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We really are what we eat and what you put in to fuel your body on a yoga vacation will determine what you get out

Yoga & nutrition

Blissfully, itís practically impossible to make unhealthy food choices on a yoga vacation. Most retreats will serve a predominantly vegetarian diet alongside very healthy, cleansing snacks and litres of water, which will all be explained through interesting nutritional workshops.

Yoga & fitness

If you want to kick start a new health regime, or finally shift those last few stubborn pounds, yoga vacations with a fitness angle are a great way to cram loads of additional exercise in without really realising it. Combining a targeted fitness programme with your daily yoga practice, fitness at a yoga retreat means shaking up your long-term lifestyle rather than slogging it out for hours on an uninspiring treadmill and you can expect additional classes like Pilates, circuit training, core work, coastal treks and mountain hiking served up with lots of motivation and support and a useful course in meditation to relieve stress and encourage restful sleep.
Gulet cruising, horse riding, hormone balancing and dance - all things you might not expect to fit the yin to yoga's yang, but that do

Yoga & the unusual

Each and every one of a yoga vacationís unexpected counterparts are about letting music and nature lead the way, so that youíre more aware of your surroundings, your yoga practice is more focused, and this leads you to a greater understanding of the other activity at hand.

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Yoga vacations in Spain

Yoga vacations in Spain

Join us by the sea to breathe, flow & let go

From £890 to £1010 6 days ex flights
Small group travel:
2023: 8 Jun, 21 Sep, 5 Oct, 2 Nov
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If you'd like to chat about Yoga or need help finding a vacation to suit you we're very happy to help.

Yoga & water

With its feet firmly planted in the ancient and the spiritual, itís not surprise that yoga has a deeply ingrained relationship with each of natureís five basic elements: earth, space, fire, air and water, the latter featuring heavily in all manner of combined yoga vacations. Super sporty types can team their yoga practice with surfing on the southern coast of Portugal or diving on a stunning island in the Maldives. For something less taxing, but with an exciting exploratory kick head to Spain over the summer and pair twice-daily yoga sessions with a spot of paddle boarding or sea kayaking.
Written by Polly Humphris
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