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Cultural vacation in Ghana, Togo and Benin

These three countries are the spiritual heart of West Africa, an intoxicating fusion of tribal culture, voodoo rituals, fire dances – and a dark past represented by the slave forts dotting the coasts. Religion and reality blur, especially in Benin – the home of the voodoo religion where powerful rituals and fearsome fetishes can be seen throughout the country. The wide smiles and vibrant clothing of the Ashanti people in Ghana stand alongside their reputation as incredible coffin carvers – ensuring a flamboyant journey into the afterlife for the deceased. Explore fetish markets and voodoo drumming ceremonies in Togo’s coastal capital, Lome, before continuing on to Benin’s sinister “Door of ...Read more >
From £2,840 excluding flights

Georgia & Armenia cultural vacation

Do more than just skim the surface of two of Europe’s least known countries on this full-on, two-week tour of Georgia and Armenia. Dwarfed by their huge neighbours, Russia, Turkey and Iran, few people even realise these countries are, in fact, in Europe – and fewer still could pinpoint them on a map. But this Georgia and Armenia cultural vacation encompasses this region, following the trails left by the Ottoman Empire, Imperial Russia and beyond. The adventure begins in Tbilisi, traveling up into the High Caucasus where mountain trails take you to an ancient church in a dramatic location. In the remote and mysterious Svaneti region, rural villages are overlooked by stone watchtowers, where ...Read more >
From £2,795 excluding flights

Bhutan vacation, culture and festivals

This two week experience is essential for anyone wishing to encounter a side to Asia that's rarely witnessed by gap year students and backpackers. As part of a small group (max 12 people) you'll be invited into the Kingdom of Bhutan on a vacation that coincides with one of the many festivals held throughout the region. These festivals allow travelers to delve deeper into the culture of Bhutan where the threads of religious heritage are as firmly woven into the fabric of society as the kingdom's quest to rank ever higher on the gross national happiness scale. This small group vacation starts and completes in Paro with a full day to visit the precariously placed Tiger's Nest Monastery ...Read more >
From £4,295 excluding flights

Silk Road vacation, small group

On this Silk Road vacation you’ll explore the wonders of this fascinating and storied region along with a small group of likeminded travelers. Innumerable traders traversed this route over the centuries, bringing goods from Europe to the Far East and back again, and facilitating an exchange of ideas, cultures and religions. You’ll start this tour in Uzbekistan’s buzzing capital Tashkent, before transferring to Khiva, a city crammed full of ancient monuments, which features on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Then it’s over the border into Turkmenistan to visit the ancient city of Konye-Urgench, the modern metropolis of Ashgabat and the historic town of Merv, which dates back 2,500 years. ...Read more >
From £3,345 excluding flights

Moldova vacation

One of Europe’s quirkiest countries, miniscule Moldova is home to the “breakaway republic” of Transdniestr and the autonomous region of Gagauzia – making it extremely hard to define. Dwarfed by its neighbours Ukraine and Romania, Moldova’s historical and contemporary influences stretch from the Ottoman Empire to Russia, creating an intriguing confluence of cultures which can be explored on this Moldova vacation. Few people know about this region’s wine-producing heritage, but this six-day Moldova vacation takes you to vast, subterranean wine cellars and small family-run wineries with the chance to sample some of these superb wines. You can visit cave monasteries, the 16th century fortress at ...Read more >
From £995 excluding flights

Zambia small group tour

Witness the wild and untamed beauty of some of Zambia's best kept secrets, where waking to see the sunrise means catching a glimpse of the timid Sitatunga, and where literally wading through swamp lands means the anticipation of observing the strange rather prehistoric looking shoebill stork. This is a truly adventurous experience offering superb wildlife experiences including big game viewing. Indeed South Luangwa has to be one of the finest game viewing areas in Africa. This tour spends some nights in comfort but the majority of nights are spent camping under the endless African sky. Delving into the wilds of the northern reaches of Zambia, we travel to remote frontiers where few western ...Read more >
From £3,195 excluding flights

Bangladesh vacation

The sprawling city of Dhaka is the starting point for this in depth tour of Bangladesh, which follows the river south, by paddle steamer, all the way to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Sundarbans. This world’s largest mangrove forest shelters some 260 bird species – as well as the Bengal tiger. En route, you’ll visit palaces, Hindu temples, mosques, Buddhist monasteries and impressive archaeological sites, giving a unique insight into the past and present culture of Bangladesh, and its spirituality and religion. As well as the big draws, this Bangladesh vacation is packed with lower-key but no less special treats, such as meeting fishermen who used trained otters to round up fish, the ...Read more >
From £2,995 excluding flights

