Traveling in Andalucia with kids

Andalucia offers family treats as deliciously varied as a tapas feast.
Take a wonderful mix-and-match approach when traveling in Andalucia with kids. Active teenagers can get stuck into mountain biking, rafting and canyoning amid Spain's highest peaks, or kayak a spectacular coastline. Ride horses in a land where 'Spaghetti Westerns' were filmed, or scout for memorable wildlife, from wild cats to eagles and vultures. Add fantastic beaches, especially Almeria's quiet golden shores.

Spanish food and restaurants are child friendly. And they'll never be bored with Andalucian culture, whether marvelling at energetic flamenco dances (or having a go!), wandering exotic Moorish palaces or trying out their Spanish at vibrant village markets.

Activities for families in Andalucia

Join the Flintstones!

Stay in a cave! Surrounded by gorgeous natural parks, natural pools, horse riding trails and tiny traditional villages, the cosy cave houses of Granada make an excellent base for adventure or culture vacations for those traveling in Spain with kids. The inside temperature remains pleasantly cool year-round.


Keep the kids informed, entertained and active with horse-riding through the hills of Hinojares, mountain biking to explore fascinating archaeological digs, and watching for vultures in rural gorges. More energetic families might take on kayaking and canyoning, while night time stargazing here is exhilarating!

Star in a western

Cabo de Gata, where “Spaghetti Westerns” were filmed in striking desert landscape, is a great family choice - year-round sun, brilliant empty beaches, laidback vibe. As well as exploring Europe’s only desert, families can visit the Western film sets in Mini Hollywood – or saddle up and ride off themselves.
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Traveling in Andalucia with kids

Tom Powers from our partners Pura Aventura shares his advice on traveling in Andalucia with kids: “Kids being up at midnight in a restaurant is perfectly normal and accepted. When I go to Spain with my young children, within about a day they’re on an adult timetable. It can be difficult for parents who think “What do we do – we’re feeding the children now, but then how can we go out after – bedtime is at eight o’clock, so they’ll be asleep by then…” But in Spain, they do what you do, at the times you do it. So the conflict disappears; everyone goes to bed at midnight or one o’clock. I find that kids step right into that and they love it. The Spanish don’t separate the kids from the adults – and that makes it a wonderful stress-free experience as a parent.”
Written by Norman Miller
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