Hot springs in Jordan

Revive & rejuvenate in Jordan's thermal waters

Whether you are seeking a cure for an ailment or simply want to relax every muscle in your body, there are several hot springs in Jordan renowned for their rejuvenating and medicinal qualities.

Al Hemma hot springs are in a tiny village 10km north of Umm Qais. This was a favourite of Roman dignitaries and vacationmakers who held its therapeutic abilities in high esteem. The springs are still open to visitors today. The waters are highly saturated with minerals and as they well up they are at over 50C, but cool as they filter into a second pool.

South of Madaba, down a spectacularly winding mountain road that descends towards the Dead Sea is Hammamat Mai'n.

Water falling in the mountains filters down through the rock to emerge from a series of hot and cold springs that cascade in waterfalls over the cliffs of a tight wadi into the Zarqa river. The hot springs reach a temperature of 63C. A luxury spa hotel is located at the base of the falls, however some of the waters are still open to the public.

The Dead Sea is renowned for the healing properties of its mineral rich waters and there are several spa hotels on its shores, particularly in the north. Mud from the Dead Sea is also curative, being particularly good for people with skin problems or rheumatic pain.

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