Spain travel advice

Spain travel advice

Tips from our friends in Spain

Andalucia travel advice

Andrew Appleyard, from our supplier Exodus, shares his Spain travel advice: “Everyone always heads to the cities of Andalucia – Cordoba and Granada and Seville – but I think if you can get into the heartland of Spain and base yourself in a rural community – as I call it, all the Moorish hinterlands – that area to me is one of the most beautiful, especially during springtime. Photographically it’s just beautiful with the almond blossom and the spring flowers – it’s just astounding down there. And the local produce is magnificent. I don’t think anyone realises the incredible abundance of fantastic, organic food.”

Outdoor travel tips

Paul Fellows is the owner of our supplier Walk Andalucia, based in Torrox, eastern Malaga. He shares his Spain travel advice:
“Andalucia is almost cut into two halves – one of which is very commercialised with Fuengirola and Torremolinos and Marbella, while our end – the eastern end – is far more Spanish. It’s excellent for all kind of outdoor pursuits. Walking, cycling… and at certain times of year you can be skiing by 9:30 for three hours, and be on the beach in the afternoon. It’s a fantastic place to be outdoors and we have 300 days of sunshine a year to be doing it all in.”

Food shopping advice

John Vincent is the owner of our supplier Fuente Arriba, based in Lubrin, a little village in Almeria. He shares his Spain travel advice for people staying in self-catering accommodations – it’s good to look into which days the local market is held!: “Lubrin is such a small place – only about 500 people, but there are three bakers, two butchers...and then the fish comes up most days from the nearest port on the coast so there is fresh fish just about every day. Market day is on a Wednesday, the supermarkets don’t carry perishables. You would think that being rural they would, but this is only available from the traveling market which sell fruit and veg from the back of their vans.”

Tips on getting off the beaten track

Tom Powers, from our supplier Pura Aventura, has spent 20 years working in Spain – and says it still surprises him. He shares his Spain travel advice:
“Just go. You think you know Spain, you think you’ve been there – but you don’t. You could spend your life in the country, but you’ll never know it. There’s almost not a town in Spain that you couldn’t go and spend a few nights in. Every village has a story, its own wine, its cuisine... the hotels are amazing quality, even in the middle of nowhere, beautiful hotels that belong in the pages of an interior design magazine. But it’ll be £100 a night – in the UK it would be closer to £300 and the food would be disappointing!”

Catalonia travel tips

Fiona, from our supplier Mas Pelegri: “People tell us they prefer Catalonia to Tuscany as there are less people. It’s like Tuscany with mountains and much more going on. Tuscany is also too cold in the winter, whereas Catalonia isn’t. We’ve had families over for new year they went mountain biking and did walks every day, and had a lovely time."

Vivian, from our supplier Cycle Catalan: “Catalonia is lumped in with Spain as a whole, and parts of Spain have a bad reputation for overdevelopment and being too busy and very commercial. But Catalonia is still very unspoiled and very traditional. You don’t get fish and chips here! It’s definitely an authentic experience. It’s still quite an unknown part of Spain, and very underrated.”

Spain tips from our travelers

Recommendations from those who have been there

At Responsible Travel, we think the best people to advise our travelers are often... other travelers. They always return from our tours with packing tips, weather reports, ideas about what to do - and opinions about what not to.

We have selected some of the most useful Spain travel tips that our guests have provided over the years to help you make the very most of your vacation - and the space inside your suitcase.
Book an entrance ticket to the Alhambra on-line well in advance if possible.Terrie Robinson

Use local services, markets and restaurants. They are cheap, friendly and good quality. - Simon Nicholson

Be ready to experience the real Spain - and practice some Spanish - away from the hordes of UK package tourists. - Kerrie Jopling

Everyone was very friendly and helpful and the old man in the local supermarket even used Google Translate to help us work out what we were trying to ask for! - Jackie Day

Be prepared for a simple and relaxed pace of life with little compromise to modern tourism. - Anthony Bullin

The weather was dreadful… However it didn't matter. Being forced to sit in village bars, drink beer and eat tapas chatting with whoever might be around was an absolute delight! We even slept snuggly in the sitting room next to the fire one night as the rain hammered on the roof tiles... excellent. - Anna Fox

Be prepared for the lack of 'los servicios' on the walks (girl thing!). Pack a few cereal bars/oat cakes as back-up's to what’s basically a meat and carbs diet! If you don’t eat red meat, be prepared for Ham being treated as Not Red Meat! - Ros Perryman

Take day trips early morning or late afternoon as it can get quite hot. - Caroline O

Meals are served at local restaurants or Tapas bars late so young people may be tired after a long and busy cycling day - Susan Levy

Photo credits: [spring flowers, andalucia: Antonio] [organic food: Antonio] [: ] [sky castles: SBA73 ] [poppies: jacinta lluch valero] [walking boots: Andy Rogers]
Written by Vicki Brown
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