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Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan highlights tour

Step inside the countries of the South Caucasus as you explore Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan in the company of an English speaking local guide. This fabulous tailor made fortnight takes you across the borders from where nights in hospitable city-based B&Bs and plenty of free time to get orientated, open up the cultural contrasts of the Caucasus as well as all the classic highlights. Three nights in the capital cities of Yerevan (Armenia) and Tbilisi (Georgia), as well as beautiful Baku in Azerbaijan, encourage travelers to get a real feel for the region, as a whole, as well as opening up a culinary cornucopia of traditional food and wine. From Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Khor Virap ...Read more >
From £1,673 excluding flights

Armenia vacation, private departure

Tailor make a tour of Armenia in the company of an English-speaking local guide and you'll be invited to experience many of the country's most important historic sites as well as its most beautiful natural scenes. From the capital city of Yerevan to Lake Sevan and Geghard Cave Monastery, this is your chance to make the most of Armenia at a private departure date that fits in with your plans. Staying in a locally-owned hotel in the capital allows you to enjoy comfortable half board accommodation as well as access to a wide range of recommended restaurants, open air jazz cafes and heritage museums, such as the Matenadaran Museum and the Armenian Genocide Museum. All day trip transportation ...Read more >
From £1,169 excluding flights

Georgia tailor made tour

Any travelers who have yet to discover the fascinating history and cultural heritage relating to Georgia are in for a real treat on this nine day tailor made tour. This is a country where rich traditions stretch back through time and are still proudly practised alongside contemporary urban alternatives. From the churches and cathedrals held within the capital city of Tbilisi to the scenic slopes towering throughout the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Georgia is certain to get under your skin no sooner than you've checked into your first locally-owned city-based hotel. Ventures into the mountains provide the perfect prelude to evenings in Akhaltsikhe, Kutaisi and the capital, with the likes ...Read more >
From £1,361 excluding flights

Armenia highlights tour

This excellent introduction to Armenia allows travelers to experience the country's cultural heritage as well as the warm and welcoming hospitality of the Armenian people that is famed throughout the Caucasus. Healthy portions for breakfast are never in doubt as you follow an English speaking local guide around Armenia's ecclesiastical architectural sites and naturally beautiful areas, including: Echmiadzin Cathedral, Geghard Cave Monastery and Khor Virap Monastery in the Ararat Valley. Armenia's natural, cultural and historic highlights come thick and fast with trips to Lake Sevan, the manuscripts at Matenadaran and Tatev Monastery, that also features the world's longest cable car, all ...Read more >
From £1,538 excluding flights

Azerbaijan Georgia and Armenia vacation

Admire the breathtaking scenes of ancient monasteries that standstill even after so many centuries, visit the old wine town of Armenia to try variety of wines made of pomegranate, apricot and berries, take pictures of Biblical Mount Ararat when visiting Khor Virap Monastery as nowhere else the mount has such a magnificent view, have a look at the cave where the world oldest leather shoe has recently been found. Enjoy the incredibly beautiful scenery of Mount Kazbek from the hill. Stroll around Sighnaghi – “the town of love” famous for its architecture in the style of southern Italian classicism, try the famous unique wine in Khareba winery. There is no doubt everyone will be eager to see a ...Read more >
From £2,175 excluding flights

Georgia highlights vacation, small group

"The Highlights of Georgia " is an unforgettable journey to the most popular attractions of the country. By choosing "The Highlights of Georgia "you will get a great opportunity to stroll around bright and hospitable Tbilisi, have excursions to the most important religious sites of Mtskheta, explore picturesque region of Kakheti and taste the famous wines and delicious national dishes. This tour is suitable for anyone who wants to discover Georgia with all its beauties.Read more >
From £1,195 excluding flights

Uzbekistan Highlights tour

Uzbekistan, one of the most overlooked but special places anywhere, will surprise you with its culture and natural beauty. It is a land with exceptional and rich history. It incorporates such great amount of ups and downs that it is hard to put them all together without missing something important. This nine day tour of Uzbekistan is an excellent opportunity to find out the unique cultural traditions, fascinating history and taste the local exotic products. On this tour we will visit the main archaeological sites of the country, explore the hidden tourist territory, admire one of the most ancient cities, meet local people and try national cuisine. As you'd hope, this 9 day small group ...Read more >
From £1,215 excluding flights

