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Luxury gulet cruise in the Aegean

What better way to explore the Greek Islands and Turkey’s beautiful Aegean coast than on board a luxurious and intimate traditional gulet. This eight-day cruise will take you from Bodrum along one of Turkey’s loveliest stretches of coastline and out to the tranquil Dodecanese Islands. With a maximum of 17 people on board, sharing a gulet with between 4 and 8 cabins this cruise is all about style. You can expect five-star luxury standards; well-equipped, comfortable and spacious private cabins with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, large lounge areas and sun deck, attentive staff and exquisite local food cooked by your on-board chef. You’ll be stopping at some of Greece’s lesser-known ...Read more >
From £1,035 excluding flights

Alaska Glacier Bay small ship cruise

This eight day, Alaska small ship cruise through some of Alaska’s most stunning inlets and fjords, many of which are far off the beaten track, is on board a beautiful 45m boat called the Admiralty Dream. Sleeping maximum 66 passengers, you will cruise through the magnificent waters of Southeast Alaska. Your journey starts in Sitka where you settle into your twin cabin, before going on a journey through some of Alaska’s most spectacular coastal wonders. Head south from the historic city of Sitka, on Baranof Island, to explore Kuiu and Kupreanof, two of the large islands within the Alexander Archipelago. Discover the Norwegian fishing heritage town of Petersburg on Mitkof Island, look out ...Read more >
From £3,999 excluding flights

Turkey gulet cruise

Turkey’s sunny weather, sheltered bays and lovely beaches make it an ideal cruising destination. You’ll be traveling by sail, soaking up the sights and surveying the sparkling Aegean from a sundeck. Your cruise starts and ends in Bodrum, but for the majority of the trip you’ll be exploring the Gulf of Gokova. This long and beautiful stretch of Turkish coast is full of remote bays backed by sweeping banks of trees. There are plenty of swimming opportunities. Many of the coastal towns in the gulf have a classical connection: Cleopatra Island is where Mark Anthony famously wooed the Egyptian queen, whilst Oren has Roman ruins and Byzantine churches. Back in Bodrum there’s even the remains ...Read more >
From £729 excluding flights

Seychelles sailing vacation

This Seychelles sailing vacation is a week of pure Indian Ocean bliss, exploring the island idylls of this archipelago, famous for being isolated and paradise like. The Seychelles archipelago is actually made up of 43 Inner Islands and 72 Outer Islands and their highest peaks are a submerged mountain range, once joined to the ancient continent known as Gondwana. With a tropical climate and exquisite empty beaches, the population is still very small, focused mainly on the largest islands which we visit as part of our sailing itinerary: Mahé which is home to the capital city of Victoria, and then Praslin which is famous for its stunning Vallée de Mai, and UNESCO World Heritage Site. As well ...Read more >
From £1,349 excluding flights

Seychelles 7 day sailing cruise

A stunning 7 day Seychelles sailing cruise around Praslin and La Digue islands as well as some of the smaller highly protected beautiful island idylls, supporting conservation organisations en route. The Seychelles have the most unique ecosystems in the world, with ancient geological and natural features that stretch back to the time when this archipelago, actually a submerged mountain range, broke away from the famous Gondwana supercontinent millennia ago. The Seychelles are also famous for their blissful beaches, of course, as well as an impressive ongoing commitment to conservation. Many of the islands that we anchor by and visit are run by non profit making organisations or ...Read more >
From £1,332 excluding flights

Southern Croatia cruise in comfort

One of the finest ways to take in Southern Croatia, its coves, islands and culturally rich cities, is on board a small cruise boat, traveling in comfort and style but with only 40 passengers on board. This Southern Croatia cruise begins and ends in the ancient harbour of Split, with plenty of time built into your itinerary to explore the city’s magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site. The center of this is the Roman built Diocletian's Palace with a maze of other ancient archaeological wonders all around it. From Split we set sail to discover the islands of Southern Croatia and this stunning Dalmatian coast. Such as Korcula, famous for being the island where Marco Polo was born. And, with ...Read more >
From £559 excluding flights

Sicily and Aeolian Islands small ship cruise

There’s no better way to see Sicily’s Aeolian Islands than under sail – they are, after all, named after the Greek demigod of wind, Aeolus. It will be gentle cruising all the way here, island-hopping with ease. Your cruise starts on Sicilian mainland, before quickly heading to sea. On the way there are plenty of swimming opportunities, plus paddleboards and snorkelling gear available. At the Bay of Pollara in Salina you can swim in calm, clear waters, or laze on the flat rocks that seem purpose-built for sunbathers. The Aeolian Islands are famous for their active volcanoes, which provide hot springs, dramatic hiking and exciting, smoking terrain. Vulcano itself gave us the word ‘volcano’ ...Read more >
From £1,479 excluding flights

