Our Morocco vacations

Culture and adventure intertwine kaleidoscopically on our Morocco vacations, brought vividly to life by our partners who are dedicated to getting you beyond the beaten tourist trail. Local guides add deeper shades of understanding, whether you’re on luxury trekking tours in the Atlas Mountains, wandering the souks of Marrakech in search of honeyed chebakia, or sleeping beneath the stars in the Sahara Desert. Vacations in Morocco can have profound benefits for communities and the environment, so our partners work with educational and animal welfare charities, and seek out welcoming family-run riads to stay in, providing a true take on Moroccan life.

Our top Morocco vacations

Morocco cultural tour

From US $922 to US $1450
15 days ex flights
Come and see Morocco's kaleidoscope of colours
Small groupDeparts every Wednesday & Sunday and selected Fridays throughout the year

Luxury trekking vacation in the Atlas Mountains

From 957
6 days ex flights
Stay at the Kasbah and trek in style

Morocco vacation, Marrakech to the Sahara

From £975 to £1075
7 days ex flights
Marrakech and Sahara - stay in a Riad, sleep under the stars

Atlas Mountains trekking and Marrakech

From 1241 to1301
8 days ex flights
Stay at Kasbah du Toubkal to trek in style then in Marrakech

Morocco budget vacation, desert safari

From £529 to £699
7 days ex flights
Exciting budget tour of Morocco's desert regions
Small group2022: 5 Jul, 19 Jul, 2 Aug, 16 Aug, 30 Aug, 3 Sep, 13 Sep, 27 Sep, 11 Oct, 25 Oct, 8 Nov, 12 Nov, 22 Nov, 6 Dec, 20 Dec, 27 Dec

Morocco vacations, Atlas Panorama

From US $1049 to US $1199
8 days ex flights
Rewarding trekking experiences
Small group2022: 4 Sep, 18 Sep, 16 Oct, 6 Nov, 18 Dec, 2023: 12 Feb, 12 Mar, 2 Apr, 16 Apr, 11 Jun, 30 Jul, 3 Sep, 17 Sep, 15 Oct, 5 Nov, 17 Dec

Morocco vacation, small group

From US $1454 to US $2025
13 days ex flights
Journey into Morocco’s food, religion, language and culture
Small group2022: 9 Jul, 12 Jul, 23 Jul, 30 Jul, 3 Aug, 6 Aug, 10 Aug, 17 Aug, 20 Aug, 24 Aug, 28 Aug, 30 Aug, 1 Sep, 2 Sep, 3 Sep, 5 Sep, 6 Sep, 8 Sep, 10 Sep, 11 Sep, 12 Sep, 13 Sep, 14 Sep, 16 Sep, 17 Sep, 18 Sep, 19 Sep, 20 Sep, 22 Sep, 23 Sep, 24 Sep, 25 Sep, 27 Sep, 28 Sep, 1 Oct, 2 Oct, 3 Oct, 4 Oct, 5 Oct, 8 Oct, 10 Oct, 12 Oct, 13 Oct, 14 Oct, 16 Oct, 17 Oct, 18 Oct, 20 Oct, 22 Oct, 24 Oct, 27 Oct, 29 Oct, 2 Nov, 5 Nov, 7 Nov, 9 Nov ...

Morocco family adventure vacation

From US $1060 to US $1180
8 days ex flights
Kasbahs & bustling cities to mountains & oases
Small group2022: 23 Jul, 5 Aug, 15 Oct, 21 Oct, 22 Oct, 20 Dec, 23 Dec, 26 Dec, 2023: 11 Feb, 18 Feb, 1 Apr, 5 Apr, 8 Apr, 27 May, 22 Jul, 14 Oct, 21 Oct, 22 Oct, 19 Dec, 26 Dec

