Nyerere NP & Mafia Island vacation

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US $2500ToUS $2997 excluding flights
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We are supporting a tree planting project at Usambara Mountain which involves school children from 7 years to 14yrs to raise awareness of taking care of their environment and how cutting down trees would have a negative impact to the wildlife and future generations. For the tree planting project like the friends of Usambara mountains the clients are able to participate in planting trees together with the school children. They can also buy trees from the village trees nursery and donate to the project.

During the game drive we encourage our guests to follow the policy of Trash In Trash out to make sure our National parks remain clean for the well being of our Wildlife.

We know our wildlife and we are committed to conserving it and encourage guests to follow our lead. We are committed to all the rules in our National Parks concerning sustainable tourism. Our local guides have over 10 years experience they know every corner of our National Parks this give us advantage of driving far from crowded sights. We always avoid the sights with a lots of vehicles in order not to disturb the animals. We respect animals comfort zones by educating our driver guides to avoid off roads.

We work with Serengeti Cheetah Project to help to monitor the demographics of the 50-80 cheetah in the area, one of the last few remaining natural ecosystems where cheetah exist. We do a dedicated game drives at Namiri plain with the specific purpose of finding and identifying cheetah. Once spotted, guests are encouraged to photograph the cheetah, and leave the copies of the sighting photos which are then passed on to the research team.Feedback is then provide when possible to our guests on which cheetah were observed.

We are supporting the big campaign on getting rid of use of plastic bags. We also avoid a lot of printing, and for bookings and other related
issues with paper we try to do online in order to avoid printing a lot and hence saving trees! In Tanzania where our office is the major source of power is hydroelectricity, which need a lot of water, but we are in a Tropical Country where the sun is throughout the year. In our office we use solar system to avoid the much wasted water from Hydroelectricity.


We are working with a local Training Institute called Action Training Institute, whereby the girls who were rejected by their parents or guardians after getting pregnant are studying in this institute with their children. We give them opportunities of internship in our company. We also help them to get jobs in lodges and hotels which are our business partner.

Most lodges and hotels we take our clients buy food, fruits, and vegetable from the local markets owned by small business entrepreneurs which help to raise individual economy and community in general.

Every year we donate female hygiene pads for the schools girls in remote schools areas. This has been a big problem which cause school girls to miss their studies for a week in every month hence effect a lot of girlís academic performance in general. This is because many families do not afford to buy the pads for their girls.

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