Top 10 extreme adventures

If you’re sitting on the couch in front of the TV then isn’t it about time you turned your attention to something slightly more exciting? Our top 10 extreme adventures put you into a whole new world of possibilities, with everything from kayaking with komodos in Indonesia to surviving on a desert island in French Polynesia. Read on and allow us to spark your imagination and kick start your next traveling experience. Alongside a white water raft of adventures we’ve also included the best time to go, our top selling trip and links to more info. All you’ve got to do is put down the remote and dive right in.

1. Desert island survival adventure in Panama

Desert island breaks aren’t all lounging around under coconut trees. You can also choose to be “stranded” for three nights on a desert island in Panama. This experience includes five days of training beforehand, where you’ll learn survival skills such as building shelters and using a machete. Your reward? A goodie-laden speedboat rescue and a slap-up meal with your fellow castaways.
Best time to go: January and February
Our top selling trip: Desert island survival adventure in Panama
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2. Kayaking in Indonesia

Sea kayaking in Komodo National Park places you in a unique position from where to observe the islands’ most exciting inhabitants. Komodo dragons (giant amphibious lizards) are a real sight to behold and Indonesia is the only place in the world where you can see them in the wild. Paddling around the islands, and guided explorations on land, allow animal encounters to occur with minimal impact to natural behaviour or to the environment.

Best time to go: April to June
Our top selling trip: Kayaking vacation in Indonesia
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3. Swim with whales in Tonga/Norway

Two different locations but one incredible experience. Swimming with humpback whales in Tonga or orcas in Norway enables responsible travelers to get into the water with nature’s giants. No matter whether you’re staying on a Tongan beach, at the edge of a whale nursery, or living on board a boat in the fjords of Norway, the chances are that this will be an extreme adventure to last a lifetime.

Best time to go to Tonga: July to October
Best time to go to Norway: November to January
Our top selling trips: Swim with humpback whales, Tonga and Swim with orcas in fjords, Norway
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4. Coasteering in Pembrokeshire

What better way to spend a weekend in Wales other than jumping off cliffs, hiking coastal paths and clambering over rocks? Whatever the time of year, coasteering is an extreme adventure activity to get the blood pumping and the heart racing as well as allowing adrenaline junkies to keep cool and relax against an incredible Atlantic ocean backdrop. Hot choc or beers by an open fire - wild Wales welcomes one and all.
Best time to go: May to October
Our top selling trip: Coasteering weekend in Wales
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5. Cross the Sahara in Algeria

Oasis towns, such as Beni Abbes, Timimoun and Taghit, allow instant access for explorations into the Algerian section of the Sahara Desert. Set against a surreal backdrop of sweeping sand dunes, the red desert towns provide an ideal opportunity to experience life in Algeria at a different pace to hectic Algiers.

Best time to go: March/April or October/November
Our top selling trip: Algeria vacation
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6. Kilimanjaro Rongai route

Though considered one of the ‘easier’ routes for tackling Africa’s tallest mountain, the Rongai Route still involves six full days of challenging walking and a day of acclimatisation. Join a small group to reach the top of the world, your final ascent to Uhuru Peak beginning in torch-lit darkness. One of the world’s great mountain treks.

Best time to go: June to February
Our top selling trip: Kilimanjaro climb: Rongai route
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7. Rafting in Madagascar/Chile

Take off down the Benahy and Onilahy rivers in a really remote part of Madagascar or into the pristine Patagonian wilds of Chile’s Rio Futaleufu and discover two distinctly different environments but the same exhilaration that comes from river rafting. Tropical rainforests and mangrove swamps near the Equator or snow-capped volcanoes and class II to IV rapids in the canyons of Chile – it’s time to put your paddles up!
Best time to go to Madagascar: April to November
Best time to go to Chile: December to March
Our top selling trips: Madagascar trekking and rafting expedition and Rio Futaleufu rafting vacation in Chile
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8. Desert island survival Panama/French Polynesia

Hunkering down in a top quality Hennessey hammock between a couple of palm trees provides all the shelter and comfort that you’ll need however, when it comes to other survival techniques, that’s where things really start to get interesting. Decide between a desert island in Panama or French Polynesia and then get ready to learn, live and survive surrounded by Pacific paradise.

Best time to go to Panama: March/April
Best time to go to French Polynesia: July/August
Our top selling trip: Desert island survival adventure Panama
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9. Antarctic diving

The window of opportunity to dive in the Antarctic is small, but few experiences will compare. Dive into holes from ice floes and around icebergs, exploring this unique landscape from above and below. Antarctic penguins, fur seals and giant isopods will become your underwater companions whilst a professional dive team assist and instruct as you take your first plunge.

Best time to go: February
Our top selling trip: Antarctic diving expedition
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10. Dog sledding in Yukon, Canada

Physically active as well as wondrously wild, dog sledding in Canada’s snowbound Yukon province is simply breathtaking, in every sense. Learn the ropes, take the reins, and get to know the pack before taking off over a series of historic wilderness trails. Evenings by the fire in a two-storey log cabin or winter camping under the Aurora Borealis provide the ideal end to a delightful day’s dog sledding.
Best time to go: December to March
Our top selling trip: Yukon dog sledding vacation Canada
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Written by Chris Owen
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