Our Mongolia vacations

Our Mongolia vacations spell adventure in these vast, beautiful wildernesses. From epic horse riding odysseys to vibrant eagle festivals (perhaps even learning to hunt with the birds yourself), at every turn these trips reveal new sides of Mongolia’s fascinating character. Cultural interaction is a key part of your enjoyment. You’ll stay with nomadic families in their gers, gaining an understanding of traditional lifestyles while helping to preserve them with your visit. Local guides offer an invaluable introduction to Mongolian customs and culture, whether showing you how to enter someone’s tent correctly or helping you explore Mongolia’s diverse cuisine.

Our top Mongolia vacations

Mongolia nomad horse riding vacation

From US $2499 to US $2550
9 days ex flights
Horseriding & staying with local Nomadic familes in Mongolia
Small group2023: 26 Aug, 2024: 24 Aug

Mongolia adventure vacation, small group

From US $4799 to US $7049
13 days ex flights
Discover the remote Mongolian countryside
Small group2023: 28 Jun, 8 Jul, 14 Aug, 4 Sep, 16 Sep, 2024: 29 Jun, 8 Jul, 12 Aug, 2 Sep, 21 Sep

Mongolia tour, hunting with Eagles

From US $1805 to US $2765
9 days ex flights
Winter experience living with eagle hunters of Mongolia

Mongolia winter vacation

From US $1245 to US $1685
9 days ex flights
Authentic culture, warm hospitality & wild winter landscapes

Nadaam Festival vacation in Mongolia

From US $5599 to US $7049
15 days ex flights
Mongolia tour with Naadam Festival departures
Small group2023: 28 Jun, 8 Jul, 16 Sep, 2024: 29 Jun, 8 Jul, 21 Sep

Mongolia tour, food of the Nomads

From US $2580 to US $3390
14 days ex flights
Local Mongolia with homestays & family led cookery lessons

Mongolia family vacation for all ages

From US $2300 to US $3000
15 days ex flights
Journey through stunning Mongolia with your family

Mongolia eagle hunting festival vacation

From £3495
13 days ex flights
Altai Mountains glaciers, nature & eagle hunting festival
Small group2023: 7 Sep

Western Mongolia tour, the Altai mountains & eagles

From US $2365 to US $3815
12 days ex flights
Culture and adventure in the landscapes of western Mongolia
Small group2023: 12 Sep, 26 Sep

About our Mongolia vacations

The people of Mongolia

Anyone who has experienced the warm hospitality of a stay in one of Mongolia’s nomadic herding camp rarely forgets it. There’s a language barrier to overcome, but smiles and sign language soon put paid to any awkwardness. Mobile phones charged with solar panels are everywhere – handy for staying in touch when you’re always on the move. Nearly half the Mongolian population lives in and around the crowded cosmopolitan capital, Ulaanbaatar, and you can expect to find a lot of good English spoken and people eager to share their culture with you, and learn about your own in return.

Steppe & big skies

When it comes to wilderness, Mongolia goes one steppe beyond. Your first introduction to these vast open spaces will knock you off your feet, and you’ll find yourself then gazing up into another great expanse, this time of blue sky, immense clouds floating ponderously past. Herds of sheep, yaks, horses and camels wander peaceably through unfenced grasslands, and you can ride for days counting the number of people you encounter on one hand. Whether you’re traveling by 4x4, on horseback or just watching through the window of your train carriage, these landscapes are practically hypnotic.

Eagle festivals

The province of Bayan-Ulgii in Western Mongolia hosts three Golden Eagle Festivals every year, held in spring or autumn. Though far from ancient in their origins and aimed mostly at spectators increasingly from abroad, their success has seen rising interest in traditional eagle hunting among younger Mongolians, and the practise has now been listed by UNESCO as a ‘living human heritage’. If planning a trip, you’ll witness displays of falconry and horsemanship, but little in the way of actual hunting as the festivals are out of season.

Hunting with eagles

Hunting with eagles has a long history in Mongolia. Genghis Khan is thought to have been an aficionado and Marco Polo recorded that he had hunted alongside Khan’s grandson. The hunters are actually Kazakh, usually part of nomadic herding families who train their golden eagles to pick off small prey with fur that’ll be useful in winter. For the Kazakhs, their birds become like family, their bond forming a few months after hatching. Growing tourist interest in hunting with eagles is leading to ethical concerns; travel with a responsible vacation company to ensure that the birds you’re encountering aren’t just photo props.

Family vacations in Mongolia

Mongolia makes for a truly adventurous family vacation, especially when your kids are old enough to handle a few hours on horseback and endure the loss of a few home comforts. Their natural curiosity will be a perfect fit for exploring cultural differences at a nomadic camp, and you can let them wander off – the biggest danger they’ll face is falling into a patch of dung. If your idea of the perfect family vacation is one where charging tablets is logistically challenging, but campfires under vast canvases of stars are a nightly tradition, then Mongolia is your place.

Types of tours & vacations in Mongolia

Small group vacations boil down the essence of Mongolia travel: great open spaces, cultural interactions, friendships made on the fly – but with the added pleasure of experiencing them with a select group of like-minded visitors, and with all the logistics ironed out for you. If you want to focus on the elements that appeal to you most, such as cultural immersion, adventurous family jaunts or long days in the saddle, tailor made vacations are ideal. Mongolia is made for adventure vacations too, whether that’s trekking through the wilderness, watching local people compete in archery, wrestling and horse riding, or witnessing a Golden Eagle festival.
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