Top 10 winter activity vacations

Winter is a fantastic time to explore the outdoors, breathe in some crisp air and burn off some calories – and that doesn’t just mean pelting downhill on a pair of skis. The world’s magical, snowy landscapes are the setting for a blizzard of alternative winter activity vacations, from husky safaris to mountain trekking. So, pull on your thermals and get out there!

1. Husky sledding adventures

Learn how to handle a team of huskies, before exploring deep into wild, snowy landscapes by dog sled. Stay overnight in a wilderness log cabin or tent, with the chance to spot the aurora borealis flitting across the sky as you settle the dogs each night.

When to go: December to early April
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2. Northern Lights activity vacations

Seeing the Northern Lights rippling across the frozen sky is a bucket-list regular, but multi activity breaks team this night-time spectacle with wintery fun by day, too. Go snowshoeing, cross country skiing, try a snowmobile safari or winter fishing, meet reindeer herders or flop in the sauna. Then, come evening, raise your eyes to the skies…

When to go: November to March
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3. Cross country skiing

Glide along backcountry paths, through snow-covered forests and past frozen lakes, then push up into open wilderness above the tree line – a cross country skiing break reaches the parts downhill skiing can’t. Instruction is generally included, so even novices can enjoy this unique form of wintery exploration.

When to go: December to March
Our top selling trip: Cross country skiing in Norway
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4. Snowshoeing

Hiking across winter snow is possible, in the right footwear! Snowshoes combined with a set of poles stop you sinking so you can stride out into the frozen landscape, feeling the snow crunch under your feet, to explore silent forests and snowy hillsides that sparkle in the winter sun.

When to go: January to March
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5. Multi activity snow vacations

Enjoy winter outdoors without strapping on skis on a vacation serving up a cocktail of activities. Snowshoe through the wintery landscape, drive a team of huskies, climb a frozen waterfall with an ice axe and crampons, sleep in an igloo… This is a fun, fit, flexible break.

When to go: December to mid April
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6. Family winter breaks

It’s easy to keep an entire family amused on a winter activity break. Older kids relish snowshoeing, dog sledding and cross country skiing, while little ones enjoy a wallow in an outdoor thermal pool, a spot of sledging or learning how to build an igloo. And who doesn’t love hot chocolate and an open fire?

When to go: December to February
Where to go: Family winter activity vacation in Finland
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7. Luxury trekking in the Atlas Mountains

The mountains aren’t just for adrenaline junkies. Stay in one of Morocco’s most beautiful kasbahs, and trek the magnificent High Atlas mountains with the help of a Berber guide drawn from the local community. Just 90 minutes from Morocco, the trails here have been walked for centuries by farmers and shepherds.

When to go: November to April
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8. Winter photography

The Lofoten Islands off Norway’s northwest coast are a hugely popular destination for photography vacations in summer. In the winter, the landscapes are perhaps even more majestic. In the company of a small group led by a professional photographer guide, workshop ideas and capture stunning images of Northern Lights, icy fjords, fishing villages and deserted beaches.

When to go: February
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9. Winter wildlife watching

You don’t need to hurtle downhill for your adrenaline fix. Instead experience the hair-raising, goose bump-inducing thrill of tracking snow leopards in Ladakh, wild wolves in the Alps or Yellowstone – or coming up close to a polar bear in the depths of the Canadian Arctic. Winter wildlife can be elusive, but following tracks with expert guides is all part of the adventure.

When to go: October to March
Our top selling trip: Alpine wolf tracking vacation in France
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10. Relaxed winter breaks in the Carpathians

Romania’s Carpathian Mountains ooze atmosphere in winter. Thick snow, medieval villages, imposing castles… Escape to a cosy cottage and, if you can drag yourself from the fireside, enjoy snowshoe hikes, wildlife tracking and ice gorges and caves.

When to go: Late October to early April
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Written by Joanna Simmons
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