Summers in Spain and Greece soar to scorchio – worth bearing in mind if horse riding, hiking or mountain biking. Early starts, floppy hats and sun screen are a must.
Kayaking, canoeing, wild swimming and canyoning will keep you cool – water based activities are best in Aug. Outside of the summer vacations, May and June half terms find mountain rivers flowing faster, perfect for rafting and tubing in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. Just remember that spring water comes straight out of the ground; cold doesn't even begin to describe it. Oct half term can conjure up the best of both worlds with comfortable conditions in both central and southern Europe. On the flipside, Christmas and Easter vacations are gorgeous in Finnish Lapland for winter activities in the snow… and Santa.

Family activities, month by month

Family fun in Finland coincides with snow, so head here during Christmas, February half term and Easter vacations. At this time, resorts like Ruka and the national parks of Riisitunturi and Oulanka, covered in white. Southern Spain steams in the summer, so be prepared for starts and afternoons by the pool. May, June and October half terms provide a much more comfortable chance to get out and about in the mountains of Andalucia. If you're interested in a tailor made family activity vacation in Spain, don't rule out December. Temperatures can still be relatively warm and there's nothing better than cotching up after a good day’s hiking or mountain biking to send the little darlings off to sleep in no time at all. Family activity vacations in Croatia and Montenegro tend to take place from May to October. Summer can be the best time to go, as lakes and rivers have warmed up enough for kids to withstand a dunking. River rapids often won't be as fierce in the summer so bear this in mind if you're into white water rafting. May half term is one of the best times to experience cooler temperatures and wildflower filled hillsides, alongside rivers flowing with slightly more zip. In October, temperatures both in and out of the water can be pleasant although pack layers for cooler evenings, especially in the mountains. Summer vacations in Slovenia are perfect for riverside strolls and stand up paddle boarding around Ljubljana. In the Julian Alps you'll be met with alpine conditions with a fresher feel the higher you go. October half term may well be a bridge too far but test the water in May or June half terms and you might be pleasantly surprised. Summers in Greece can be hot, hot, hot, so stick to the coast, and start early to avoid the midday heat. The Peloponnese sees the Messenian and Argolic gulfs awash with water sports in July and August, including sea kayaking, windsurfing, sea biking and snorkelling. You’ll still be treated to lukewarm seas in October half term as well as much more comfortable conditions for hiking and river rafting. May/June half terms are also worthwhile for families; Easter can be a tad too early.
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All about Andalucia

Ilaria Grieco from our supplier El Geco Verde in Andalucia:
“I would say May and June are the best months to come to the Altiplano de Granada region. Good weather is almost guaranteed, sunny but not too hot to enjoy longer walks, yet warm enough to take a dip in the many natural pools and rivers of the area. The countryside is also full of lovely spring flowers and lots of birds take to the skies around our hotel.”

Summers in Slovenia

Brett Smith, from our supplier Green World Vacations:
“Our summer adventure program takes place in July and August. The weather is consistently warm which is important for water sports and as we're based in Ljubljana we get to experience their ‘Arts & Culture’ festival. It makes what is a gorgeous city even more fun and exciting for families. From street music to open air cinema nights at the castle, it's a magical time and particularly appreciated for families with older teenagers; it’s a very safe destination.

Snow-sure kids

Riitta Kiukas, from Skafur-Tour:
“In the northernmost Lapland we can guarantee snow from mid-November to end of April; in southern Lapland from December to April. March and April are the sunniest months. Husky safaris are by far the most loved activity. We also have husky farms, where you can stay and take part in daily routines. I would also recommend ice skating and cross-country skiing for children. In Finland children start skiing at the age of 3 years. The Finns are taking their children to Lapland since babies. There are sledges for babies, where they can sleep while parents are skiing and babies can take part on shorter husky safaris and reindeer farm visits. Typically children under 4 years of age are free of charge. We recommend arriving in Nov-Dec or Mar-Apr with children.”
Written by Chris Owen
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