Written by Rob Perkins
Photo credits: [Page banner: ADT 04] [Samaria Gorge: GanMed64] [Acropolis of Athens : Carole Raddato] [Minoan palace: Tim Schofield] [Agios Nikolaos island: Klearchos Kapoutsis] [Temple of Apollo Epikourios: Carole Raddato] [Epidaurus Amphitheatre: Richard Barrett-Small] [Peninsula Pelion with Monastery Pau: Heidi B] [Fishing Boat: Heather Cowper] [Cycling in Crete: ADT 04] [Acropolis of Athens: Ronny Siegel] [Sailing Boat: Live Zakynthos] [Accommodation: Agnee] [Islands or mainland: ADT 04] [Cycling group: ADT 04] [Bikes: Christin Hume] [Cycling uphil: ADT 04]
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