Luxury Kenya and Tanzania safari with Zanzibar

US $9400ToUS $22000 excluding flights
13 Days
Kenya, Tanzania
Tailor made
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All prices are per person (1 Pax - 7 Pax) in a Safari 4x4 land cruiser.
This is a tailor made safari and prices are subject to change depending on activities and the property of choice. Children get a discount.
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Description of Luxury Kenya and Tanzania safari with Zanzibar

Price information

US $9400ToUS $22000 excluding flights
All prices are per person (1 Pax - 7 Pax) in a Safari 4x4 land cruiser.
This is a tailor made safari and prices are subject to change depending on activities and the property of choice. Children get a discount.
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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Clients are briefed before proceeding with their safari on what to expect, dos and doníts while at the safari. Which include; ensuring they do not litter the parks or their way to and from the parks as they are provided with trash bins, they should also not feed the animals at the parks or make noise while at safari.

All our tour vehicles have trash cans for proper disposal of waste to avoid disposal of non-degradable that may harm the wildlife. We discourage smoking and loud noise that may cause disturbances to the wildlife.

We encourage our travelers to travel in smaller groups during their trips to various destinations. Handling bigger groups is not easy and they cause stress to the environment

All our driver guides are required to keep by the trails so as to avoid distraction and interferences with the wildlife. Our guides are also discouraged from taking bribes to go off the road for good photos and better views, we encourage clients to let the animals come to them without destroying their habitats. Everyone should keep in mind that the wild animals are not like those found in the theme parks, they are not tamed, hence should take extra precautions not to offend them. We ask our clients never buy products made from endangered species.

We use low carbon transport and cars that hardly make any noises while in the parks. We promote silence in the parks in that no radio music or any other noises while in the park, this is to ensure we do not destruct wildlife in their own territories and to enable them to roam around un-bothered.

in reserves such as Masai Mara, you may observe that vehicles are allowed to move around away from the main road which is okay, but for other parks such as Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park and others vehicles should always stay on the main road, kindly make sure to adhere to this rules.

Banning of plastic bags is a very good idea especially in the beach, but this should be expanded. We have a zero-tolerance approach to all waste on beaches, especially plastic bottles. by doing this we ensure that as a company, we take care o four beach attracting even more travelers from all over the world


Kenyan tourism in a great part heavily relies on the communities that live around or inside the parks and reserves respectively. We play part in taking care of the communities by giving them recognition and contributing just as much to improving their living standards, this is through building facilities for them such as better education systems, health centers, churches and even houses. however, we also put in mind of the surrounding and ensure to build facilities that do not interfere with their movements, health such as carbon emission, or cultures.

we tend to lean more on suppliers that are managed or have employed local labor, as they are the best examples while it comes to showing clients on ways to take care of the environment and communities around.

in all our tour itineraries, we mention optional village visits which is the best way for travelers to experience and to learn about the Masai communities as you get to join in the dances and visit their manyatta homesteads.

Providing new sources of income through buying of local souvenirs from the cultural communities and also employing locals to be our driver guides since they are the most knowledgeable about the destinationsí culture and other company staff. This ensures easy understanding between the clients and the local communities visited during the tour.

saving water and energy, respecting the local culture and supporting the well being of local communities is our focus while planning Beach safaris.
Traveling brings people from all cultures together and we get to learn why some cultures are so different from others. Kenya has many wonderful and all uniquely different communities with different cultures. From areas where people live in the wild with animals to areas where people are relaxed and everything is in slow motion, from talking to walking. This increases the chances for people to develop mutual sympathy, tolerance and understanding and to reduce prejudices and promote the sense of global brotherhood.

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