Family cycling vacations in Cambodia

Why take a family cycling vacation in Cambodia?

Cambodia is a superb destination for families, and combined with the freedom that a cycling vacation gives you, memorable adventures are never too far away. Trips here also have immense educational value, through cultural immersion, and guided visits around sites such as Angkor Wat. Other locations, such as the Killing Fields, may be unsuitable for younger children, but tour leaders can keep them entertained while their parents visit. A family cycling vacation in Cambodia doesn’t mean being in the saddle the entire time – far from it. A typical itinerary might include days on the beach, fun rides on a ‘bamboo train’, and exploring floating villages. And the universal language of play means that kids will find new friends in every village they pass.

Family cycling in Cambodia practicalities

Each family cycling group will be made up of one to three families from around the world, usually with a maximum of 12 people. They will be accompanied by tour leaders, local guides and crew, as well as a support vehicle always ready to dole out snacks, water and lifts for tired legs. The tour leaders for family trips are handpicked for their rapport with kids – try not to feel too deflated if your children always want to ride next to them instead of you!
The typical minimum age for these trips is 10, but confident younger riders can sometimes be accommodated, so long as parents/guardians are clear on what’s involved and happy to proceed. Daily distances on itineraries shaped specifically for families can involve between 15 and 60km (occasionally these can be shortened or lengthened according to requirements), with regular rest days, and terrain that is usually nice and flat.
Suitable accommodation is key when it comes to family vacations, and in Cambodia you can expect twin-share or family rooms, in either local guesthouses or hotels in larger towns and cities. Most will have en suite bathrooms, though there may be instances where sharing bathroom facilities is required. As far as meals go, Cambodian cuisine is not generally as spicy as you will find in Thailand, so even kids with demanding palates will usually find a favorite dish, and if not, there is never any shortage of rice!
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If you'd like to chat about Cambodia cycling or need help finding a vacation to suit you we're very happy to help.
When to go

When to go

The best time of year for family cycling in Cambodia is during the winter months of November, December and January. The weather will be pleasantly warm, but it will still be a long way off the sticky heat of March and April. Summer is likely to be rainy, so kids will find the terrain harder going.
Making the most of it

Making the most of it

Mandy Richards from our supplier Escape Adventures offers some useful advice for cycling vacations in Cambodia for families:
“Cambodia is a more adventurous cycling destination than Europe, but having said that, the terrain we cover is almost completely flat. We aim to offer full immersion experiences and activities that will sometimes take people out of their comfort zone. We often hear that it’s these experiences they value and remember the most, long after they get home. We hope that kids and teens will leave their devices at home, and really allow themselves to fully 'be' in the places they travel. Cycling really lets you see, feel and smell your surroundings, and those who take the time to stop and chat to people they meet along the way get a lot out of that.”
Tour (cheer)leaders

Tour (cheer)leaders

“We have three fantastic tour leaders who accompany our family cycle trips. One has her own business running mountain bike skills courses for kids, one is a teacher and the third is just a big kid herself! They are all patient, they like kids and understand what it takes to keep kids engaged; and most of all they are really fun! Some optional visits, such as the Killing Fields, are not so suitable for younger children, so our leaders can keep them entertained while their parents go off to see them.”
Written by Rob Perkins
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