Top 10 adventure vacations in the UK

Getting out and about in the UK needn’t be about stately homes and countryside strolls – there’s wild beauty here, and mountains to conquer and all manner of pulse-raising activities to get stuck into. What’s more, the UK’s compact size and good public transport links mean that there’s no need for damaging short haul internal flights; and in many cases you can leave the car behind, too. Choose instead to board a train to the Scottish Highlands, hop on board a sailing boat and cruise the English Channel or explore the Welsh countryside on horseback. More exciting for you, and better for the environment, too.

Read on for our top 10 adventure vacations in the UK.

1. Family adventures in Wales

Pembrokeshire National Park’s blustery coast can be reached by train and navigated by coastal bus services. It’s also a safe place for the kids to try out a raft of adventure sports including kayaking, coasteering, surfing and hiking, with expert instructors well trained in working with children and young people.
When to go: Year round
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2. Winter walking in Scotland

Forget flying to the Alps for an unsustainable downhill skiing break. Instead take the train up to the Scottish Highlands for a week of challenging winter walking in the company of an experienced mountain guide. You’ll need to be fit, but the thrill of experiencing the snowy mountain landscape with few other people in sight makes it well worth it.

When to go: January to March
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3. Family activity vacation in Scotland

If the kids have any energy left at the end of each day on a family adventure vacation in Scotland, we’d suggest reading them a few pages of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, Treasure Island. It was written here, in the Cairngorms National Park, a landscape that lends itself perfectly to dreaming up new adventures. Your brood will kayak, canoe, hike and mountain bike the Scottish Highlands in company of an expert guide, on a real page-turner of a trip.

When to go: Year-round but summer best
Our top selling trip: Family adventure vacation in Scotland
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4. Sea kayaking in Devon

You don’t need to have paddled before to get some sea kayaking action in Devon. You just need to be keen on exploring headlands, beaches, remote inlets and caves you can only discover from the water. You’ll travel either in a small group of like-minded people or self guided, full instruction is always available.
When to go: May to September
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5. Horse riding in the UK

Follow the Border to Coast trail from Wales’ Wye Valley to sands of the Dovey Estuary, a thrilling trail ride through wild countryside that covers 100 miles over six days. You’ll have the company of an experienced local guide as well as a small group of riders, and nights will be spent in small inns and guest houses along the way.

When to go: April to October
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6. Hebrides cruise

Discover the wild and remote Hebrides on a small ship cruise with a maximum of ten other passengers. As well as admiring the spotting wildlife from the deck you can take to the waters for kayaking or windsurfing, or head ashore for coastal hikes and beachcombing.

7. Exploring the Causeway Coast

Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast is perfect for a low-key adventure, from hiking the quiet trails of the Causeway Coast Way, to visiting UNESCO World Heritage listed Giant’s Causeway. Week-long self-guided trips make use of public transport and traveling to Ireland flight-free is easy thanks to numerous ferry services from the UK.

When to go: April to October
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8. Snowdonia activity vacations

Activity vacations in Snowdonia take full advantage of the region’s natural blessings: the wild coast, as well as those marvellous mountains. Small groups of adventurous travelers based themselves in a locally run hotel, spending their days coasteering, hiking, rafting and canyoning. All of this leading to the week’s adrenaline-charged climax: a spin on the world’s fastest RIB boat, followed by the option of summiting Snowdon itself at sunrise.
When to go:May to September
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9. Activity weekend in Pembrokeshire

You can still pack plenty of adventure into a weekend in the UK’s only coastal national park. Surfing, coasteering, half-day hikes and kayaking are among the activities on offer, and full instructions and kit are provided. Nights are spent in an eco adventure lodge where bonfires under the stars are a regular occurrence.

When to go: year round
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10. Coasteering weekend in North Pembrokeshire

Coasteering, or, the art of repeatedly falling off a cliff into the sea, is a skill best acquired with the help of an expert instructor on a guided trip. Over two exhausting, exhilarating days, you’ll be taken to two prime stretches of Pembrokeshire coastline and shown the best places to climb up the rocks and jump into the water. This trip can be done at nearly any time of year, in rough winter seas, or smooth summer ones.

When to go: All year round (except December)
Our top selling trip: Coasteering weekend in Wales
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Written by Nana Luckham
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