Finland travel advice

Activity tips

Urpo Heikkinen, of our supplier, Upitrek, shares his Finland travel advice:
“I really recommend cross-country skiing. You go from place to place, spending each night with different people – you feel like you’re having an adventure. The rhythm is flexible and it’s much easier than walking – you can cover great distances while still seeing wildlife and tracks in the snow. On the downhill sections you’ll enjoy the speed. In these remote areas people still have a more traditional way of living – they have gardens where they grow their own vegetables; it’s always Finnish food made with local ingredients, so no pizza or pasta! It all comes from very close by. Skiing from place to place is also an environmentally friendly way to see Finland – it’s much better than traveling by car.”

Bird watching tips

Roy Atkins is a wildlife and birding guide for our supplier Speyside Wildlife, shares his Finand travel advice: “Bird watchers should go to Finland in May. Birds need the snow to melt for the insects to reappear; if you see 15 species in March, you’re doing well, but in May you can see 150 plus! When they arrive back to their territories they sing and display for the mating season. So not only are they easy to see, because you can follow the songs, but they look great. If you leave it until July, they’ll have stopped singing because they’ll be feeding their young.”

Packing tips

Juha-Pekka Tuominen on behalf of our supplier, Activities Abroad, shares his Finland travel advice: “You must bring warm base layers. We provide mittens and all-in-ones, but it gets very cold and you need something underneath. Finland has quite a continental climate – the air is dry so it’s not uncomfortable and humid, but you must keep warm.”

Culture tips

Aki Käräjäoja, founded our supplier, Routa Travel, after he fell in love with the huskies. Here's his Finland travel advice: “Get in touch with the locals and try to find the small places – Finland has so many small tourism businesses. Always keep your eye out for local things. The local food is especially good – one thing I like about Finnish food is that you can really taste nature. We try to use a lot of berries and game, such as moose, which are monitored and hunted sustainably every year.”

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Finland Northern Lights vacation, Wilderness Auroras

Finland Northern Lights vacation, Wilderness Auroras

Winter activities & Aurora hunting in Finland

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Health & safety in Finland


EU citizens are advised to get a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before traveling. This does not replace health or travel insurance, but entitles you to any necessary state-provided medical treatment. Take note of the local emergency number: 112 Finnish medical facilities are generally excellent, and each town usually has at least one 24-hour pharmacy. Mosquitoes in late June-July are vicious. Keep well covered if traveling during this time.


Finland enjoys low crime rates, and public transport is safe and efficient. One of the main hazards can be driving – especially during winter, when you must use snow tyres, preferably with studs. Engine heaters are also recommended. Black ice is a particular danger when the temperature is just below freezing. Look out for wildlife; collisions with deer are common, and accidents caused by moose can result in serious injury, and even death. Snowmobiles may only be driven by those aged 15 and over. Check with your vacation company whether you need to hold a driving licence. Very low alcohol limits are permitted for drivers – just 50mg per 100ml.

Finland travel advice

At Responsible Travel, we think the best people to advise our travelers are often... other travelers. They always return from our tours with packing tips, weather reports, ideas about what to do - and opinions about what not to.

We have selected some of the most useful Finland travel tips that our guests have provided over the years to help you make the very most of your vacation - and the space inside your suitcase.
Ice fishing may seem boring but it's great to be sitting on a reindeer skin on a frozen lake surrounded by snow...and then to cook the catch on a fire and eat it fresh, magic.
– Karina Roberts
“Batteries die really quickly out there so be sure to take quick photos and then hide the camera until needed again. A spare battery is cost effective.” - Damian Clithero

“Leave the stilettos at home! Don't expect luxury at the hotel - it is fantastic, and friendly, and I have no complaints at all - just, it's not a Hilton.” - Jane Macarthur

“Take head torches if you go in winter, as it gets VERY dark. The food was very good - they coped far better with my seafood allergy than any other vacation I have been on and provided a good variety of vegetarian meals.” - Karen Horridge

“A set of thermal underwear is essential. Don’t take wet wipes as they freeze solid.” - Susan Prcychodny
Don't worry about the temperature - yes it's cold but as long as you have plenty of layers, it's fine. And there's always a sauna, open fire and mug of hot chocolate (invariably laced with something!) to come back to.
– Carolyne Coupel
“Have an open mind and go with the flow! I abandoned my quasi vegetarian diet for the week and found reindeer to be much more delicious than I had imagined.” - Emma Davey

“Finnish Sauna includes bucket showers - so don't forget your shower gel. It is an exceedingly pleasant way to end the day.” - Selina Bolton

“Just go for it - you don't know what you are capable of until you try it. Snowmobiling, snowshoe walking and dog sledding at the age of 62 was very special.” - Pam Crosland

“Approach everything with enthusiasm. You will get far more from activities and the people running them if you show an interest, are prepared to give anything a go and involve yourself as much as possible.” - Elizabeth Johnston
Written by Vicki Brown
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