Southern India tailor made tour, Jungle trails

Two week tailor made tour featuring a succession of safaris in Southern India's national parks prior to retiring to the river banks of Kerala for a couple of days afloat.
Bandipur National Park Elephants of Nagarahole Mudumalai, the Wildlife Corridor Kerala's tea city Munnar Niligiri Tahrs of Eravikulam Periyar National Park Boat ride in Periyar Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary Houseboat cruise to Alappuzha
US $3550 excluding flights
14 Days
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US $3550 excluding flights
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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We cater for both vegetarians and vegans.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


A Matter of Responsibility!

The concept of responsible tourism comes naturally with our company & the suppliers we use while we are proposing a tour program for our respective agents. It is, after all, an extension of the vision and philosophy of the values which are broad, contemporary and inclusive. This spirit of responsible stewardship guides the managerial practices of the hospitality & travel sector today, which is now a growing arm of the commercial expansions. The principal of responsible tourism can be seen and experienced in the day to day life and running of in our suggested resorts & lodges in the tour programs ; both of which endeavour to offer more than just luxurious vacations. This aspire us to offer experiences that enrich and enlighten our guests – experiences that tell of the fragility of eco systems of which we are all a part and the measures that can be taken consciously to soften our footprints upon a beleaguered environment.

Tourism provides both new sights and insights for those beckoned by the gods of travel. It panders to the lurking nomad in all of us, beseeching us to see new places, make new friends and have new experiences. If intention and experience can coincide, then travel can open our minds and touch our hearts.

The coming of the locomotive, automobile and the jet plane over the last century has made travel long and short possible like never before. Each year witnesses the unveiling of new destinations and the promise of new experiences for the casual and committed travel bugs of the world. The shrinking of time and the birth of the global village has ensured connections along with connectivity.

However, while time and technology have made travel easy, the planet that is home to us humans has had to pay a price for all this human movement. Tourism is now being recognized as a major contributor to planetary defilement. Pollution, waste and the disruption of local societies and economies are some of its natural by-products (unfortunately), along with pleasure, inspiration, enrichment and discovery.

This realization led to the formulation of the covenant for responsible tourism in 2002. It was a sign of the times and was born in response to a growing need for environmental care and human welfare in combined harmony.

Below are the practices followed by the resorts & lodges we have recommended in this tour of Southern India.

Restoring the natural ecological balance of the destination.
• We plant only local trees and plants within and in the neighbourhood of resorts
• We promote only local fauna within and in the neighbourhood of resorts
• We ensure that the landscaping emulates local terrain
• We participate and encourage re-forestation schemes and preservation/revival of local water bodies
• We promote usage of organic manure on the property
• We actively participate in local conservation programmes
• Minimizing negative environmental impact

• Water: We minimize consumption. Recycle water and use appropriately
• Energy: We minimize energy consumption. Emphasize on usage of alternate energy sources
• Sound Pollution : We minimize noise levels within the property
• Air Pollution: We minimise air pollution
• Light Pollution: We optimise public lighting so as not to cause inconvenience to nocturnal wildlife
• Plastics : We aim at responsible use of plastics
• Waste Management: We minimize waste. Implement effective waste management systems
• Paper: We reduce use of paper in operations. Promote use of recycled, acid free or recyclable paper

Water Conservation
• Dual flushing cisterns installed.
• STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) with stream-water standard output installed.
• The treated water used for horticulture.
• Foam flow faucets used to reduce water consumption.
Solid Waste Management
• Bio-gas plant processes kitchen waste
• Bio gas sludge used as fertilizer (organic manure)
• Piggery set up near the resort to manage food waste
• Degradable / Bio degradable waste segregation
• Plastic / paper / glass / metals (cans) sent for recycling

Sound Pollution
• Acoustic enclosures installed for generators / kitchen exhausts
• Continuously working to minimizing mechanical noise levels at resort
• Electric buggies used to transport guests within resort
• Vehicular movement minimized within the resort premises

Air Pollution
• Electric buggies used to transport guests within resort
• Diesel generators with electronic governors to reduce fuel consumption
• Common transportation provided for staff from town
• Majority of staff accommodated within property. Hence no transportation required
• Local trees planted in the resort premises

Energy Conservation
• CFL Lamps used
• Electronic key tags used
• Multiple entries discouraged in cold rooms
• Electronic governors on Diesel Generators to reduce fuel consumption.
• Two separate Diesel Generators with lower and higher capacity installed to reduce fuel consumption during lower occupancy days.
• Air conditioners only in the bedrooms
• Reduced use of plastic
• Reverse Osmosis plant in each suite reduces usage of bottled drinking water
• Usage of cloth bags & bags made out of news papers is encouraged
• Biodegradable bags used in the waste bins

Flora & Fauna
• Only local trees and plants are planted in the resort premises
• Designated areas within the resort, which was previously purely farm land, being restored to a naturally wild condition as a sanctuary for local fauna
• No exotic fauna within resort premises steps taken to minimize formal landscaping
• Financial assistance to the anti-poaching camp at Nagarhole National Park run by the Karnataka Forest Department
• Park fees paid by guests helps in upkeep of national park

Sustainable tourism
• Number of guests entering the forest is limited
• Construction of rooms is limited to retain the serenity of the environment
• Guests’ and vehicle intrusion into ecologically sensitive areas minimized

Light Pollution
• Usage of lights optimized to minimize disturbance to nocturnal wildlife


Economy & Fair Trade

Generating greater economic benefits to the local people
• We create more employment opportunities for the local community.
• We promote local products.
• We aim to use local suppliers wherever possible.
• Where possible, we will encourage and provide financial support for economic, social or environmental projects that will benefit the local communities.
• We ensure that all employees are paid fair wages
• Where possible, we ensure that products used are not made by child or bonded labour
• We ensure that suppliers are paid a fair price for their products & services

Fair Trade
• We ensure that all employees are paid fair wages
• Where possible, we ensure that products used are not made by child or bonded labour
• We ensure that suppliers are paid a fair price for their products & services

Enhancing the well-being of host communities
• We contribute towards improvement in education
• We contribute towards better health
• We contribute towards betterment of public utility
• We contribute towards improvement in housing
• We involve local communities in decisions that affect their lives

Contributing towards the revival of the traditional cultural heritage of the region
• We promote local cuisine
• We contribute towards restoration of local heritage
• We promote usage of local architecture & local raw material for construction
• We promote local arts & crafts and cultural programmes
• We build pride in the local community for their culture and heritage

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