Oman small group tour

Oman is slowly emerging from its hermit shell, revealing a land of friendly people and dramatic landscapes, peppered with forts. Oman is distinctly Arabic and offers many old-world wonders. Swimming in the turquoise waters of Wadi Bani Khalid and then driving across the dramatic red dunes of Wahiba are both adventures to be remembered forever. Embrace the curious traveler within exploring Bedouin desert culture, visiting ancient tribal forts and mountain mud homes, small plantations and fishing villages. And show your considerate side by staying in locally owned hotels, supporting the green turtle sanctuary at Ras Al Jinz, being guided by local experts who advise on cultural sensitivities ...Read more >
From £2,395 excluding flights

Pacific Islands tour

This epic 27 day tour of the Pacific Islands takes you to some of the least visited nations on the planet where travelers will be treated to a real tropical adventure, way off the typical tourist trail. Some of the nine islands that you’ll be visiting, including Kosrae and Kiribati, offer an extremely restful experience with the sound of waves all that’s required to induce further relaxation. Others, such as the exploration of Tanna Island, promise a much more dramatic encounter with volcanoes, dense foliage and local villages offering an exciting glimpse at life further afield from Fiji and Somoa. As this tour includes transfers by plane you’ll get to spend lengthy periods on each of ...Read more >
From £13,195 excluding flights

Small group vacations to Madagascar

Culturally and geographically unique, Madagascar separated from the African mainland millions of years ago, allowing its flora and fauna to evolve into species found nowhere else on earth. Culturally, too, the island has evolved in a particularly unique way – with seafaring Borneans and Bantu Africans having navigated there way here centuries ago fusing their cultures, cuisines and languages into a curious Malagasy identity. This small group vacation to Madagascar explores the center and south of this island in just over two weeks, taking in some of its most extraordinary landscapes including the rock pinnacles of the Tsingy de Bemaraha, and the lunar-like landscape of Isalo National Park. ...Read more >
From £2,780 excluding flights

Madagascar tailor made wildlife vacation

A distinctly unique island nation separated from the mainland millions of years ago, the biodiversity of Madagascar has developed very differently from the rest of Africa. It is home to countless species found nowhere else on earth, although sadly many are in decline. Our journey takes us to superb private reserves and national parks where essential conservation work is aiming to save the unique flora and fauna that makes Madagascar so special. The adventure commences in the eastern humid forests of Andasibe and Mantadia, one of the best places in Madagascar to see the curious indri, the largest species of lemur with its haunting cry that echoes through the forest. We will visit and take ...Read more >
From £2,885 excluding flights

Lebanon tailor made vacation

Lebanon was known in the 1960’s as the Switzerland of the Middle East. Today Lebanon has rebuilt itself after a devastating civil war that ended in 1991. This small country extending for only 250km’s North to South and 50 km’s from East to West excels in its diversity of experiences and exceptional sense of hospitality. This tour is ideal for those limited for time but who still want to travel and get the best experience of a destination. On this short break you will be based in the vibrant city of Beirut, a city where old meets new. We will journey to fascinating ancient settlements such as Byblos and Batroun on the shimmering Mediterranean coast, and also head inland to enjoy the ...Read more >
From £995 excluding flights

Burma tailor made vacation

This 10 day Burma tailor made vacation will take you on an incredible cultural history round-trip from the capital Yangon by public transport, internal flights and traditional long tail boats. After waving goodbye, for now, to the British colonial properties and ancient Buddhist temples of Yangon the next stop on this Burma tailor made vacation will be the former royal capital of Mandalay where palaces and monasteries sit side by side surrounded by Buddhist heritage. Bagan, one of Southeast Asia’s most incredible ancient sites, lies in wait after time spent in Mandalay, with a visit to Inle Lake conjuring up sleepy villages and unique fishing techniques prior to flying back to Yangon from ...Read more >
From £2,099 excluding flights

