Ski touring vacation in France

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ski touring vacation in France


We respect and support local conservation projects by following guidelines issued by the Queyras Regional Nature Park and ensuring our clients are made aware of any specific guidelines that may affect them. E.g. carrying rubbish down from refuges

The high mountain environment in the Queyras Regional Nature Park is nearly only accessible on skis in the winter. Whilst skiing itself isn’t really known for it’s environmental benefits, it is important to learn to ski responsibly.

In this fragile and harsh environment, vegetation is covered by snow and ice and the non-hibernating animals compete against each other for food and shelter. On this trip you will learn the skills and techniques to venture into this habitat responsibly and safely with an understanding of the animals’ lifestyles and surroundings. You will learn the difference between a wild boar print and a chamois and deduce whether they were running, being chased or just relaxing in the snow!

Experiencing this winter wilderness first hand and the insight you will have into the lives of the animals just from looking around you (with a guide to explain what it all means!!) is a truly humbling experience.

All our guides are fully trained in environmental sustainability as a part of their diplomas . They are very knowledgable about the flora and fauna in mountain environments and they educate our clients during the activities.

Our office policy is to be as paperless as possible, to use recycled paper where necessary and re-use envelopes and jiffy bags where possible.


We use local guides and pay them the standard rate rather than importing ‘part time guides’ from abroad. These guides have alternative means of income, do guiding for fun and don't depend on it to make a living. These types of guides are able to reduce their rates significantly making it difficult for full time guides who have dedicated their lives to the mountains to be competitive.

We also use some of the few mountain refuges that are open all year round, thus supporting the guardian who makes his living in the winter from ski tourers. A refuge guardian’s life is a tough one and is done out of a passion for the mountains rather than a desire to make any money. It is getting harder and harder for the guardians to make a living and to justify their winters in the mountains. Sometimes they are totally cut-off and can be snowed in without seeing anyone for several weeks.

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