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Rajasthan tours, India

Rajasthan tours in India are a journey through the north’s great desert state, although we start in Delhi where, after taking in its most wonderful sites, we take a train to Agra to see the Red Fort and of course the renowned Taj Mahal. From here we head into Rajasthan itself, starting in the rural town of Bassi and then moving on to the world famous, majestic city of Japiur where we spend two days. The capital of this great state, its ancient walled city is home to two palaces, and is also famous for glowing in pink, thanks to everything being built with the local red sandstone. You can’t visit Rajasthan without going to Ranthambore National Park, one of the top habitats in India for ...Read more >
From US $1,460 excluding flights
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Northern Lights tour in Iceland

This six day, small group Northern Lights tour in Iceland is a wonderful combination of some of the classic geological and natural wonders that the country has to offer, but also getting right out there into wilderness to up your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. Iceland really is a country that beckons adventure, with hot springs, volcanic lagoons, such as the famous Blue Lagoon, glacial lagoons like Jokulsarlon, where icebergs calve into the bluish white abyss. And of course waterfalls, including the famous Gulfoss which tumbles 32m into Hvitargljufur Gorge. And is just one of the stops on the country’s famous Golden Circle. As well as the Golden Circle, we get a chance to hike ...Read more >
From US $1,700 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 28 Oct, 29 Oct, 31 Oct, 02 Nov, 03 Nov, 05 Nov, 06 Nov, 08 Nov, 10 Nov, 12 Nov

Cambodia small group tour, a food adventure

Getting to the heart of a culture through its food, this small group tour focuses on Cambodia’s unique and ancient food culture. Deliciously different to neighbouring Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, Cambodia’s food uses pepper rather than chilli to add spice, and goes big on fresh herbs, spices, rice, freshwater fish and condiments. You will travel from Phnom Penh through to Siem Reap, discovering the sights, sounds and flavours of Kampot, Battambang, Banteay Chhmar and Angkor Wat. Food tours and market trips in each location reveal local specialities, from street food snacks such as fried crickets, to fresh crab plucked from the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Kroeung (fragrant herb paste), ...Read more >
From US $1,325 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 14 Oct, 28 Oct, 11 Nov

Small group vacation to Nepal

Journey through the heart of Nepal and experience the colourful sights and culture of this enchanting region. Mingle with local villagers and craftspeople, visit tranquil temples and sacred Buddhist sites, travel the cobbled streets of tiny mountain towns and search for unique wildlife such as tigers, rhino and deer. From the whirlwind of Kathmandu to the lush jungle of Chitwan National Park – with plenty of delightful hidden gems in between – take an unforgettable tour of Nepal, brimming with culture, history and natural beauty. This 11-day small group trip begins and ends in Kathmandu, with plenty of time to discover the Nepali capital’s rich cultural and artistic heritage. Here, you ...Read more >
From US $2,570 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 01 Oct, 04 Oct, 18 Oct, 25 Oct, 29 Oct, 01 Nov, 12 Nov

Morocco cultural tour

This two week cultural tour in Morocco takes you overland from one of the country’s best known coastal cities, Casablanca, to one of its most legendary, Marrakech. In between, travelers will be treated to a cultural tour of Morocco that features the medieval walled city of Fes as well as time spent in the Atlas Mountains and amongst the folds of the Sahara Desert. This two week tour of Morocco is a real cultural eye opener with mosques and markets, kasbahs and souks, offering an array of ancient images as well as opportunities to learn more about the history of the region alongside the lifestyles of nomadic herders and Berber communities. Read more >
From US $1,037 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 25 Aug, 31 Aug, 02 Sep, 06 Sep, 15 Sep, 20 Sep, 01 Oct, 03 Oct, 07 Oct, 09 Oct, 13 Oct, 15 Oct, 16 Oct, 18 Oct, 20 Oct, 21 Oct, 22 Oct, 24 Oct, 27 Oct, 30 Oct, 01 Nov, 05 Nov, 12 Nov

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh vacation in Vietnam

Over the course of ten days on tour, Vietnam starts to open up before your very eyes with the hectic streets of Hanoi morphing into the ancient heritage monuments of Hue and Hoi An prior to the all too recent reminders of the past that you'll find in Ho Chi Minh City. Overnight train rides from Hanoi to Hue and boat cruises in Halong Bay add a touch of adventure to tours Vietnam with the domestic flight from Danang to Ho Chi Minh allowing travelers to experience the country from top to tail without having to spend too much time away from home. As you'd hope from a destination for a ten day vacation, Vietnam presents a remarkable array of contrasts with French café culture and colonial ...Read more >
From US $1,130 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 01 Oct, 02 Oct, 03 Oct, 04 Oct, 06 Oct, 07 Oct, 08 Oct, 09 Oct, 10 Oct, 11 Oct, 13 Oct, 14 Oct, 15 Oct, 16 Oct, 17 Oct, 18 Oct, 19 Oct, 20 Oct, 21 Oct, 22 Oct, 23 Oct, 24 Oct, 25 Oct, 27 Oct, 28 Oct,...

