The Karpas Peninsula, along the northeasterly arm of Cyprus, offers rough road access to sandy stretches while the limestone spine of the Kyrenia Mountains promises lofty views over the Med as well as, from east to west, the crusader castles of Kantara, Buffavento and Saint Hilarion. Explore away from the north and the centrally located Troodos Mountains rise for walks around Mt Olympus, the island’s highest point (1,952m), with nearby pine and cedar forests providing welcome shade, perfect for leafy, stumble trip trails to hidden waterfalls. An hour’s drive east from Troodos takes you to the capital, Nicosia, while the same distance south finds you at Limassol, on the coast, whilst the northwest belongs to the Akamas Peninsula and the legendary Baths of Aphrodite.
Akamas Panorama Walk Cape Kormakitis & Sadrazamkoy Crusader castles Five finger mountain Madari trail Troodos mountain trails

Akamas Panorama walk

Traversing the Akamas Peninsular on the west coast of Cyprus, this 13km walk starts from the village of Droushia and ends at the beautiful Baths of Aphrodite with the summit of Moutti Tis Sotiras (370m) proving the adage: size doesn’t matter. Expect to find dusty trails flanked by sea broom, juniper and carob trees leading to ruined monasteries and sweeping views towards the ocean.

Cape Kormakiti & Sadrazamkoy

This circular coastal walk takes you on a 10km round trip from the village of Sadrazamkoy on Cape Kormakiti to make the most of the far-reaching scenes over Guzelyurt Bay. Following the coast southwards delivers easy footpaths in between natural low lying sand dunes and the fringes of the Akdeniz Forest where sea broom, Calabrian pine, junipers and acacia align the route.

Crusader castles

Give yourself an early start from Panagia Apsinthiotissa monastery at the foot of the Kyrenia Mountains before undertaking around 600 steps to Buffavento Castle, the highest of the three Kyrenia crusader castles. Once you've recovered from the climb and inevitable wind buffeting you'll find an isolated ridge road allowing for 'there and back' distances in sight of St. Hilarion.

Five finger mountains

The clenched knuckles of the Beşparmak Mountains are one of the island's natural treasures and offer 360-degree panoramas over the Med and Meseora Plain. Recommended walks feature both easy (8km) and extended (13km) routes which follow fist-like contours through pungent pines leading to the hidden, monastic ruins of Viran Kilisie and Sourp Magar.

Madari trail

Made up of four smaller components the 13km Madari circular trail starts from the fire lookout point on Madari Peak near one of the most picturesque villages on the island, Polystypos. Surrounded by golden oaks, junipers, sage, pines and Cypriot cedar trees the trail is a sensory delight with volcanic rock formations adding to views over Morphou Bay and the Troodos range to the north.

Troodos mountain trails

There are a couple of walks which circumnavigate the island’s highest point, Mt Olympus (1952m). The 13km Atalante trail starts from Troodos Square and features thick pine and juniper forests (max 1750m). The 7km Artemis trail starts a little higher up and promises more of the same at over 1800m. Add the nearby 3km Caledonia Falls trail for contrast, just don't expect Niagara.



June Zaft, co-founder of our supplier Country Walks, shares her thoughts on walking in Cyprus:

North/South Divide

“Steer clear of the sprawling ugly developments that have sadly ruined much of the south. The only viable places in the south which are still relatively unspoilt are the Troodos Mountains and the Akamas Peninsula. In the North, which is still relatively untouched by tourism, there’s wonderful scenery with fantastic walking trails. However, it’s very difficult to walk without carefully-researched directions, particularly as maps are unobtainable and there are very few publications.”

Favourite walking trails

"The most scenic hiking trail is undoubtedly the ridge running for 62 miles from east to west across the Beşparmak mountain range. Outstanding features include the beauty and silence of nature along a trail carpeted with wild flowers and scented pine forests. Then there are the stunning views either side, to the Mediterranean and Turkish mainland to the north and, to the south, the great Mesaoria Plain and distant Troodos Mountains. The route is punctuated with mighty crusader castles, ancient monasteries and, in the spring, colourful flora which include more than 40 species of orchid."
“Walk to the most easterly of the crusader castles, Kantara, for incredible panoramas over the surrounding countryside. These extend westwards across serrated limestone mountain ranges to the Gulf of Farmagusta. Beyond the Mesarya Plain to the south can be seen the elongated mountain ridge of the Troodos in the center of the island, while to the north views extend to the ‘panhandle’ and to the southern coast of Turkey. Even the snows of Lebanon can be discerned on a clear day. Return along a panoramic flower-lined ridge to Kantara village for lunch.”

The colours of Spring

“The first splash of spring is the bright yellow Bermuda buttercup and brilliant yellow carpets of crown daisies interspersed with bright red poppies. There are also many varieties of anemone with all their subtle variations from white to red, pink, pale lavender, violet and purple. Then there’s the vibrant blue anchusas, alkanets and bugloss. That’s not to mention the 44 different species of orchid, including the tiny pink Anatolian Orchid which abounds in March and April.”



At Responsible Travel, we think the best people to advise our travelers are often... other travelers. They always return from our tours with packing tips, weather reports, ideas about what to do - and opinions about what not to.

We have selected some of the most useful Cyprus walking vacation tips that our guests have provided over the years to help you make the very most of your vacation.

“The walking terrain isn't difficult, but there are rocky/stony sections, so take a comfortable pair of walking shoes. If you use them, walking poles could be helpful for the mountain treks.” – Paul Watling

“If you like hikes, give yourself at least 4 days to discover all the trails in Vouni and Platres and beyond. Nearby villages offer ample opportunities for experiencing local life, taverns, arts and crafts with access to Limassol as well as Nicosia via the highway.” – Oosha Rao

“I'd hire a car so that you can get up to the Troodos Mountains which are beautiful and where there are lots of marked hiking trails. Also, if you like unspoilt beauty, visit the Akamas peninsular - my favourite part. We went in late April, and I'd recommend taking warm clothes and mosquito repelling candles for night time.” – Jenny Birchall

“Visit the Kaledonia Falls. However, we made the mistake of following 'down' the falls, only to have to climb back up! Perhaps advisable to start lower down, walk up and then it’s easier on the return.” – Julie Gorton
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North Cyprus walking vacation

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