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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Galapagos wildlife cruise


Wildlife: The wildlife of the Galapagos Islands region is very important to us and we are committed to conserving it. We strongly encourage our guests to follow our lead and the instructions that our guides give them as soon as they arrive on the island. These guides include not getting close to the wild animals more than 1 meter, and never to touch them because this affects their natural environment. In all of our cruises, we have local naturalist guides that are bilingual certified and trained to protect the environment but also to allow our guests to get to know more about the wildlife of the region. In this way, our travelers can explore the possibility to live in balance with nature as they enjoy a unique experience. We believe that by providing the right knowledge then people can learn to coexist with nature in balance.

7. Suppliers We choose suppliers that match our environmental values. All of the cruises that we offer have been approved by the Galapagos National Park. In order to have this certificate, all boats must first be regulated and go through inspection to see if they are fit to function. The Galapagos National park is a highly preserved area and a strict control is in place to make sure they reduce the contamination as least as possible. For this reason, there are limited cruises and also limited departures of the itineraries because they want to keep the carbon footprint as small possible. That is the reason why we only work with certified cruises that are able to operate and function with the required standards.


4. A fair deal We offer local people good working conditions, a fair wage, and empower them with training opportunities. The cruises that we work with have fair wages and get paid a fair deal for the service they provide. We strongly promote the use of local guides and people that know the Galapagos Islands from a native point of view. We believe that these people are essential in the experience of visiting the Galapagos Islands and that is why we always work with cruises that hire local naturalist guides. We also believe that is important to give these people the opportunity to grow into better professionals because at the Galapagos Islands, sometimes the service that is provided can be a bit basic and that is why it needs to constantly grow and improve. This can only happen if we give them the opportunities to do so.

6. Traveling with respect We work to create good relationships between tourists and the local community. It is one of the essential values for our company to make sure to establish a good connection with the guests that visit any of our tours. We do not want to be another company that just treats guest as tourists but we take our time to create a personalized trip for them. In the cruises that we offer, our guests also feel a personalised attention since the moment they go on the cruise. When they board the cruise, they get a warm welcome with a welcome drink and a brief explanation of the itinerary and safety plans. After this, the cruise is ready to go and start the journey that we are sure they will never forget. That is why is very important for us that the people that work with us, also make sure to make an impact in this experience so that the guests can take the experience with them for the rest of their lives.

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