Lower Ganges river cruise in India

The Lower Ganges splits into many branches once it reaches the south West Bengal state. One such side-stream is the River Hooghly, which you can enjoy on this eight day cruise. Mosey along the river, either upstream or downstream, between Kolkata and Farakka, and then return to the start by train. Sights you’ll see on the way include Kolkata, India’s third largest city, an army cantonment (garrison) in Barrackpore, brassworks in Matiari, historic cities from French India, terracotta temples in Kalna and Baranagar and the mango orchards and mustard fields of rural India. The river is vast, brown and lazy – but the banks are frequently colourful and always interesting. Your shore excursions ...Read more >
From £1,205 excluding flights

Kotor Bay and Montenegro gulet cruise

What better way to explore the magnificent Bay of Kotor than from the deck of a traditional Turkish gulet? You'll start your gulet cruise in the bay at Tivat. After exploring the beautiful town of Kotor next door, you'll head out along the Adriatic coast to visit lively Budva and then the historic old town at Bar. The second half of the trip is devoted to more time in the beautiful Kotor Bay again. Time well spent, indeed, as you hop between the pretty shore-side towns of Herceg Novi, Perast, and Tivat again. Your home for the week is a beautiful Turkish gulet. The advantage of being on a boat is that whilst you can visit Montenegro's busier towns, you can also moor up and enjoy swimming ...Read more >
From £1,085 excluding flights

Antarctic expedition cruise, fly the Drake passage

This ten day Antarctica trip invites travelers to fly over Cape Horn in southern Chile's Tierra del Fuego archipelago prior to bypassing the shudders of Drake Passage before finally coming to rest on King George Island, part of the South Shetlands. Now your Antarctica trip can really start in earnest as you cruise through the icy fjords and creaking icebergs on board an 118 passenger expedition ship, one of the few vessels in the world equipped to deal with remote regions of both the north and south poles. This is an active Antarctic expedition that’s as much about penguins, seals and whales as it is about experiencing life in the wildest and least hospitable continent on the planet, ...Read more >
From £11,000 excluding flights

Cape Verde Island cruise

This cluster of ten volcanic islands is 500 kilometres off the coast of Africa and was a Portuguese colony until 1974. As well as being a hiking paradise, these shores are amazingly friendly, as you’ll discover in eight days of cruising the Cape Verde archipelago. You’ll visit six of the main islands on this cruise: Santiago is the largest island and has the capital city of Praia, whilst Sao Vincente contains the country’s cultural capital, Mindelo. Boa Vista and Sal are sandy, whilst Fogo is fearsome, thanks to its active volcano. On Fogo you can take an optional hike right to the very edge of the volcano, and you’ll walk on ancient lava fields in San Vincente’s Valley of Ribeira das ...Read more >
From £1,530 excluding flights

The best of Japan luxury cruise

Take the long way round. The interesting cities of Osaka and Maizuru are on close but opposite coasts of Japan’s Honshu Island, but this cruise between the two takes its time. Over nine days you’ll get to visit cities on Shikoku and Kyushu, some of Japan’s other islands, and you’ll even make a stop in South Korea. Start by exploring Osaka – known as ‘Japan’s kitchen’ for its great delicacies. Once you’ve had your fill of the city, it’s time to set off on the boat, cruising to Tamano in the densely forested Okayama district. The cities en-route are very varied. Kagoshima sits in front of an active volcano, whilst Uwajima keeps traditional customs alive around its 17th century castle. ...Read more >
From £4,000 excluding flights

Amazon explorer small ship cruise

The Amazon might be a mighty river, but it doesn’t mean you should explore it on a massive boat. On a smaller vessel you can get into the small tributary rivers, too, where it’s much easier to spot wildlife on the shore and get away from the main settlements. This custom-built river boat is designed to be able to creep up hidden channels, to see a side to the Amazon that not everyone gets to experience. The Ria Negro tributary is the largest river to flow into the Amazon. It’s flanked by forests that haven’t changed for millions of years, but which are always growing and bristling with new life. There are huge boughs draped with vines and trembling orchids. You’ll spend the first days of ...Read more >
From £1,349 excluding flights

