Archaeology vacation in Greece

“Our only small group trip to Greece dedicated to archaeology, traveling with fellow archaeology aficionados around the Peloponnese's greatest ancient wonders.”


Ancient Olympia | Delphi | Acropolis | Epidaurus | Corinth Canal | Tripoli | Ancient Tegea | Alea Athena | Kapsia Cave | Lousios gorge monasteries | Dimitsana | Filosofou and Prodromou monasteries | Ancient Gortys | Sparta | Mystras | Mycenae | Nafplio |

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Our top tip:
This is not in any way a ‘Greece from a minibus’ site seeing tour. Bring good walking boots, and a big refillable bottle of water.
Trip type:
Small group vacation. Max. 20 people.
Solo travelers welcome
3* hotel or apartments.
Accommodation, all breakfasts, some meals, transport, wine tasting, local guide.
Plenty of fine taverna treats and local wine toasts.
Vacation type

Small group cultural tours

Typically you will be sharing your experiences with between 4-20 like minded travelers (depending on the trip, operator and how many others are booked on the trip) and you'll have a group leader with you. Whether you are traveling alone or with friends it's good value, and a great way to meet new people! While itineraries are pre-planned there is some flexibility and you'll have plenty of privacy. This trip will appeal to travelers of all ages who enjoy meeting new people as well as experiencing new cultures.

Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

We are also owners of the small city hotel that you will stay during your vacations here where we recycle paper, glass, plastic and metal. At your arrival here you will be given a Travelers Code of Conduct, where you will get informed about how to apply maximum responsibility during your vacations concerning environmental and socio-cultural factors.

The Impacts of this Trip

Choosing our vacations, you choose responsible vacations. As Mr Panagiotopoulos, founder and president of our company, was born and raised here, one of his biggest concerns is to secure that tourism will not affect negatively our area in ecological and socio-cultural way, and also that the locals will mostly benefit from your travel.

Our company which is the organizer and operator of this package is local-based and all our guides, drivers and employees are locals too, ensuring not only the economical benefit of our area but also your cultural benefit. In this trip, you will visit so many different places and you will always be surrounded by locals, experiencing the Greek way of living. But the most important thing for us, is that your presence here gives us a strong negotiation card for pressing the local authorities for the development of our area, such us constructing cycling streets in our city or finance and organize better our archaeological museums and sites.


56 Reviews of Archaeology vacation in Greece

4.5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 02 Nov 2019 by

The Greek people were extremely friendly, the food was fabulous and the scenery and historical sites were amazing. Read full review

Reviewed on 24 Oct 2019 by

Excellent, can’t say enough good things about our tour guide, Dimitris, who obviously loves Greece. Particularly good at selecting outstanding restaurants. Read full review

Reviewed on 22 Sep 2019 by

There were so many highlights. Olympia was breathtaking and the hotel in Galadixi was such a special place to stay Read full review

Reviewed on 18 Aug 2019 by

Staying in three different places was exciting. Having guides at the sites was great. Saw places we’d never see if we were traveling alone. Read full review

Reviewed on 14 Jul 2019 by

This tour is up there with one of the best experiences of my life. It's difficult to single out one memorable/exciting moment because I enjoyed everything we did. Read full review

Reviewed on 17 Jun 2019 by

Seeing Mycenae and feeling the weight of history was memorable. Read full review

Reviewed on 05 Jun 2019 by

Highlights of the trip were the hike in the Lusios Gorge - stunningly beautiful and the Olympia site - the site is a lovely park, with lots of trees and fascinating ruins and the museum is quite brilliant. Read full review

Reviewed on 03 Jun 2019 by

The hike in the mountains and the delicious lunch by the beautiful river were the most memorable parts of our vacation. Olympia was my favourite site. Read full review

Reviewed on 04 Jun 2019 by

The special guides we had at Olympia and the Acropolis did a remarkable job to further our appreciation of the two sites greatly. Read full review

Reviewed on 23 Nov 2018 by

The Acropolis and the amazing new Museum of Greek history in Athens would be up there with the best. On a less well-known example, the (also new) museum of history and prehistory in Tegea Read full review

Reviewed on 02 Nov 2018 by

Just excellent. This is the second small group tour we have done... It is definitely the way to see lots and have the burden of organisation taken off of you. I don't think I could have fitted as much in if I had tried to organise it myself... Read full review

