Sea kayaking and wildlife

Sea kayaking is all about getting out into the wild, so all the trips we feature will bring you in contact with some wildlife. And because paddling is a peaceful, tranquil activity you have much better chances of convening with nature. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Whales & dolphins

Dozens of islands and islets lie scattered between La Paz and Loreto in the tranquil Sea of Cortez, and one of the best ways to explore the Baja California Peninsula without disturbing the wildlife is by kayak. Sea lions and pelicans are fixtures on land, while dolphins leap offshore. Visit during February and March and you might want to swap craft and board a small boat as this is grey whale watching season. Watching grey whales emerge in sheltered lagoons is an amazingly unique experience. Find out more about responsible whale watching in Baja.

Monkeys, rays & dragons

Sea kayaking in Komodo National Park opens up untold animal encounters where buffalo, deer and monkeys turn heads on dry land whilst manta rays and sea turtles glide by at sea. For many it will be the chance to spot a Komodo dragon that will stick longest in the mind however, don't discount the amazing coral reefs off Sebayor Kecil and the mangroves close to Kanawa if you're looking for a really wild sea kayaking experience in Indonesia.

Our top Sea kayaking Vacation

Sea kayaking vacation in Croatia

Sea kayaking vacation in Croatia

Kayaking vacation on stunning Elaphite Islands near Dubrovnik

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Seals & puffins

Paddling with seals is quite an amazing feeling and July until October is peak seal time in Wales. It is unusual to go out on the bays of Pembrokeshire at this time and not see a head pop up to say hello. There is a veritable fiesta of sea birds in the spring, such as razorbills and guillemots which live in the Irish Sea all year but come ashore to breed and nest in the cliffs. So kayaking is a great way to see them. Skomer Island is home to thousands of puffins too, but you will need a bit of sea kayaking experience to get out there.

Bears & eagles

A sea kayaking vacation in British Columbia is like breaking open an exquisite piñata of wildlife. Turn your eye from the mind blowing sightings on the water towards the land, you have the chance to see grizzly bears along the shores, with bald eagles flying overhead. Combine this with wilderness camping for a sea kayaking vacation that feels like it is straight out of a David Attenborough special.
Written by Catherine Mack
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