Best countries to go on vacation in February in 2023

There’s much more to February vacations than overcrowded ski slopes or sloping off to the Costa Del Sol for some sun. There are exciting family vacations in Finnish Lapland, where our expert partners offer snowshoeing and husky sledding adventures. Fitness fans can shake the winter blues away in Spain, while nature enthusiasts will find a huge variety of wildlife watching opportunities, from whales in Sri Lanka to wolves in Transylvania.
February is a great month for cultural touring, whether that’s driving around Tasmania or joining a small group tour in India or Cuba.
As for the weather, February heralds frosty landscapes and excellent light on Iceland photography tours. February means calmer waters to cruise the Galapagos Islands or cross the Antarctic Circle, and balmy game drives in Indian national parks where tigers prowl. February promises paw prints in the snow on Transylvania wolf tracking vacations and cooler spring temperatures for exploring Egypt’s ancient pyramids.
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February vacation activities

Northern Lights watching

The Northern Lights aren’t exactly known for their predictability, but traveling in the depths of winter to remote northerly destinations far from any light pollution puts you in the best possible position to admire them. The aurora borealis often appears in the night sky in Finnish Lapland, and February is also a great month to see them in Iceland.

Self drive vacations

The pleasure of a self drive vacation is that you’re beholden to no-one else’s whims, setting your own schedule. In Tasmania, for example, you can take your time touring wine country, wilderness areas and fishing towns, stopping off for a walk here and there whenever you want. Your accommodation will be booked ahead, so all you need to do is get from A to B.

Wildlife watching

While your chances of an actual sighting are pretty low, wolves are much easier to track in the snow, from Yellowstone National Park to Transylvania. Not all February wildlife vacations mean wrapping up warm, though. You can get up close to giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands, whales in Sri Lanka, and tigers in several national parks across India.
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Get active

For some, February vacations mean escaping to much-needed winter sun. But not everyone is content with a week on the beach. Spain is great for those who like to stay active on their travels. Stretch your legs with a snowshoeing tour in the Spanish Pyrenees or stretch the rest of you on a Valencia yoga vacation. Cycling vacations are popular in February everywhere from Cambodia to Portugal to Sri Lanka.

Warm things up

The heat is on in February. Delve into spicy treats in Thailand’s night markets. Pop the top with a tour of Havana in a classic convertible. Snorkel with marine wildlife in Costa Rica. Meanwhile, in Egypt – where the full-on summer heat is sticky and uncomfortable – the spring temperatures are ideal for wandering around ancient ruins and cruising the Nile.
Written by Rob Perkins
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