Self guided walking for families

Walking through the Mercantour National Park for a week with my kids and a donkey. Nothing gets more bonding than that
It can sometimes be a hard sell persuading children to go on a walking vacation. However, throw in a donkey to carry your bags, a mountain yurt or a swim at the end of each day and they start to warm to the idea. Plus they are hassle free, with all the vacation company’s expert notes, itineraries and maps, accommodation and food organised. Which leaves you with little else to worry about except walking. And enjoying pure family time. Something that is pretty rare these days.

Self guided walking
advice for families

Christine Kieffer, from our supplier Itinerance Trekking in the Mercantour National Park, France, is the perfect person to give self guided walking advice to families:
“Go with a donkey. These affectionate animals have been part of our family for as long as we can remember. Each one of them has their own individual personality, their own life, their own specific tastes. They love the company of humans, especially that of children, who they will encourage to keep on walking without sulking.“
Steve Clifford from our supplier Catalan Adventures gives good self guided walking travel advice:
“If you’re looking for a family walking vacation, all of the above applies, ensure you travel with a company that guarantees 24/7 local support, not a call center in the UK but someone on the ground that it is close to you that can speak the local language and is fluent in English. You’ll probably never need to use the support, however it’s a great peace of mind knowing that if you need a doctor for your children or having problems on a trail that you can make one call to get someone to come to your aid.“

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Sweden hiking vacation, self guided

Self-guided walking along Sweden's beautiful Baltic coast

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Melanie McAnaw walking vacation expert from our supplier, Headwater:
“The flexibility on a single center self guided vacation is why families love them. If the kids aren't in the mood for walking then you can spend the day at leisure, maybe having a swim. If you are on one of our hotel-to-hotel self guided walking vacations for families, you have a ‘rest day’ every other day, so that the kids get the right balance of activity and splashing about in the pool.“
Written by Catherine Mack
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