Burma cultural vacation

This two week Burma cultural vacation is a small group tour, following a carefully crafted itinerary that takes in many of, as it is now called, Myanmar’s most magnificent sites. Starting and finishing in Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, you have plenty of time to explore this once capital city but still considered by many to be its cultural heart. From Yangon we take an internal flight to discover the cultural gems further north, while also taking plenty of moments to experience things well off the tourist trail. So, although we take in greats such as the colonial city of Mandalay, we also visit traditional villages in Kayah State. The thousands of temples and pagodas in Bagan are an ...Read more >
From £2,220 excluding flights

Classic Georgia tour, tailor made

Georgia is surely to many one of the lesser known nations of Europe and some may not even realise that is actually a part of Europe, especially considering its recent history linked to its vast neighbour. This short historical and cultural tour will give you a flavour into the delights of this fascinating country. Starting in atmospheric Tbilisi, learn of the many diverse cultures that have contributed to the history of the city, from the Persians to Crusaders, Imperial Russia and the Ottomans and wander in the delightful old town. We then weave our way into the dramatic vistas of the High Caucasus at Kazbegi, marvelling at the spectacularly located Gergeti Sameba church and exploring ...Read more >
From £1,225 excluding flights

Cultural vacation in Indonesia

On this cultural vacation you’ll head to one of Indonesia’s least visited islands – Sulawesi, along with a small group of likeminded travelers and an expert guide. Taking in both the north and the south of the island over the course of two weeks, this is a trip that’s full of dramatic landscapes, historical insight and fascinating cultural encounters with diverse ethnic groups. Starting in lively capital Makassar, you’ll make for the highlands of Tanah Toraja, an area rich in traditional architecture and cultural practices, where highlights include incredible carved houses and mysterious “hanging graves”. Time will be spent walking through verdant rice terraces, visiting local communities ...Read more >
From £2,145 excluding flights

Omo Valley cultural vacation in Ethiopia

This two week group tour of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia focuses on the rich diversity of the cultural groups living within the region that have long retained tribal customs and traditions whilst staving off the trappings of the modern world. Your group (no more than 12 people) will be invited into the villages of the Mursi, Karo, Hamer and Konso tribes in the company of a local guide so as to find out more about the lifestyles and cultural heritage of the Omo Valley as well as how it differs and compares to other areas of Ethiopia. Visiting local market places, meeting tribal members and listening to the knowledgeable tales of your guide enables travelers to expand their Ethiopian ...Read more >
From £2,195 excluding flights

Brazil small group vacation, Pantanal explorer

Travel with us and discover the incredibly rich biodiversity of the Pantanal region of Brazil. On this intimate tour with a maximum group size of only 10, we will explore in depth this wetland environment through land and water based excursions staying in two different areas of the Northern Pantanal. After leaving Cuiabá, our first destination is the Pousada do Rio Mutum, an attractive eco-lodge boasting a lovely setting with a high focus on sustainability. Here we will enjoy walks, canoeing and horse-riding (all suitable for beginners) as well as exploring by jeep. The second half of the trip is where turn our attention to searching for the magnificent Jaguar as we navigate the winding ...Read more >
From £3,595 excluding flights

Indian Ocean tour of Reunion, Comoros and Mayotte

This trip provides a unique opportunity to explore the lesser visited islands of the Indian Ocean, swapping the tourist throngs on Seychelles and Mauritius for the off the beaten track charms of Reunion, the Comoros and Mayotte. On Reunion, glorious green amphitheatres such as the Cirque of Salazie – a lush canyon featuring around 100 waterfalls - mingle with spice and vanilla plantations. By contrast, the active Piton de la Fournaise volcano sits at the heart of a dramatic lava-formed landscape. And did we mention the fine local rum and delicious creole cuisine? Moving onto the Comoros, discover enchanting islands mingling fragrant wafts of ylang-ylang oil, where Arab-influenced ...Read more >
From £5,550 excluding flights

Lebanon group tours, vineyards and valleys

Lebanon was known in the 1960’s as the Switzerland of the Middle East. Today Lebanon has rebuilt itself after a devastating civil war that ended in 1991. This small country extending for only 250km’s North to South and 50 km’s from East to West excels in its diversity of experiences and exceptional sense of hospitality. On our journey we will experience the vibrant city of Beirut, both old and new. However this tour offers much more. Get to grips with the heart of Lebanon as we spend 5 nights out of the big city. We will journey to ancient settlements such as Byblos and Batroun on the shimmering Mediterranean coast, wander through the atmospheric souks of Sidon, and admire the noble emblem ...Read more >
From £1,995 excluding flights
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