US $2,925 excluding flights

Greece highlights vacation

Capture the imagination of the whole family with an idyllic vacation in Greece that takes you from the ancient treasures of Athens and Delphi to the paradise islands of Lefkada and Corfu. Introduce your kids to the cradle of democracy with visits to the iconic Acropolis and Parthenon during a walking tour of Athens to get your bearings, before heading off by public bus on the short journey to Delphi, where you can learn the entrancing stories of Greek mythology that have captivated scholars for generations. A long day of travel to the Ionian island of Lefkada can be broken up with refreshing swims along the coast, and the effort is very much worth it with delicious Greek seafood to look ...Read more >
From US $3,175 excluding flights

Croatia & Slovenia small group vacation

This eight day Croatia and Slovenia small group vacation starts in the ancient city of Split, on the Dalmatian coast, where we have time to take in some of its fine sites as well as soak in the Adriatic atmosphere of this, Croatia’s second largest town. Heading north, you will see that this coastline is not only peppered with islands, but also with other medieval beauties, as we spend a day and a night in Zadar, Croatia’s oldest town, with a Roman forum and pre-Romanesque St. Donat's church. It is also gateway to the Zadar and North Dalmatian archipelagos, and we take a day trip out to the island of Pag to enjoy its idyllic swimming spots. Croatia isn’t all about the coast, however, as we ...Read more >
From US $2,200 excluding flights
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