Our Unusual vacations

Who’d have thought you could do that? That’s the question we hope our unusual vacations will prompt. And the answer, we hope, is: “Not me, but why not?” These are adventures for those passionate about their interests – or passionate about finding new ones. Salsa dancing in Cuba, driving a tuk tuk around Thailand, kayaking with Komodo dragons in Indonesia, testing your desert island survival skills in Panama... these unusual vacations introduce you to new landscapes and different ways of life. You’ll see the world through memorable encounters with local people and even make new friends as passionate as you are about escaping the ordinary.

Our top Unusual vacations

Thailand adventure vacation, self drive Tuk Tuk

From £1395 to £1595
11 days ex flights
A Tuk Tuk Adventure in the stunning mountains of Thailand
Small group2022: 18 Jul, 1 Aug, 15 Aug, 26 Sep, 12 Dec, 2023: 2 Jan, 9 Jan, 23 Jan, 28 Jan, 9 Feb, 13 Feb, 2 Mar, 20 Mar, 27 Mar, 18 Apr, 23 Apr, 6 May, 11 May, 22 May, 29 May, 15 Jun, 26 Jun, 3 Jul, 20 Jul, 31 Jul, 7 Aug, 17 Aug, 24 Aug, 4 Sep, 21 Sep, 25 Sep, 14 Oct, 21 Oct, 28 Oct, 7 Nov, 13 Nov, 28 Nov, 10 Dec, 14 Dec, 27 Dec

Cuba salsa dance vacation

From £1650
15 days ex flights
Learn to salsa with the pros in Santiago de Cuba, tuition, day trips and nights out
Small group2022: 17 Jul, 16 Oct, 6 Nov, 27 Nov, 18 Dec

Sao Tome & Principe vacation

From £2995
12 days inc UK flights
A wonderful break on the tropical isles, Sao Tome & Principe
Tailor made

Kayaking vacation in Indonesia, Komodo Dragon tour

From £2395
10 days ex flights
Sea kayaking to some of the most remote beaches on earth
Small group2022: 14 Jul, 23 Jul, 1 Aug, 11 Aug, 20 Aug, 29 Aug, 8 Sep, 17 Sep, 25 Sep, 2 Oct, 11 Oct, 20 Oct, 29 Oct, 6 Nov, 2023: 25 Mar, 8 Apr, 22 Apr, 29 Apr, 11 May, 20 May, 27 May, 10 Jun, 17 Jun, 1 Jul, 8 Jul, 22 Jul, 5 Aug, 19 Aug, 26 Aug, 16 Sep, 23 Sep, 7 Oct, 21 Oct, 28 Oct, 4 Nov

Devon eco lodge accommodation, England

From £205 to £810
per accommodation per week
Quirky eco lodges, 1 with Hot Tub, on a Devon nature reserve

Western Mongolia tour, the Altai mountains & eagles

From US $2475 to US $3215
13 days ex flights
Culture and adventure in the landscapes of western Mongolia
Small group2022: 10 Sep, 24 Sep

Wolverine photography tour in Finland

From £1495
5 days ex flights
Photograph & watch wild wolverines, a very elusive species

B&B self drive tour of Tasmania, meet the locals

From AU $1495 to AU $6000
10 days ex flights
Self-drive staying in Tasmania's most charming B&Bs

Tailor made tours of Oman

From US $1999
8 days ex flights
Privately escorted mystical trip of stunning Oman

About our unusual vacations

Why go on an unusual vacation?

In France, they use the word ‘insolite’ to describe an unusual vacation, which sounds a bit like insolent: rebelling against the norm. We think unusual vacations should be about venturing outside your comfort zone (even if it’s just a small step to begin with) and learning what’s possible beyond the all-inclusive resorts and beach or skiing vacations you may be used to. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ‘unusual’ also means extreme. Many of the unusual vacations you’ll find on our website are perfectly family-friendly – but they do all come with a generous helping of adventure.

Unusual destinations

Our unusual vacation destinations create out-of-the-ordinary experiences in places you might not normally consider visiting – the wilderness of Mongolia, for instance, where you can stay in a yurt and learn to fight like one of Genghis Khan’s warriors. Or tiny but beautiful Montenegro, which is still relatively unknown as a European vacation destination but has mountains to hike, lakes to swim in, and rivers to raft. We help you find the needles in the haystack by tracking down unusual vacation destinations that aren’t just off the regular tourist trail, but also have their responsible travel credentials in place.

Unusual family vacations

Unusual family-friendly vacations begin at home, when you gather the brood around the computer to see whose eyes light up at where, and what, and start making notes. Whatever you end up doing – watersports, walking or winter wilderness – we recommend going with a travel company that really gets family requirements, and will bend over backwards to ensure everyone from big to little has the time of their life. Our unusual family vacation experts are happy to share their knowledge about traveling in China, kayaking in Croatia, or hiking with a mule in the French Alps.

Unusual places to stay

We love showing off unusual places to stay. That’s not only because they spark the imagination, but because they’re run by people with deep connections to their local environment and culture, and who are keen to protect both. There are treehouses and yurts, houseboats and ice hotels, and welcoming homestays from Kerala to Costa Rica. As more people take an interest in finding unusual places to stay on vacation, growing numbers of accommodations rise up to meet them. The places we work with emphasise sustainability throughout your stay – not as a ‘greenwash’, but because they believe in it.
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