Croatia beaches and towns vacation

1690To2390 excluding flights
8 Days
Tailor made
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- 7 x accommodation in double rooms with breakfast (3*/4* hotels) - Transportation, guides and entrance fees as per itinerary - Organization - VAT Starting price is based on 6 people traveling, maximum price is based on 2 people traveling.
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Description of Croatia beaches and towns vacation

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1690To2390 excluding flights
- 7 x accommodation in double rooms with breakfast (3*/4* hotels) - Transportation, guides and entrance fees as per itinerary - Organization - VAT Starting price is based on 6 people traveling, maximum price is based on 2 people traveling.
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


WILDLIFE: During this trip in Croatia you are visiting lots of protected areas, between most famous ones is Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is a UNESCO protected area, where strict rules are making sure that nature stays preserved as it should be. Your guide will give you good additional information, on the info boards you will read a lot of important data regarding how to act in the park and where to walk. It is very important to respect the environment where you are just a guest and we want to make sure that our clients understand this importance and recognise the difference it can make.

WASTE: Croatia has a long history of a good re-usable plastic politics. You can return most of the plastic or glass bottles back to the supermarket and even receive a value voucher for your next purchase. This has become a very good prevention from finding any plastic bottles around.

WATER: During Summer Croatian coastal areas are among most dry locations in the area. We strongly suggest to use the water responsibly, especially on the islands, for example Hvar where you will stay for 2 days, has a very scarce water supply, to some of the islands during Summer they even have to bring it with large tankers from the mainland. Each individual can be a part of preserving water supplies and not using tap water when not necessary.

OFFICE: Unrelated to this specific trip, we want you to know that we are highly committed to reducing all waste also at our office. We collect all waste separately – organic, plastic and cans, paper, glass. We avoid printing any unnecessary documents and the ones we have to are printed on the recycled sheets. All of our employees have a kitchen room with microwave oven and a refrigerator available so that we can bring our lunch with us in a re-usable lunch box or cook it directly at the office, with which we can avoid any packaging waste. Our coffees, teas and other drinks are always served in a ceramic mug or a glass. We use energy–efficient light bulbs instead of regular bulbs. As we have a very good positioned office we can avoid having any 24/7 lights, we always make sure to shut down all devices when leaving the office and we are using a high-tech responsible heating/cooling system with heat pump for air circulation. We are very confident that each individual can make a difference with more responsible behaviour and we want to keep up with a good work!


FRIENDS & NEIGHBOURS: We think it is very important to maintain close relations with everyone we work with. This has been the case for our company from the beginning. We have started offering our services by presenting an authentic experience for our clients, the same as if we would come to a friend and enjoy their cooking class, or oyster or wine tasting. In Croatia is exactly like that. One can quickly see that if a person in preparing something for a friend, the experience will be much richer and more relaxed. We aim to work with persons we know, with persons who love to share their stories and knowledge. If this means bringing a client to an old, forgotten farm, where amazing culinary experience can be tasted, then this is the place where we want our clients to be. Therefore, we certainly suggest visiting Oyster farm in Peljesac peninsula, where beside great lunch you will also have a possibility to go out on a boat and taste the fresh oysters directly from the sea. A truly great experience!

A FAIR DEAL: As Croatia is becoming very popular for mass tourism from cruise ships (especially in Dubrovnik because of the Game of Thrones series), we want to be the ones that try and still keep that ‘old school’ partners, which are not only there to give you a fact of two and then rush off with another group, but to make sure that you capture the right picture of the destination. If this means an hour or two with a guide more, then we think it is worth it. It is worth also to pay more for the quality service. We want to make sure that in Croatia, as they are very depending on a seasonal work, the wage is fair and life conditions of our partners are decent.

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