India Golden Triangle tour, a journey beyond

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: India Golden Triangle tour, a journey beyond


Eco sustainable accommodation
In the rural countryside of Rajasthan we are partnered with a local family whom we have helped build traditional mud Jhopris (huts) for travelers to stay in. Equipped with modern plumbing, itís the only modern convenience in what is otherwise an entirely sustainable, eco-friendly and traditional accommodation setup.

In another part of the rural countryside, we support a property with wholly tented accommodation. Built amidst the countryside, these hand-stitched tents with local floral motifs stand testament to traditional, sustainable living within these rural landscapes.

Eco friendly safaris only
Despite the option of traditional fuel-powered vehicle safaris in all the National Parks in North India, we only promote safari experiences in the Bharatpur National Park that are conducted as one of a kind cycle rickshaw and walking safaris. We ensure that all our travelers experience such safaris as it promotes this unique form of safari experiences and we hope that more parks across India adopt such kinds of safari forms.


Local Families, their homestays, havelis and campsites
Be it heritage homes that belong to local families, to traditional village huts, we work closely with local accommodations and the families that run and manage them. As these properties employ 100% local staff from the surrounding regions and villages, the revenue that these places make has a knockdown effect on the communities that are supported from these incomes.

Support of Artisanal Craft and dance traditions
We encourage local artisanal craft actively and showcase these traditions to our travelers by immersing them in such experiences.

From the Prajapathis or traditional Rug (Durrie) makers of western Rajasthan whom we support by ensuring that our travelers stay with such weaving families and undergo hands on sessions with these weavers in an attempt to understand and promote the craft.

We support groups of traditional Kalbeliya dancer-performers and encourage them to perform their traditional dance forms. We actively encourage them to train young girls from their communities into taking up dance and young boys into playing traditional instruments to help keep the tradition alive and relevant in the present era.

Support of regional and local Cuisine
We actively support regional cuisines through the North of India. Through hands on cooking sessions with rural families in the agrarian countryside, we give travelers a deeper insight into authentic regional cuisine and for them to gain a deeper appreciation for it. This in turn keeps local culinary traditions alive.

Ensuring Local employment
All our Drivers and Guides we employ for our trips through North India are local and more specifically local to that region. For Rajasthan we ensure our staff is local to the state and this holds constant for distinct regions such as Ladakh, or the Punjab or the hill region of Shimla. This not only ensures that revenue they earn goes right back to their local communities but it also ensures the most authentic local knowledge gets shared with travelers.

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