Kilimanjaro summit trek and safari vacation, Tanzania

An 11 day vacation with five days trekking Kili on the Marangu route, with 6 days of supported trekking followed by 3 days of safaris, including Ngorongoro Crater. Staying in mountain huts en route to the summit.
Climb Kilimanajro on Marangu Route Supported trekking with Kilimanjaro porters Kilimanjaro National Park Mandara Hut Horombo Hut Zebra Rock Kibo Hut Uhuru Peak Tarangire National Park Ngorongoro Crater
US $3499 excluding flights
11 Days
Small group
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Single Supplement: $250.
Custom dates available on request.
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Description of Kilimanjaro summit trek and safari vacation, Tanzania

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US $3499 excluding flights
Single Supplement: $250.
Custom dates available on request.
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It’s a beautiful word, Serengeti, coming from the word ‘Siringet’ which is Maa (language of the Maasai) for ‘open plains’. Plains that are home to the...
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


WASTE: In Tanzania, we practice and encourage the important Leave No Trace principle. This is important in preserving the areas around the Kilimanjaro region. Reducing waste and reducing the environmental impact of tourism in this area is a big priority of our company in all the place we operate. In Tanzania we incentivize environmental stewardship in the Kilimanjaro regions by assessing all of our partner lodges based on local ownership, energy-sourcing, and waste disposal. Our lodges and partners in Tanzania go to great measures to reduce impact in this remote area. The Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania is an amazing resource and we must help to protect it so other in the future can experience this amazing mountain and region. All meals are provided with food that is sourced locally to minimize packaging and waste. Our local Tanzanian guides serve as environmental and waste reduction educators on the trail talking about the importance and dangers of not practicing waste reduction. They talk about the environmental issues that are challenging the Kilimanjaro region especially on the trails to the summit. They demonstrate and educate best practices for responsible travel to our travelers.

WATER: In Tanzania, we encourage the use of reusable bottles instead of purchasing wasteful plastic bottled water. We actively educate clients on the impact of plastic products on the remote environments of the Kilimanjaro region and the areas of the Serengeti. In the areas of Tanzania where water must be treated, we utilize ultraviolet (UV) purification systems on the trail and on the Safari areas to avoid boiling water over flame or propane when possible. Having to build a fire to boil water, or carry propane into the mountains or into the Savanna regions creates waste pollution. This ultraviolet (UV) purification systems practice eliminates tens of thousands of wasteful water bottles being purchased and discarded and that could potentially pollute the land, animals, mountains of Tanzania.


FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS: With our company, we are committed to doing travel right on a Safari or trekking up Kilimanjaro. We see travel in Tanzania as one of the most effective means of investing in amazing people and places. We hire experienced local Tanzania guides from the local communities in which we operate. We follow the porter protection standards of the Kilimanjaro Porter's Assistance Project and are certified as a partner agency with KPAP (in progress). This is not only the responsible thing to do but provides a better and more authentic travel experience. We invest 10% of our total revenue in the form of microcredit to small-scale entrepreneurs in the communities of around the Kilimanjaro region. We partner with microfinance institutions that provide low-interest capital to small businesses in the regions where we operate. This is our mission, our passion, and what makes our company very unique in the travel industry.

A FAIR DEAL: In Tanzania, our company partners up with local lodge owners in Moshi, Arusha, on the trail up Kilimanjaro and on safari. We partner with Tanzanian local drivers and transport companies that employ local Tanzanian residents. We focus on partnering with other local businesses in the areas and communities we operate, to maximize the local benefit from tourism. We practice a Leave No Trace principle on all our expeditions and we incentivize environmental best practices among our partners. Our teams are locally hired within the country of Tanzania. We travel with respect and preservation of local Tanzanian customs and with that perspective in mind, we educate those who travel with us in the importance of preserving Tanzania for the Tanzanians as well as for future visitors to this unique and amazing area.

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