Best places to go on vacation in March 2023

March breaks the sleeping spell cast over the Mediterranean in winter. Walking vacations explore the Amalfi Coast and Southern Spain without crowds or sizzling temps. March is also one of the coolest times for activity vacations in Middle Eastern countries such as Jordan. The weather is generally good in much of Asia, so you can comfortably explore the Golden Route in Japan and tiger reserves in India.
Some of our most exciting vacations are poles apart: March is your last chance to go on an Antarctic cruise and you can still see the Northern Lights in Lapland.
March is a gorgeous month to be in Central America and the Caribbean. The Galapagos Islands freshen up under a little rain, but also see calmer seas for scuba diving and wildlife watching cruises. And not to panic you… but March is the end of the Antarctic cruise season. Tasmania heads into autumn – one of the best times for a self drive vacation around the island’s forests and orchards. Read our guide to find out more about the best places to visit in March.

March vacation activities

Winter adventures

Winter is still in full swing in Northern Europe, so you can hunt out the Northern Lights and go cross country skiing in Finland and Iceland. It’s thought that the aurora borealis is more vivid around the spring equinox in March, when there can be twice as many electromagnetic storms on the sun. Austria also ekes out the last of the snows – you can go snowshoeing on powdery peaks or winter walking in defrosted valleys.

Cultural activities

In countries around the center of the globe, the cooler climate in March lends itself to activity vacations. Salsa in Cuba, where you can put your lessons to good use in the clubs of Havana and Trinidad. Spanish lessons go al fresco in the Picos de Europa in Spain; they’re often combined with mountain hikes. Alternatively, ease into painting lessons in Morocco or cooking classes in the Spanish Pyrenees.
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Wildlife watching

Wildlife wakes up in many parts of the world in March. It might be rainier in the Galapagos, but calmer seas make for great wildlife viewing opportunities from the water or land. Costa Rica is generally dry and sunny – ideal conditions for wildlife watching. There’s also drier weather in Central India, where you can track tigers. And did we mention that it’s your last chance to see penguins and whales in Antarctica?

Walking & wellness

Summer in Europe is overrated. Instead, try March, when walking is combined with language lessons and surfing in Spain. It’s a great time to hike the Amalfi Coast, too, for a peaceful Path of the Gods and sleepier clifftop towns. Portugal and Cyprus are also good bets.
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