Morocco small group tour, Moroccan melodies

From £1499
9 days ex flights
Imperial Cities, Desert & Atlas Mountains
Small group2022: 5 Jul, 6 Jul, 7 Jul, 8 Jul, 9 Jul, 10 Jul, 11 Jul, 12 Jul, 13 Jul, 14 Jul, 15 Jul, 16 Jul, 17 Jul, 18 Jul, 19 Jul, 20 Jul, 21 Jul, 22 Jul, 23 Jul, 24 Jul, 25 Jul, 26 Jul, 27 Jul, 28 Jul, 29 Jul, 30 Jul, 31 Jul, 1 Aug, 2 Aug, 3 Aug, 4 Aug, 5 Aug, 6 Aug, 7 Aug, 8 Aug, 9 Aug, 10 Aug, 11 Aug, 12 Aug, 13 Aug, 14 Aug, 15 Aug, 16 Aug, 17 Aug, 18 Aug, 19 Aug, 20 Aug, 21 Aug, 22 Aug, 23 Aug, 24 Aug, 25 Aug, 26 Aug, 27 Aug, 28 Aug ...

About our Morocco vacations

Culture in Morocco

Winter sun aside, you go to Morocco for its culture. Things are done differently here, but it’s great how quickly you’ll get used to your new cultural norms – waking up with the call to prayer in the morning, sharing a tagine, chatting over mint tea, haggling in the souk, or picking up words of Tamazight and Arabic. Family-run riads – houses centerd around leafy courtyards – are in high demand if you want to stay in Marrakech. If you’d like to experience Berber life – the majority of Moroccans are of Berber descent – head to the Atlas Mountains.

Walking vacations in Morocco

Morocco’s Atlas Mountains are a great place for walking vacations. The High Atlas is high enough that you can even trek in the summer months – though prepare for heat. The Anti-Atlas, further south, reaches lower altitudes and gets fewer visitors. It’s a great place for winter walking. Those wanting a bigger challenge can look to Jebel Toubkal, the highest mountain in the Atlas range – and in North Africa. You don’t need technical skills to climb over a five-day trek, though if you opt for the same trek over winter you’ll need crampons and an ice axe. Your guide will show you how.

Cycling vacations in Morocco

The promise of a hammam at the end of the road is a powerful motivator – but there are many other reasons to spring into the saddle. Cycling in Morocco is a great way to see the countryside in all its rugged glory. Forget the road bike: off-road is best here. Try mountain biking in the Rif Mountains and stopping in the colourful city of Chefchaouen to refuel. In the High Atlas you can explore the Dades and Todra gorges, dive into the Draa Valley, and cycle in the foothills of Mount Toubkal. Cycling vacations are challenging, but rewarding. Read our Morocco cycling guide for more.

Family vacations in Morocco

Show your children a sky full of stars above the Sahara Desert, and it might be the first time they’ve ever seen the night sky in all its glory. See them build confidence as they chat to Berber families and get them to buy themselves an orange juice in Marrakech’s Jemaa el-Fna. Morocco family vacations – and the Moroccan seasons – fit in well with school timings. At Easter, try the desert; in summer, you could go into the Atlas Mountains. Family hiking vacations in Morocco come with a muleteer – your kids will dote on the donkey.

Moroccan landscapes

Morocco is mostly mountainous. The Rif Mountains sit in the north of the country, their fertile valleys forested with cedar, oak and pine. The Atlas Mountains run like a diagonal speedbump across the middle. Morocco’s green quiff brushes the bottom of Spain, but the burnished blush of desert creeps into the picture from the south-east corner. The Moroccan Sahara is famous for Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga – giant dunes best summited by 4x4 or camel. The country also has a long coastline on the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Seek out the beach near Essaouira.

Types of tours & vacations in Morocco

Going on a small group vacation in Morocco means that you can tackle some unforgettable journeys without having to worry about finding your way back – great if you want to try hiking in the Atlas foothills, biking down Todra Gorge, or summiting Mount Toubkal. A small group trip also means that when you get to the desert on a cultural tour, you already have your own ready-made guided camel train. Adventure vacations in Morocco can involve sleeping under the stars among the sand dunes in Bedouin camps, taking a sleeper train from Tangier to Marrakech, or even traveling over to Spain and Portugal.
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