Best time to visit Dominica

temperature & rainfall

You don’t get 1,000 species of plants without some rainfall. Nor rainforest. But this is tropical rain, in warm and feisty bursts, then the clouds part and the sun lights up the lusciousness it is famous for. The average year round temp is 28°C, 31°C in summer. The best time to go to Dominica is the dry February-April season with rain kicking in June-November. This is also hurricane season and Dominica was hit in 2015 by Erika and 2017 by Maria.

When to visit Dominica

month by month guide

  • High season in Dominica is from mid-December to mid-April. Dry, sunny weather brings more visitors and higher prices so for a last minute vacation, or someone traveling on a budget, check out the shoulder months, such as May.

  • Rainy season is officially from June-November, but September and October are when the hurricanes are most likely to hit. Although there have been fewer and fewer over the last few years, with the exception of Tropical Storm Erika in August 2015. Traditionally, many businesses shut down during these months, but your tour operator will be able to advise.

  • However, it is also beautifully quiet June until mid-October, as the threat of rain scares sun seekers away. But as this is not a flop and drop on the beach place anyway, just bring raingear and enjoy the peace. Businesses are generally still open until the end of August.

  • Pan in the Sand, a steelpan event, rings out across the shores and sands every Sunday in January.

  • May is also a very quiet time, and many say this is the best time to go to Dominica. But it is very hot with temperatures over 30C. Plus the rainy season hasnt begun yet. So if you are planning serious hiking, you need to be used to the humidity and high temperatures.

  • Although you can see colourful birds year-round, including Dominicas stunning endemic parrots, theyll be easier to see and noisier outside of the rainy season. Plus trails will be more accessible.

  • With water temperatures between 26-28C and an average of 20m visibility, diving is great all year. Check out the annual Dive Fest in July. And there are whales here all year to be seen here too.

  • For turtle watching, March to September is the best time to see giant leatherbacks, hawksbill and green turtles laying eggs. Or a few months later to see the hatchlings head down to the water.

What happens when in Dominica

Our recommendations

Michael Eugene, founder of our supplier Jungle Trekking Adventures and Safaris tells us one of his best times to go to Dominica: The World Creole Music Festival (October-end) and Carnival (February) afford a special dose of local culture that can be blended with hiking and other less cultural activities. The May hiking festival, Hike Fest, is also a great time to visit. In May you have long days but it does get hot and humid. Along the trail there are only two directions up and down. So added to the heat and humidity, we have seen experienced hikers have difficulty. So May and Junes hot period can be a challenge you just need to be careful.
Jem Winston, managing director of our supplier 3 Rivers Ecolodge & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge: Normally the hurricane season is actually good and hot weather, but you can have some bad weather days if a storm passes. With climate change though, the last few years have not stuck to the rules, and it is rare that rain prevents people from doing activities. Come in the low wet season and get huge beaches and rivers all to yourself.

Festivals & events in Dominica

Our cultural pick from the Dominica calendar

Did you know about...?

The annual World Creole Music Festival
Three nights of uber cool and contemporary Creole music resounding throughout Roseau. Always at the end of October, this segues smoothly with more traditional Independence Day celebrations, which islanders gained November 3rd, 1978. During this time Kwyl Day is also celebrated all over the island, with women and men donning national costume.
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Written by Catherine Mack
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