Multi transport European tours

Monday riding the subway with the commuters, Tuesday taking the public ferry across the river, Wednesday on a private coach trip to visit a castle, Thursday exploring the city streets by bike… often the most enjoyable European tours are those that use a variety of transport options, so you never get saddle sore, or tired of spending hours on end in a coach.
Large European cities tend to have excellent public transport connections, making it easy to integrate with local people wherever you are. That could mean heading to a national park in Lithuania by public bus, riding the Parisian metro to easily navigate between the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, or, in a watery locale such as Venice or Amsterdam, cruising around by boat taxis.
Social travel

Social travel

Small group travel such as this is very inviting for those with a spirit of adventure, but perhaps not quite ready to get it alone just yet. It’s a very sociable form of travel: camaraderie with the rest of your group, opportunities for impromptu chats with whichever locals you happen to be sitting next to, and of course relying on public transport wherever possible minimizes the environmental impact of your trip.
You might travel from Madrid to Marrakech through Portugal, watching as the architecture and the culture grow increasingly Moorish the further south you go. Another route might be from Bucharest to Istanbul by way of mountains, monasteries and mosques, during which you may stay in locally owned guesthouses and be invited to home cooked meals.
Local knowledge

Local knowledge

The great joy of this form of travel is the potential for the unexpected. You may be able to pick up dozens of great hints on where to eat, shop and drink from local residents on their morning commute, find a willing partner for you to practice your language skills, or be invited to share someone’s picnic during a long journey. Picking up a few useful phrases can help you get a conversation going.

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Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania vacation

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania vacation

Journey through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 12 days

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“Pack light and/or use a pack which is easy to carry and to store. On the public trains and buses, there isn't a lot of room, so small / slim is good; heavy / bulky is bad. Plus there is quite a bit of walking to get to train and bus stops and/or to hotels, so your bag has to be suitable for that. (Wheelees are okay, but a good back pack is the best.)” – Joan Prior on an Eastern Europe trip from Vienna to Budapest

“Every time we moved to a new location, there was the excitement of the unknown. Check the weather: when I went temperatures varied from 30deg. down to 5 deg.C. so packing was a challenge. Take an umbrella anyway! Well thought out - good mix of free time and planned activities. V.good trip notes and information - really useful for planning what to see and how to get there. Covered an amazing amount of ground - it would have been nice to have had more time in some places; I'll just have to go again!”
– Fenella Williams on an Eastern Europe trip from Vienna to Budapest.
Check the weather: when I went temperatures varied from 30°C down to 5°C so packing was a challenge. Take an umbrella anyway!
– Fenella Williams on an Eastern Europe trip from Vienna to Budapest.
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