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The best time to go to Indonesia really just depends on you and what you’re up to. Being located near the equator, the country does have a pretty even climate with two long seasons – the cooler wet season from Nov-Apr, where rain falls for a few hours daily in sudden tropical downpours, and the warmer dry season that runs from June to Nov. As a rule of thumb, if you’re heading to Bali alone, take your pick, the weather is ideal year-round; June to Sept will allow you optimum island hopping.

When to visit Indonesia & when not to

a month by month guide

During the wet season (late November, December - April), roads can be blocked and trekking routes closed for safety reasons, so it’s best to double check how much this will affect your chosen itinerary.

The shoulder season (March, April, May, October and November) is fairly unpredictable weather-wise, but both prices and crowds drop and temperatures are cool making it a great time for trekking.

During December, January and February rain makes areas such as Sumatra and Flores virtually inaccessible due to closed ferries and washed out roads. There are plenty of other places to see at this time though - with Bali and Kalimantan enjoying much more stable climates.

If you're heading to the Mount Rinjani National Park on Lombok to see the infamous volcano, plan your Indonesia vacation outside of January – March, when the park closes.

If you’re heading to Java, avoid the end of July – these are the final days of Indonesia’s Lebaran celebrations and transport is utter chaos.

Indonesians often choose to take vacations at the end of Ramadan (usually around June or July, but flexible, so best to check according to your chosen year of travel) which can mean more crowds and higher prices.

September in Indonesia brings the favourable weather conditions of August, but without the crowds and high season prices, making it a brilliant time to visit.

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Philip Beale, from our supplier Pioneer Expeditions, shares his advice on the best time to go to Indonesia:

“The seasons in the country are pretty clear-cut – anytime from April through to September is generally the best time to visit, but it’s a country of three time zones, so it’s hard to generalise. The rainy season comes in and conditions start to get worse from October through to March, and although you can travel in the rainy season, you need to be prepared for two or three hours of rain daily plus a bit more wind. From April onwards it gets warmer with blue skies all day and then over our summertime, the weather is hot and sunny and perfect conditions for the wide range of activities that Indonesia offers.”

Festivals & events

Our cultural pick from the indonesia calendar

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Ubud Writers & Readers Festival
Taking place in Ubud, Bali’s artistic heartland, this a five-day party that brings the written word to life through the musings of some of the best Indonesian, Southeast Asian and international voices across a lively programme of book launches, talks, film screening and local workshops.
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Written by Polly Humphris
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