Croatia and Montenegro small ship cruise with Mostar

An unusual cruise from Split that visits Montenegro - There are only 1-2 small ships that are allowed to do this. There is also a side trip to visit Mostar and its famous bridge. Many of the small ports and harbours of Croatia's Adriatic coast and Kotor Bay are only accessible to ships of up to 50 metres long, so we are privileged to visit these smaller ports. Kotor is a hugely dramatic bay; actually the largest fjord in southern Europe, and a spectacular inlet surrounded by granite mountains. Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful old cities in the world, and the history just oozes from Split and Korcula. Topped off with a visit to the Blue Cave (weather permitting) - This is one of the ...Read more >
From £2,045 excluding flights

Costa Rica & Panama canal small ship cruise

Enjoy a small ship cruise along the Pacific side of Costa Rica and Panama. Even if you were here for months, you still wouldn’t be able to spot every species that lived in this extraordinarily rich corner of the world. Even though you’re traveling between two capital cities, it’s wildlife reserves and conservation areas all the way in Costa Rica and Panama. Home to some of the most bio-diverse land on the planet; one minute you’re deafened by howler monkeys, the next you’ll be distracted by spinner dolphins. In Costa Rica you can snorkel with turtles around Granito de Oro islet and explore one of the world’s only tropical fjords. Once you get to the Gulf of Panama you can enjoy the ...Read more >
From £5,819 excluding flights

Brahmaputra cruise in India

North East India is a very different, far lesser visited place than the rest of the country. Assam, its largest state, is famous for national parks which elephant and one-horned rhino call home. And who could forget its tea: vivid green tea plantations lie close to the humid banks of the wide Brahmaputra River, a river that starts high in the Himalayas. On an eight day river boat trip, you can cruise upstream from Guwahati to Silghat, stopping in nature parks and tea plantations on the way. At the start of the trip you can take a tour of Guwahati, the biggest city in the region. This trip saves the best 'til last: at the end of your trip you’ll visit the UNESCO-listed Kaziranga National ...Read more >
From £1,975 excluding flights

Alaska Glacier Bay and wildlife cruise

If you've got your sights set on big wildlife: bears, whales and orcas, and big landscapes, like the three million acre Glacier Bay National Park, then a small ship cruise in Alaska is for you. Your cruise ship is small enough to reach sights that big ships can't, but big enough to fit a hot tub on board. Starting in Juneau, the route loops around Admiralty Island in search for the best wildlife and the most spectacular parks in which to see them. Your first stop is Glacier Bay, naturally, then it's on to look out for black bears on Kuiu Island in the heart of Tongass National Park, and then to Frederick Sound, where humpback whales come every year to feed. You'll decamp to smaller ...Read more >
From £2,309 excluding flights

Thailand and Malaysia Islands cruise

Enjoy a truly tropical cruise on a beautiful sailing ship that explores Thailand and Malaysia. Start with Thailand’s largest island, the lively Phuket, before setting off and seeing the destinations get gradually smaller and more remote, and the beaches get wilder and more beautiful. Soon you’ll be reaching unexplored shores and great diving and snorkelling sites, like the Butang islands, which are mostly uninhabited and get very few visitors. Once you reach Malaysia you can look forward to cruising the shore of the state of Penang and its capital, Georgetown. Then you can explore the tropical island of Langkawi. The latter is a proper tropical escape: jungle hikes take you inland and ...Read more >
From £1,808 excluding flights

Malta, Sicily and The Aeolian Islands Cruise

History, food, lanscapes and volcanos. From the historic and ancient port of Valletta we visit the small adjoining island of Gozo before heading to Sicily. We make landfall in Syracuse, one of the most and prestigious cities of the Hellenic World before sailing to the volcanic Aeolian Islands where we hope to see the active volcano on Stromboli at night as well as visiting the lovely Panarea and Lipari Islands. Sailing back to the mainland we have the chance to visit the magnificently located ancient theatre at Taormina and to take a walk on the slopes of Etna, the hulking volcano that dominates this part of Sicily.Read more >
From £1,900 excluding flights

Norwegian Fjords classic cruise

You’ll explore every inch of Norway’s dramatic stretch of coastline on this 12-day small ship cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes and back. Taking in 34 ports, 22 of which lie above the Arctic Circle, this is a spectacular voyage into the heart of the Norwegian fjords. Backed by mountains rising steeply from the water your journey is punctuated by some of Norway’s most beautiful landscapes, and fascinating fishing ports. The Lofoten Islands, Trollfjorden, Tromso, Alesund, Trondheim, the North Cape and the Helgeland coast are just some of the highlights. This cruise is available all year round with each season casting its own unique light on your cruise. In winter you’ll experience the ...Read more >
From £1,639 excluding flights
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