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If you are assuming that teenagers don’t want to vacation with the adults in their lives anymore, you may be missing out on some incredible opportunities. Family vacations with teenagers tend to be fairly active with an aim of escaping studies, screens and school stress by sea kayaking, white water rafting, mountain biking or even on safari. And given that those days of unfit 40- or 50-something, couch potato parents are over, vacations are now catering for families who want to keep jumping into life, in new and exciting places, together. At Responsible Travel we are very proud of the vacation suppliers we represent who understand the difference between toddler and teen family vacations. Who get that food must be plenty, early starts are torture, too much time with parents is uncool and hanging out with other teenagers in a group can transform a vacation from frolics and fun to ‘friends for life’ experiences.
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Is a families with teenagers vacation for you?

Responsible Travel recommends

Go on a families with teenagers vacation if…

… you want to experience new adventures together and not just watch your kids do all this cool stuff on school trips.
… you want to discover a new part of the world with a bit of culture thrown in, but don’t have time to coordinate everyone’s interests and needs. That’s what tailor made vacations are for.
… you are a non nuclear family or don’t fit the usual ‘family’ pic. Single, gay, straight, grandparent, foster carer – nobody minds. Family is family. Fun is fun.
… you like the idea of traveling in a group with other teenagers.

Don’t go on a families with teenagers vacation if...

… being active is totally alien to your family. These vacations tend to be go, go go, albeit with rest days and lie in.
… you don’t want to be sociable. Although we do have some tailor made vacations for families with teenagers to suit your family needs, many of our vacations are small group tours.
… you have had a difficult family time and want to pass on the reins of responsibility to a tour guide or leader for a while. Yes these are vacations and of course they can be healing but they aren’t family therapy.
… you (or your teens) want Twitter on tap or nonstop Snapchat. Not going to happen. These vacations are for bumping up your real memories. Not your phone’s ones.

Best time to go on a family with teenagers vacation


When looking for a family vacation with teenagers, vacation companies know that we have to stick to school vacation and offer some exciting options to seek out. Croatia and Turkey are great from May through to October, including half terms, and going inland in summer means you avoid extreme heat. India is great during February or October half terms, and Vietnam is perfect in May and the summer vacations, for a long quality time together time. For a detailed school vacation breakdown, see our general family vacations guide.
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Written by Catherine Mack
Croatia activity vacation for families with teenagers

Croatia activity vacation for families with teenagers

Teenager Departures. Family multi activity week in Croatia

From £895 8 Days ex flights
Catalan horse riding vacation in Spain

Catalan horse riding vacation in Spain

Horse riding in the beautiful Catalan countryside.

From 700 8 Days ex flights
Croatia family adventure vacation, 2 weeks

Croatia family adventure vacation, 2 weeks

The Croatia 2 week activity vacation, designed for families !

From £1790 15 Days ex flights
Learn Spanish & family activity vacation in Spain

Learn Spanish & family activity vacation in Spain

Learn Spanish + Outdoor Activities canoe/cave/via ferrata...

From 683 7 Days ex flights
Costa Rica 13 day family vacation

Costa Rica 13 day family vacation

Spend your summer vacation in the land of Pura Vida!

From £2125 13 Days ex flights
Family safari in Namibia

Family safari in Namibia

Climb the highest sand dunes in the world

From US $2435 13 Days ex flights
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