Traveling in Egypt with kids

Sailing on a felucca with a Nubian father and son guiding us was probably our favourite family vacation memory. Such dignified generosity. Such history.
Egypt family vacations are definitely best enjoyed when children are a little older, and able to really engage with the history and politics of the country, as well as fully immerse themselves in its natural wonders too. Family adventure vacations in Egypt really do not mean having to do the all inclusive Sharm thing. They can combine pyramids with doing their PADI, Philae Temple with fun on a felucca and the Sphinx with snorkelling; all at a great price right now as tourism picks up slowly again. Also worth noting, Egypt offers good options for accessible tourism, particularly for family members with mobility issues.

Activities for families in Egypt

Snorkelling & dolphins

Not only is snorkelling nearly always on the agenda on a family trip to Egypt, so are dolphins. Between March and November, dolphins come here to feed in and around the country’s reefs. Be sure to go on a responsible dolphin watching tour, and one that includes swimming with them responsibly too for the ultimate Egyptian experience.

Take the train

Sharing a sleeper train cabin all the way down through Egypt from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan, with air conditioned rooms where the seating turn into clean, comfy beds, is a wonderful family experience. Meals are served and, like all sleepers, there is a lively atmosphere.

Where are the mummies, mummy?

The museums in Egypt are the real thing. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo houses the treasures of the boy King Tutankhamun as well as the ‘Mummy Room’ where pharaohs faze and freak just a little. For full on freak outs, visit the Mummification Museum in Luxor, although the Nubian Museum in Aswan is a must to show young people the lives of living people, not just dead mummies.

Our top Egypt family Vacation

Nile cruise vacation in Egypt

Nile cruise vacation in Egypt

Discover ancient temples & tombs & travel by Nile cruise boat

From US $2249 to US $3049 9 days ex flights
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Egypt tips for families

Ralph Foulds from our partner Encounters Travel, our leading Egypt family vacations expert:
“I love visiting Wadi Rayan and the Valley of the Whales. This is a World Heritage Site in the desert a couple of hours outside Cairo. It is one of the best places in the world for seeing ancient whale skeletons and seeing how whales evolved. You can see various fossilised whale skeletons on the surface of the sand, including some that clearly still have short legs. As well as the whale skeletons, the desert scenery is spectacular with sand dunes and cliffs, and it’s a lovely place to spend a night camping.

“Egypt is a great place for families with children to visit. The people are welcoming and very friendly, and there is a huge amount to see and do. Nearly all children will cover Egypt at school and have their imagination stoked by the stories and pictures they see. The good thing then is that when they get to Egypt, nothing disappoints. Everything is BIG, and the guides are great at bringing the ancient Pharaonic stories to life. So, kids don't get bored or have to be dragged around places; they're not just seeing arrow heads and pottery in a museum. The hotels are good value for money, so they'll have swimming pools everywhere they stay, and it’s easy to add a few days on the beach after doing some sightseeing in the Nile Valley.”
Written by Polly Humphris
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