Greece and the islands vacation

1890To2890 including domestic flights only
10 Days
Tailor made
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- 9 x accommodation in double rooms with breakfast in 3*/4* hotels - Transportation, guides and entrance fees as per itinerary - economic flight Athens-Mykonos - ferry Mykonos-Santorini - Organization - VAT
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Description of Greece and the islands vacation

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1890To2890 including domestic flights only
- 9 x accommodation in double rooms with breakfast in 3*/4* hotels - Transportation, guides and entrance fees as per itinerary - economic flight Athens-Mykonos - ferry Mykonos-Santorini - Organization - VAT
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Greek islands
Finding out exactly how many islands there are is like trying to get your head around the Greek alphabet. To most people it remains a mystery. And in ...
Greece exists between its wonderfully diverse physical reality and a lovingly imagined vision conjured from multiple sources: ancient classics; timele...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


WILDLIFE: As a tourist destination Greece is battling a long battle between preserving their priceless antique heritage and enviable nature and between offering their visitors high-quality modern accommodations and other services. Our goal is to find a middle ground, by offering our clients hotels that are not build up without taking the environment into consideration, but thoughtfully renovated older buildings, or new structures which are keeping in mind the old habits and landscape architecture.

WATER: Greece is most visited during Summer months and high temperatures often lead to a shortage of water supply because of the high demand. This is especially important on the islands which normally do not have many of their own natural springs of drinkable water. We encourage our clients to use water rationally, as literally lives of the Greek people depend on it. Make sure to re-use your water bottle and use tap water wherever possible. As a great amount of water supply is used for the production of fruits and vegetables for big international manufacturers, please make sure to purchase fresh fruits and veggies at the market from local farmers, instead of buying in supermarkets.

OFFICE: Unrelated to this specific trip, we want you to know that we are highly committed to reducing all waste also at our office. We collect all waste separately – organic, plastic and cans, paper, glass. We avoid printing any unnecessary documents and the ones we have to are printed on the recycled sheets. All of our employees have a kitchen room with microwave oven and a refrigerator available so that we can bring our lunch with us in a re-usable lunch box or cook it directly at the office, with which we can avoid any packaging waste. Our coffees, teas and other drinks are always served in a ceramic mug or a glass. We use energy–efficient light bulbs instead of regular bulbs. As we have a very good positioned office we can avoid having any 24/7 lights, we always make sure to shut down all devices when leaving the office and we are using a high-tech responsible heating/cooling system with heat pump for air circulation. We are very confident that each individual can make a difference with more responsible behaviour and we want to keep up with a good work!


FRIENDS & NEIGHBOURS: Greek people as part of Mediterranean culture put big emphasis on the social relations and life. Their streets are full of rumbling, talking, and laughing. While traveling there we want to bring closer to you their culture of gathering, big family reunions and numerous traditions which they are very fond of. By meeting some of the locals or even attending a cooking class we will make sure that you get an insight on the life of typical Greek family and soon you’ll understand why it is so commonly known that people of Mediterranean are warm and friendly people. Often you will see that the businesses are family owned, often passed from generation to generation, which provides certain unique knowledge and love for the service offered.

A FAIR DEAL: Greek economy is generally perceived as quite fragile and numbers of unemployment are often very high. As part of European Union, we often see a bigger picture and want to make sure to give the locals an opportunity which they deserve for a quality work. Too many times workers are being underpaid which leads to a difficult life condition. We do all that is in our power to provide fair payment and work towards a dignified life for everyone involved. We always make sure that their working hours are reasonable and that the working environment is comfortable, safe, and relaxed.

TRAVELLING WITH RESPECT: You must have in mind that by arriving to Greece, you are entering a very different culture and society. Greek people are very loud, often this can be misinterpreted as being angry, but this is just their form of expressing their emotions, similar as southern Italians do. They are very temperamental people, and you will find their behaviour as very warm and welcoming. They love to share their stories, tell total strangers about their family and personal events, and often invite you to get to know them better, even if it is not expected. We encourage you to be open-minded and to enjoy fully the experience in every location you will visit. Make sure to treat everyone respectfully and even if surprised by any question, you should keep in mind that this is their way of communication and often some things which we would perceive as too direct, are very common and every-day debates for them. Our guides will surely help you with some communication and at the end of the trip you will become a bit of Mediterranean person yourself!

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