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There is no straightforward answer to when is the best time to go on a wildlife vacation, as wildlife will always keep us guessing. That is part of the attraction. Some countries such as South Africa or Botswana have such an array of habitats that there is always something for us to marvel at, although the dry seasons are very popular, as wild animals are drawn together at waterholes for sustenance in solidarity. Other countries have very strict seasons such as India where, although tigers are present all year round, the national parks close all access to tourists during the monsoon. And whales favour cooler regions during the summer months, migrating to warmer seas when it gets too cold. Check out our detailed wildlife guides for more specific types of wildlife watching, but for now, here are nuggets of wild and worldly wisdom.
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Kate Tyler, from our supplier Odyssey World, on when to see orangutans in Borneo: “If you are looking to go to the Kinabatangan River area, I would avoid going earlier than about March or April, or in December, because the weather is atrocious. The rain is so heavy. It can be a year-round destination but when the rain is at its heaviest it can really hinder your experience. It can be really humid. Peak is probably from end of April through to October, so it’s perfect for a summer vacation destination – but it does get really busy.”
Rupert Calcott, from our supplier Exodus, is South African. He tells us about the best time to go on a wildlife vacation in South Africa: "The colder months of July through to September are our winter, but that’s a fantastic time to come out and do the game viewing. As the country gets drier there are fewer leaves on the trees and less grass available so the animals are concentrated at waterholes. There’s greater visibility; it’s a really good time for wildlife. April to June are also wonderful because it’s not too hot and there’s less chance of rain, but we get fewer travelers."
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Written by Catherine Mack
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