Reviewed on 01 Nov 2018 by

The Greek people we met were the most authentically friendly people I have ever met on my travels. The restaurant and site recommendations were excellent...Excellent tour. Read full review

Reviewed on 08 Oct 2018 by

Les hôtels étaient bien choisis et de bonne tenue. Le tour à vélo, le cours de cuisine, le pique-nique, les visites du vignoble et de la grotte étaient bien sympathiques pour varier les plaisirs. Circuit très agréable que nous recommandons vivement. Read full review

Reviewed on 01 Oct 2018 by

The most exiting part of our vacation was visiting the ancient archaeological sites and learning from the professional guides how they were organised and functioned. Particularly memorable were visits to Delphi and Olympia and the museums. Read full review

Reviewed on 24 Sep 2018 by

...Is there anything we did not enjoy? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. It was an unforgettable vacation, for all the right reasons! Read full review

Reviewed on 26 Jun 2018 by

A very memorable vacation that will remain in the memory for many years, would definitely do something like this again. Read full review

Reviewed on 03 Jun 2018 by

Visiting the ancient site of Delphi was the highlight. This was an excellent vacation - helpful staff, great hotels and good logistics. Read full review

Reviewed on 21 May 2018 by

Cycling along the quiet roads to Tegea was a high point was the most memorable. Read full review

Reviewed on 01 Oct 2018 by

The most memorable part was: Mystras, Epidaurus Theatre, Olympia. Read full review

Reviewed on 28 Sep 2018 by

Most memorable was the hike up into the mountains to visit the monasteries in the Lousios Gorge...It was excellent. It was varied. The guides were good. The cycling and the hiking (optional) were both really enjoyable. Read full review

Reviewed on 27 Oct 2017 by

The whole thing really was memorable. From start to finish I was so well looked after by Dimitri our driver and guide. It literally was a dream vacation, and even four months later, I still think about it everyday. Read full review

Reviewed on 07 Oct 2017 by

The visits to Ancient Olympia and Delphi. But everything was fascinating so it's hard to name one thing! Read full review

Reviewed on 21 Sep 2017 by

The whole vacation was exciting! Read full review

Reviewed on 16 Aug 2017 by

The whole trip was fab! We saw a number of major archaeological sites and took part in other activities. Difficult to choose the best day really - they were all excellent. Sparta, Ancient Tegea, Mistras, Olympia, Delphi.... Read full review

Reviewed on 23 Jul 2017 by

Difficult to isolate one part as it was all so memorable. The ruins at Epidaurus were particularly spectacular. Read full review

Reviewed on 15 Jun 2017 by

We had a fabulous time and would highly recommend it to others Read full review

Reviewed on 13 Jun 2017 by

We had a wonderful tour of ancient Greek archaeological sites throughout the Peloponnese and Attica. Everyday was filled with activities of visiting archaeological sites, a cave, mountain monasteries, biking, climbing, and walking around Greece. The entire trip was memorable and I loved it. Read full review

Reviewed on 23 May 2017 by

Excellent. Informative. Fun. well organised. I'd consider doing it again - the sights, the walks, the archaeological exposure were fantastic. Read full review

Reviewed on 17 May 2017 by

Seeing all the ancient sites, especially "Agamemnon's tomb" at Mycenae, theatre at Epidaurus, all of Delphi, Olympia, also the Byzantine city of Mystras. Also loved the activities, e.g. cycling, walking in the gorge, visits to cave, winery, and fish dinners at Astros and Galaxidi. Read full review

Reviewed on 03 Oct 2017 by

Visiting archaeological sites that I had only read about previously. As I was the only one on this tour, I was given very special attention by my tour guide/driver, Mikhalis and the other guides at the sites. Read full review

Reviewed on 11 Aug 2017 by

I really enjoyed visiting Olympia and Galaxidi. Hotel Ganimede was very memorable! Read full review

Reviewed on 17 Apr 2017 by

The friendly people, the rich and fascinating history and the lovely weather. Read full review

Reviewed on 01 Jan 2017 by

The most memorable moment was standing in 'Agamemnon's tomb' in Mycenae and seeing the perfectly preserved theatre at Epidauros. An enjoyable and efficient way of visiting many major archaeological sites, and also of participating in other activities such as local wine-tasting. Read full review

Reviewed on 17 Oct 2016 by

This vacation exceeded my expectations, it was well paced. Thanks to everyone involved, including my fellow vacation makers who were great company. Simply one of the best vacations I have ever been on. Read full review