Georgia hiking vacation

"Western Georgia" is an interesting 8 days journey to the most popular attractions of the Western Georgia. By choosing "Western Georgia" you will be able to stroll around bright and hospitable Tbilisi, explore picturesque region of Svaneti, have excursions to the most important religious sites of Mestia. You will visit principal patrimonial palace museum of Dadiani in Zugdidi, which keeps exhibits of cultural heritage of Georgia. Will visit Khergiani house-museum-dedicated to the most famous Georgian mountain-climber- Mikheil Khergiani, also known as “Tiger of Rock”. You will get a great opportunity to see Martvili canyon, which used to be a bath place for Dadiani family. Here you can ...Read more >
From £1,435 excluding flights

Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan tour

This journey takes us deep into heartlands of the ancient Silk Route. Uzbekistan, one of the most overlooked but special places anywhere, will surprise you with its culture and natural beauty. It is a land with exceptional and rich history. It incorporates such great amount of ups and downs that it is hard to put them all together without missing something important. More ancient stops along the Silk Road await in Turkmenistan, where there are many fascinating and fantastic sites to explore. For the former, the ancient ruins at UNESCO World Heritage Site of Merv and the mausoleums of Koneurgench are eye opening. The third and final country on this cultural journey is Tajikstan, central ...Read more >
From £2,602 excluding flights

Rural Armenia tour

Village Vacation in Armenia is designed for travelers who is keen on getting acquainted with small rural communities. They live mainly separate from urban modern areas and deeply preserve traditional way of living. This trip fits interests of small groups at 40 - 70 years old and families with kids. During the tour you will try to make Armenian traditional sweet pie and sugukh made of grape juice and walnuts. Visit old winery and beekeeper family to observe ecological clean honey making process. You will be honored guest in Russian Molokan family in Fioletovo Village, have a nice chat and try herbal tea from Samovar. Visit another national minority of Armenia Ezidi sheepards on Aragats ...Read more >
From £991 excluding flights

Luxury Caucasus vacation

Chasing a lifetime trip? Our “Exquisite Caucasus 16-day” trip is what you will be satisfied with. Explore the 3 individual South Caucasian countries sandwiched between the Black and Caspian Seas. Being truly different from each other, by culture, mentality, character and religion each country is still alluring in its own way. The region is an entire contrast of high towering snow-covered mountains, lush forests, mad volcanoes, deserts and age-old petroglyphs. You will definitely be thrilled by the pink stone buildings of Yerevan, narrow pebbled streets of Tbilisi and shining modern flame towers in Baku. Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan 16-day trip lets you discover three different ...Read more >
From £3,560 excluding flights

Armenia archaeological tour

“Archaeological Tour to Armenia” is created for anyone who is interested in archaeological excavations and wants to learn more about the centuries-old history of the country. During this tour you will visit the main archaeological sites of the country, plunge into the ancient times and learn about the findings of Chalcolithic, Bronze Age and the Middle Ages, have a look at the remains of the oldest winery in the world and the cuneiform inscription belonging to Urartian kings, explore ancient petroglyphs. By choosing “Archaeological Tour to Armenia” you will get a great opportunity to discover the secrets of ancient Armenia.Read more >
From £1,196 excluding flights

Armenia bird watching tour

Armenia has surprisingly rich diversity of flora and fauna despite of being small country. About 345 bird species are recorded here! By choosing our exclusive Bird watching Tour you will have a great opportunity to take part in a 10-day journey and observe many kinds of semi-desert, forest, high-mountain and water birds. At Lake Sevan, you will visit the Gull Island and observe endemic Armenian Gulls (Larus armenicus) and various migrant waders. Moreover, you will visit various ancient attractions and get in touch with ancient times!Read more >
From £1,532 excluding flights

