How to avoid paying a single supplement

Once upon a time, telling friends that you were going on vacation by yourself would have elicited gasps of horror, wails of pity or general incomprehension. Traditionally, vacations were all about spending quality time with family or friends, or romantic breaks with a partner. Why on earth would you go abroad alone?
But today, announcing your solo vacation plan is more likely to inspire sighs of envy than of concern. There are as many reasons for traveling solo, as there are solo travelers, but unfortunately, traveling alone can really test the budget as you are unable to split costs. However, for savvy solos, there are a few ways you can avoid incurring extra charges. And sometimes you’ll even be offered your own private room, neatly included in the tour rate.
Join a small group tour

Join a small group tour

Our small group vacations are very popular with solo adventurers. All travelers are charged exactly the same, regardless of how many people they are booking with. You can make the most of guided hikes, airport pickups, luggage transfers and adventure activities without any extra fee. You’ll only be charged a single supplement if you would like to book a private room, otherwise you’ll be assigned a room with someone of the same sex.
On some camping trips, such as bush camp safaris, the single supplement will only apply for a couple of nights of the trip, usually before and after you head out into the savannah. So they can be surprisingly affordable – often well under £100 for a two-week tour.
Book a no single supplement vacation

Book a no single supplement vacation

Some tour operators have noticed the growing trend in solo travel, and have adjusted their pricing so that no one needs to pay a single supplement for a private room. This is particularly common on trips which tend to attract solo travelers. These include learning vacations – where you can practise anything from painting and photography to Thai cooking and Cuban music. Physical wellbeing, such as yoga, dance and general fitness vacations, also tend to waiver the solo supplement; no doubt your own room is a welcome treat to keep up the zen levels and offer a quiet sanctuary. Walking and cycling vacations, too, often fall into this category. We have plenty of vacations that don’t require a solo supplement for your own room, so have a browse and get inspired.

Our top No single supplement Vacation

Secrets of Sri Lanka holiday

Secrets of Sri Lanka vacation

Discover the best of Sri Lanka

From US $3460 to US $4400 15 days ex flights
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Travel in low season

Travel in low season

Occasionally, a tour operator might waive the single occupancy supplement if you are traveling in the low season – a time when rates are traditionally lower for accommodation, flights and services in general. Tour groups may not be filled, and there may be less likelihood of there being another traveler of the same sex for you to share a room with. So it’s worth asking to find out if this is a possibility.
Sometimes, tour prices are considerably lower at this time, so you might even find that combined with the cheaper flight, you have enough left in your budget to pay the supplement, and the trip could still cost less than it would have done in peak season.
Book a bed, not a room

Book a bed, not a room

There is one tried and tested way to avoid paying a solo supplement, of course – stay in a hostel. You’re being charged for the bed, not the whole dorm, so prices are fixed per person.
Written by Vicki Brown
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