Horse riding tours in Rajasthan, India

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Horse riding tours in Rajasthan, India


In this trip maximum destinations cover by horse riding, this is zero carbon foot print on environment by you. All the accommodations we use Forts, Castles and Manor homes are run and owned by individual families. These properties equipped with solar energy, water harvesting systems And water recycle unit. Two of the properties recently install shower censer in the bath rooms and they are saving about thirty liter water per minute in shower bath.
We entertain minimum four and maximum twelve people on this trip to minimize human impact. In each horse riding trip we keep three horses extra to replace in case of situation and one bullock cart to carry necessary items for this tour. We hire the horses from two stables and staff is there are trained in good take care of horses as well as stable. To avoid any pollution, they keeping stable secure, with properly designed and installed drainage and sound waste management and spillage control measures in place. On the tour we use biodegradable products and carry waste bags for trashes not leave behind, we carry water campers for drinking water and refill every day.


There is quite a big group of local people are involved in the every horse riding tour. In this trip we cover seven villages where we serve local food at lunch time to our guest and at each village this arrangements done by local villagers (from purchase to serve) and they get paid handsomely. Every village have a small scale industry of handmade product, we give them opportunity to show their crafts and product after lunch while our guest have a rest. The horse saddles, breast collars, stirrups have a beautiful carving and patch work decoration done by local women from villages. Your riding trainer will accompany you on this tour and other staff for this tour hires from the villages we cover in this tour and every year they earn satisfactory amount. We also hire fresher so that they will be train and work with us and other horse riding tour operator.

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