Spiti Valley tour in India

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Spiti Valley tour in India


1. Your journey to Spiti is a new way to travel which will be carbon neutral. There are various ways to do so which you will see as you travel. Using the money you pay, the houses in villages are heated by solar power which reduces requirement of wood by upto 50% and carbon emission by 2.5 tonnes
2. Water for bathing is also heated by solar power which is in abundance and is freely available. These initiatives are in sync with Goal No. 7 of UN Sustainable Development Goals which promotes 'Affordable and Clean energy' for all
3. The carbon generated through your journey to Spiti is offset by investing in projects written above and helping new houses become solar powered every year
4. Remote Himalayan villages do not have any waste management plants. Therefore, it is important to be cautious of the kind of waste we generate. Keeping that in mind, we have eliminated use of plastic disposable bottles. On an average a tourist used 3-4 disposable plastic water bottles per day which can cause environmental disaster in Spiti. To deal with this issue, we will provide you with alternative solutions of clean drinking water in reusable portable bottles as you travel. This initiative is in sync with Goal No. 12 of UN Sustainable Development Goals which promotes 'Responsible Production and Consumption' of resources
5. We also follow environmental responsibility in office where we do not practice taking taking physical printouts. Most of the work is done in digital form


1. Experiencing homestays in Spiti are a must because tourism provides major income for these households followed by farming. With shifting climate patterns, the income from homestays is all the more important. The homestays are also allocated in rotational form so that everyone gets equal opportunity
2. The additional activities designed for you which involves handicrafts, traditional medicine, dances and songs from Spitian culture help in conserving these age old traditions. It also provides additional income for such custodians of knowledge. Not only your trip gives you a deep insight into the life of Spiti, but also leaves maximum positive impact locally
3. When you involve with locals during the activities mentioned above, we facilitate conversations that help you know the local culture and their daily life. These activities are executed in the house or village of the artist itself rather than in a commercial place. It gives you a truly authentic experience and creates mutual respect between you and locals
4. Traditionally, the men and women of Spiti have been involved in farming and Spiti used to be cut from outside world for major part of the year. But with homestays and cultural activities, there is a greater opportunity for women to come forth and support men equally in tourism. Often the traditional roles of women like cooking or looking after children are shared by men and vice versa as it is suitable

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