Traveling in Morocco with kids

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It feels as if it should be a ‘grown up’ place to go on vacation. A shopping trip with the girls, or a lovers’ tryst in a Kasbah. But the minute you walk into the madness of the medina in Marrakech and its circus like ambience, you will realise that that Morocco with kids is one of the best ways to see it. Because Morocco, not just the medinas but all of it, is fun. It’s cheeky. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. Moroccans like to take the proverbial a bit, especially when it comes to bartering and banter and we ‘set in our ways’ grownups can be intimidated by that.
But the children will get the cheeky chappy side of it straight away, giggling and going along for the ride. Which is just what you need to do in Morocco. Chill and find the child within.

Activities for families in Morocco

What to do with little ones

Child in a sweet shop

The jewellery, shoes, handbags, lamps, cushions, henna are all round retail candy. In fact, you will feel like a child in a sweet shop whatever your age. The best way to get your head around the haggling and hassle is to bring a local, licensed guide with you. It also means you won’t get lost in the labyrinth of souks.


Sandboarding in the Sahara is a Snapchat dream. Except the children won’t have a hope in hell of getting wifi in the desert, so they will just have to enjoy it for what it is. Which is one of those exhilarating once in a lifetime experiences.
Best time is the evening, when temperatures have dipped and twilight shadows cast their magic over the dunes.

Camping and caravanning

Join a caravan of camels guided by camelteers across the Sahara Desert and stop for tea, Berber storytelling and music in the dunes. Spend a night in a Berber camp too if you can, to watch the sun setting over the desert landscape. There will be enough shooting stars for a lifetime’s worth of wishing.

Traveling in Morocco with kids asks the experts

Anthony Horrobin, from our supplier Encounters Travel: "Plan your trip carefully. A lot of the cities have vast distances between them, with seven, eight or nine hour drives some days. So, if you are given an itinerary, look at it carefully. Not just at the highlights, but make sure you are not driving all day to get from one place to another. Also, if you are taking kids, try and do something like eat with a local family, or visit a local school. We do those sorts of things on our tours, and get great testimonials from our guests. Morocco is definitely one of our most family friendly destinations, and people don’t realise that before they go really."
Simon Clifford is Morocco expert at our leading supplier, Exodus Travel: Morocco is great for families, it’s close to home and on the same time zone, which is always good. And it also gives them a taste of somewhere completely different, without being too overwhelming. Wet wipes and hand gel are really useful, it’s hot, dusty and you do get dirty, just wandering around.
Rachel Blech is co-founder of our supplier, SheherazadVentures gives great advice on traveling in Morocco with kids: Though the idea of staying in a traditional riad town house is very appealing, think carefully when choosing. Riads are a great experience of authentic architecture and culture, but they are small spaces set around a central courtyard. Noise carries everywhere, there are usually steep stairs around the central patio, with rooms on each level. Seldom is there a swimming pool larger than about 2x3m (unless you are booking a luxury riad).
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Written by Catherine Mack
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