Golden Triangle small group vacation, India

Joining a small group of like-minded travelers for this eight day India Golden Triangle vacation is a great idea for making new friends as you see the sights and experience the sounds of India. Rickshaw rides around Old Delhi, palaces and bazaars in Jaipur, and the Taj Mahal in Agra all combine to fabulous effect with a heritage homestay bound to add to the cultural and natural attraction of time spent on tour in Rajasthan. India Golden Triangle vacations never fail to excite and enlighten in equal measures and this eight day small group tour is certainly no different with a world of markets, food stalls and iconic fortresses providing one unforgettable memory after the next. Read more >
From US $920 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 04 Oct, 07 Oct, 09 Oct, 11 Oct, 14 Oct, 18 Oct, 21 Oct, 23 Oct, 26 Oct, 28 Oct, 30 Oct, 02 Nov, 04 Nov, 06 Nov, 08 Nov, 11 Nov

Balkan adventure vacation

Take a couple of weeks to unearth an area of Europe on the cusp of Asia where the modern world collides with the old and a Balkan vacation becomes packed full of cultural adventures. Following a centuries old overland route from Budapest to Dubrovnik, via Belgrade and Sarajevo, lets you unlock the secrets of a lesser-visited region with rural landscapes and the healing properties of the natural world all adding to the attraction for Balkan vacation makers and locals alike. Virtually untouched by modern tourism and revelling in tradition and cultural identity, this area of Eastern Europe is an absolute must for cultural travelers with historical intrigue and dusk till dawn attitude placing ...Read more >
From US $1,420 excluding flights
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Russian High Arctic Cruise

This epic adventure of discovery takes you to some of the most remote and extreme regions of the Russian High Arctic. Setting sail from Murmansk, we explore heavily glaciated Novaya Zemlya (New Land), a vast area of pristine Arctic wilderness where polar bears roam. We sail further east to the ‘ice cellar of the Arctic’ - the Kara Sea, where we follow in the footsteps of the Arctic explorers who set out in search of the fabled Northeast Passage. We may even explore Severnaya Zemlya, the last major territorial discovery on the planet. Then on to Franz Josef Land, a group of 191 remote islands within the Arctic Circle and part of the Russian Arctic National Park. This is an itinerary for the ...Read more >
From £12,000 excluding flights

Bali adventure vacation

A Bali adventure tour has got exotic excitement all over it with an incredibly beautiful natural backdrop to enliven the senses and help you discover what makes this Indonesian island such a delight for culture and beach lovers alike. This nine day Bali adventure vacation takes you from the cultural epicenter, Ubud, to the botanical gardens and beaches of Sanur, in the south, with a wide range of verdant volcanic slopes and tiny villages, surrounded by rice paddies and tranquil lakes, adding to the thrill of overland travel. The chance to trek on the slopes of Mount Batur is an incredible experience only matched by the coral reefs and tropical fish to be found in the protected marine ...Read more >
From US $930 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 02 Oct, 04 Oct, 09 Oct, 16 Oct, 23 Oct, 30 Oct, 06 Nov, 13 Nov

Biking vacation in Cuba, 7 days

This 7 day cycling vacation in Cuba leads you on a round-trip from Havana taking in the cultural points of interest as well as a couple of the Caribbean beaches that have made this intrinsically intriguing island one of the hottest destinations on the planet. Embarking on a cycling vacation in Cuba is all about pedalling past plantations and rural tracks as classic American cars vie for rutted road space with horse-drawn carts as characterful cigar-smoking local people greet your arrival with a mix of merriment and curiosity. From the turquoise sea around Cayo Jutias to the Unesco Biosphere Reserve, Las Terrazas, this cycling vacation in Cuba promises 7 days of pure and simple pedalling ...Read more >
From US $1,230 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 11 Oct

Spain small group vacation

You’ll kick off this Spain small group vacation in the buzzing city of Madrid, where you have time to explore the museums and restaurants, before heading to beautiful Granada, which is backed by the Sierra Nevada Mountains and famous for its Moorish architecture. Seville, known for its oranges, tapas and flamenco, comes next. Here you can visit the world's largest Gothic cathedral as well as the grand buildings of Alcazar, a complex of palaces used by both Moorish and Christian rulers. After all that culture, it’s time for a spell at the beach. You’ll head to the windswept beach town of Tarifa, on the Costa de la Luz, where you can go whale and dolphin watching or just relax on the ...Read more >
From US $3,380 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 02 Oct

Morocco highlights vacation

Take in the rich history and diverse culture of Morocco on an eight-day Premium adventure. Marvel at the Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca, discover the enchanting medina of Meknes, uncover ancient history at the Roman ruins of Volubilis, wander through twisting alleyways in Fes el-Bali, relax in the lakeside settlement of Bin el-Ouidane and watch Djemaa el-Fna come to life in Marrakech. Experience life in the Middle Atlas Mountains, share stories and food with a local family in Fes, travel with a local leader and gain unrivalled insight to the Moroccan way of life.Read more >
From US $1,970 excluding flights