Best of Armenia and Georgia vacation

This 13 day “Best of Armenia and Georgia” vacation is the particular escape for you if you seek much sun, breathtaking nature, mouthwatering food, great wine and gold glittering brandy. You will be pleasantly surprised by endless landscapes, rich history, and culture that Armenia and Georgia can offer. The trip includes visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites, medieval cave towns as well as the first Christian Church in the world. Immerse yourself in the spirit of fascinating time travel starting from Pagan to Christian times. Wonder at the amazing nature of high mountains, deep green water canyons and natural caves with stalactites and stalagmites, which will bring you in harmony with nature. ...Read more >
From £2,935 excluding flights

Armenia and Georgia food and wine tour

There is simply no better way to begin to understand a country other than through its people and its food. Armenia and Georgia are absolutely no different and this small group tour intends to introduce travelers to the people, food and the wine of both. You'll be taken on a gastronomic tour between the capitals of Yerevan and Tbilisi where the wineries and vineyards are just as revered as the monasteries and fortresses. As this region of the Caucasus Mountains was once an important trading post on the ancient Silk Road, many of the dishes that you'll learn how to cook, and taste, can be traced back through the ages, and Armenia is also thought to feature one of the oldest wineries on ...Read more >
From £1,287 excluding flights

Georgia and Armenia highlights tour

Experience the best of both worlds on our Georgia and Armenia tour. Embark on a captivating journey through ancient landscapes, exploring Georgia and Armenia's rich history, vibrant cultures and breathtaking scenery. From the stunning Caucasus Mountains to UNESCO World Heritage sites this tour offers an unforgettable blend of tradition and beauty.Read more >
From £957 excluding flights

Central Asia vacation

Pure Central Asia Tour is a rich 19-day journey starting from Kazakhstan and passing through Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. What makes this trip special and deserving your attention? It is an opportunity to cover all the fascinating natural and historical miracles of the region in a quite short period of time. The thought-out itinerary will pass through the dramatic Big Almaty Gorge, legendary Issyk Kul Lake, historically important Samarkand town, the amazing cascade of Seven Lakes, and the mysterious Darvaza burning crater. Immerse yourself in an indescribable Asian fairy tale with the most professional guides and tour coordinators!Read more >
From £4,860 including domestic flights only

Georgia food tour

Our rich and saturated eight-day Gourmet Tour to Georgia will come to taste to all those who wish to discover absolutely new flavors and will please real gourmets. By choosing it, we will acquaint you with the incredibly delicious Georgian national dishes: succulent khinkali, hot khachapuri with stringy cheese, a variety of local cheeses, fragrant barbecue, bright churchkhela and much more. Moreover, you will take part in master classes and learn how to cook many of the dishes mentioned above. The famous Georgian wine produced by unique ancient technologies won’t be left without attention as well: you’ll go down the wine cellars and learn the secrets of wine-making in Georgia. Our program ...Read more >
From £1,386 excluding flights

Silk Road & Caucasus tour

Our Silk Road Tour is created for those who prefer more than just a classical tour, it’s a unique opportunity to explore the hidden secrets of Central Asia and the Caucasus. This 31-day-trip offers a journey to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. You will have a great trip along the Great Silk Road to distinctive architectural gems, stroll around Asian bazaars, UNESCO Sites, taste Armenian and Georgian famous wine and try delicious traditional food. It’s just amazing how close, but yet how different they are from one another with its traditions and culture. Do not miss the opportunity and we will make your trip unforgettable.Read more >
From £5,352 excluding flights

Armenia and Georgia Motorcycle tour

Armenia and Georgia have all the necessary conditions for motorbike tours: beautiful landscapes, mountain roads, amazing historical and architectural monuments. “Motorcycle tour to Armenia and Georgia” is designed for those who cannot imagine their vacation without a regular portion of adrenaline and extreme emotions. By choosing “Motorcycle tour to Armenia and Georgia” you will get a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the amazing views of nature, discover ancient monasteries, fortresses hidden in the mountain and lash forests. Another highlight of region is tastiest homemade food and very friendly locals for whom you will be honored guest.Read more >
From £3,779 excluding flights
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