Traveling in Indonesia with kids

What does responsible travel recommend?

The joy of traveling in Indonesia with kids knows no bounds – it’s a sensory feast of new experiences, smiling faces, and adventure: the one thing for which kids have an almost insatiable appetite. Your patience probably does have bounds though, so first consider how prepared you are to travel; slowly. If you are, take them touring off the beaten track, it’s likely they’ll be less scared of kayaking with Komodos than you are and if it rains, they’ll just pull on a poncho. If you’re not, go the flexible route, staying close to Bali’s beaches, but with the option to explore further if you feel like it.

Things to do in Indonesia with kids


Hike in Lombok
A walk at home? ‘Boooring.’ A hike up a semi-active volcano? Cue squeals of irrepressible excitement. Mount Rinjani on diminutive Lombok is Indonesia’s second highest volcano and going the whole hog might be too much to ask of littler legs, but a gentler trek around the crater rim is spot on.
Adventure activities
Whether it’s kayaking into the jungle – perhaps more suited to older kids, snorkeling and swimming over the coral reefs of an uninhabited island, or jumping on horseback and leisurely clip-clopping through the Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia somehow has the power to make effort relaxing, and everyone gets nice and tired in the process.
Soak up the beach culture
Show us a kid that doesn’t like the beach and we’ll show you a monkey that doesn’t want to steal your shiny glasses. They don’t exist. Whether it’s a classic bucket and spade day on one of Bali’s golden sand stretches, or learning to dive amidst Amed’s coral gardens, a clean, uncrowded beach is the stuff of family dreams.

Tips for families

responsible travel asks the experts

Philip Beale, from our supplier, Pioneer Expeditions, shares his advice on traveling in Indonesia with kids: “Indonesia is definitely a place for families and tourism is well-developed, so there’s lots for families to do be it hopping between beaches in and around Bali, or finding other more active adventures such as climbing Mount Rinjani in Lombok; you don’t need to go more off the beaten track to places such as Sulawesi or Sumatra to find adventure. Indonesia is so big, it’s the size of Europe, so there is plenty to do and it’s not hugely expensive either - there are lots of smaller day trips you can do and you can find the right Indonesia tour for the type of family that you are”
Alan Wilson, from our supplier, Ecolodges Indonesia, shares his advice on traveling in Indonesia with kids: “I would definitely recommend Indonesia for families. Journeying across the country involves a lot of travel because it’s so vast, but it is very well-serviced, so even though there’s a lot of traveling involved in the tours, it’s not stressful for families – it’s all part of the adventure. I think children aged 10 upwards would get the most of a vacation in Indonesia; I wouldn’t recommend very small children come along as although they seem to cope well with the toing and froing involved with travel, they may lose interest in the cultural aspects of the country. Having said that, I’ve known people to bring young babies who have coped tremendously; it depends what sort of a family you are, but in the main, Indonesia with small children is better suited to adventurous parents.”
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