Jordan small group tour

Journey through Jordan on an 8-day Premium adventure and discover a land of desert treasures and altruistic people. From the soaring facades of Petra to the lowest lows of the Dead Sea, the sunrise colours of Wadi Rum and the ancient ruins of Jerash, Jordan’s landscapes impress at every turn. But beneath its striking exterior is its people – full of heart and deep-rooted tradition. Learn the secrets of Jordanian cuisine with a mother and her daughters, immerse yourself in Bedouin culture during dinner at their camp and travel with a local leader who will illuminate the magic of their country.Read more >
From US $2,430 excluding flights

Antarctic Peninsula expedition cruise

Give the Antarctic your full attention on this 20 day expedition that takes in the Falklands, the South Shetlands and South Georgia Island via Drake Passage and the Beagle Channel. After navigating the Beagle Channel, from Ushuaia, onboard either of our Antarctic expedition vessels - the Ocean Diamond or the World Explorer - your first port of call will be the Falkland Islands where a cacophony of crying seabirds and waddling penguins greet you on the rocky shoreline. Onboard presentations get you ready to disembark the expedition cruise ship by Zodiac as you catch your first sighting of South Georgia where you’ll get to follow in the footsteps of one of the world’s most legendary ...Read more >
From US $15,995 excluding flights

Vietnam family vacation with teenagers

Take your teens into Vietnam on this nine day tour that focuses on cultural immersion and keeping active outdoors (four days of cycling) in and around Hanoi, Halong Bay and Hoi An. From bikes and boats to hiking and kayaking this family vacation is all about immersing older kids in the weird and wonderful world of Vietnam via a range of exciting and eye opening experiences. Northern Vietnam is an absolute pleasure for families with rural regions, such as Mai Chau and Ninh Binh, often overlooked by fast-moving backpackers. Keeping teens on the go, as well as allowing down time moments to make new friends, is part and parcel of this tour with loads of opportunities to learn, laugh and live ...Read more >
From US $1,350 excluding flights
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Uluru and the Olgas tour in Australia

Embarking on a three day Uluru and the Olgas tour in Australia is the perfect extension for any travelers already immersed in life in the Northern Territory or for those who are able to make their way to Alice Springs in time to catch the sunrise over Uluru the following day. This Uluru and the Olgas tour in Australia offers an excellent opportunity to learn more about aboriginal Australian culture and the enduring relationship between the people and the land, as well as offering a chance to see one of the world’s most famous landmarks at a deeply moving time of the day. From Kings Canyon to Kata Tjuta, this three day Uluru and the Olgas tour in Australia is the ideal way to get closer ...Read more >
From US $595 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 14 Aug, 27 Aug, 31 Aug, 07 Sep, 09 Oct, 22 Oct, 06 Nov

Arctic expedition cruise, circumnavigation of Spitsbergen

Circumnavigating Spitsbergen is an experience, an expedition, about as far from a run of the mill vacation as you can hope to imagine. This two week cruise onboard the Ocean Nova invites you to become part of an expedition exploring in the Arctic, alongside around 100 other passengers, crew members and Arctic experts. For eleven days you’ll be allowed to let your senses swing into overdrive as you zip across the water by zodiac before you hike or snowshoe over land or watch wildlife at closer quarters – weather permitting, of course. As the largest island in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, Spitsbergen provides the perfect introduction to life in the Arctic with an abundance of rocky ...Read more >
From US $11,990 excluding flights

Spitsbergen, East Greenland to Iceland Arctic cruise

Natural splendour, bountiful wildlife and a pioneering spirit all coalesce in the High Arctic, a region once reserved for only the hardiest of travelers but now open to anyone with a real yearning for adventure. Starting out from the isolated Spitsbergen outpost of Longyearbyen, this expedition heads down through the Arctic Circle, taking in the islands of the Svalbard Archipelago, the north-east coast of Greenland and the journey over the Denmark Strait to Iceland. Following in the proverbial wake of explorers past, you'll be treated to stunning sceneries of vast glacial walls, sprawling fjord systems and icebergs the size of skyscrapers. Time spent on the ship will include educational ...Read more >
From US $11,190 excluding flights

Greek Islands sailing vacation, Santorini to Mykonos

When it comes to Greek Islands sailing vacations, the Cyclades really are a place of dreams, and starting off in the stunner that is Santorini, you'll be thinking, can it possibly get better than this? But the Cylcades keep on giving, especially when you get to sail through the famously sapphire waters, under forever blue skies through the joys of islands such as Ios, Amorgos, Naxos and ending up in Mykonos. You will have plenty of time on land too, to explore either the vibrant port towns or a hike up into the hills, or along a coast path for tranquillity within minutes. On Ios, for example, you can wander through the traditional old town or seek out beach bliss at Valmas. Swimming is a ...Read more >
From US $1,481 excluding flights
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