Reviewed on 25 Sep 2016 by

Extremely enjoyable, very educational, drivers/guides are very knowledgeable and kind, give you your own space when needed and do their very best to help everyone on the trip! The locations visited are beyond beautiful! Read full review

Reviewed on 19 May 2016 by

I would give this tour the highest rating. My husband and I felt totally taken care of, with never a worry. Read full review

Reviewed on 20 Apr 2016 by

Loved traveling with the guides--they treated us like family. Read full review

Reviewed on 12 Jul 2016 by

We had a fantastic vacation, the tour guides were wonderful, the itinerary is really good. Read full review

Reviewed on 19 May 2016 by

Delphi is extraordinary, as expected. Olympia is a real surprise - much richer than just athletics. Mycenae is beautiful and moving. Lousios Gorge fascinating. Read full review

Reviewed on 04 Nov 2015 by

Most memorable for me, I would probably just go for the trip to Mycenae, as it had been a long-held wish to go there, and it didn't disappoint! Read full review

Reviewed on 10 Oct 2015 by

This was about the best vacation I have ever been on; with excellent licensed guides informing us of the archaeology in the historical Peloponnese and in Athens. Read full review

Reviewed on 27 Oct 2015 by

Really good. Easily lived up to expectations. Read full review

Reviewed on 05 Oct 2015 by

We had a wonderful vacation. I highly recommend this trip. Read full review

Reviewed on 08 Jul 2015 by

Fantastic, well organised, informative and great fun. Wonderful memories of our visit to the Peloponesse. Read full review

Reviewed on 26 Apr 2015 by

The most memorable part of the vacation was our hike along the Lousios gorge that ended with a wonderful picnic among the ruins of Gortys, an ancient healing center...We would rate the archaeology activity vacation overall as among the best vacations we've had in Europe. Read full review

Reviewed on 26 Apr 2015 by

The people we interacted with throughout our vacation, including Christos and his father, the drivers, the specialized tour guides, the hotel staff, and restaurant and shopkeepers were extremely warm and friendly. Read full review

Reviewed on 20 Apr 2015 by

The most memorable moments were unexpected. Our driver / guide took us up into the mountains to one of his favourite sites, ancient Orchomenos, where we stood in the lonely excavated theatre, just the five of us, with the majestic hills as the most perfect backdrop. Timeless! Read full review

Reviewed on 08 Nov 2014 by

This was a wonderful vacation: friendly staff; excellent accommodation; knowledgeable and friendly tour guides; and an excellent, extremely interesting itinerary. Read full review

Reviewed on 12 Jun 2014 by

We will have lasting memories of the wonderful ancient sites, beautiful villages and towns, fantastic food and the friendly people of this diverse and attractive region Read full review

Reviewed on 17 Nov 2014 by

We enjoyed all of it! Exciting to see the original running track at Olympia, Mystras was spectacular, and the Acropolis Museum is amazing - both the building and the contents. Read full review

Reviewed on 05 Aug 2014 by

Walking on tracks that were not tourist tracks was the most memorable part of the vacation. Read full review

Reviewed on 05 Aug 2014 by

Great! It enabled us to feel we were really gaining some insights into the country and the people. Read full review

Reviewed on 04 Jun 2014 by

It was excellent in every way. I wouldn't hesitate to do another tour with Chrisos and his crew...Chrstos and everyone he works with were incredibly accommodating. I think there may be more than one Christos, given everything he does. Read full review

Reviewed on 10 May 2013 by

Excellent! Our group consisted just of my wife and I so we got personal service from Christos, the Company Operations Director, for the the whole week. The hotel we stayed in was very comfortable, the staff most attentive and the general atmosphere most congenial. Read full review

Reviewed on 12 Jan 2013 by

Excellent. One of my favourite vacations - I'd loved the Peloponnese when I went once as a child and it all lived up to my rose-tinted memories of the place. Two of us in the group had studied Classics which was our reason for going, and we weren't disappointed by the archaeological guides who took us round or the amount of time we had to explore for ourselves. As a company they were great at making sure we were taken care of and a great vacation. Read full review

Reviewed on 04 Jan 2013 by

This was a wonderful vacation... The guides we had at the sites were excellent and our tour leader just great. The tour was quite simply more than we could have imagined! Read full review

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